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  • Air Phone NO.4: Your $100 iPhone 4 clone

    Oh, Shanzhai, you did it again! This wild iP4 clone looks just like the real thing (presumably they had plenty of time to copy this one over the past few months thanks to a young man who enjoyed beer) and runs the standard garbage OS and processor chip. Read More

  • Jeff Bezos On The iPad: "It's Really A Different Product Category"

    Jeff Bezos On The iPad: "It's Really A Different Product Category"

    A day after Amazon made it abundantly clear it’s gunning for world domination in the e-reading space by lowering the price of the Kindle from $259 to $189 – following competitor Barnes & Noble’s decision to slash the price of its Nook e-reader down to $199 – chief executive Jeff Bezos sat down with Fortune’s JP Mangalindan for a fairly interesting… Read More

  • Nokia N9 makes its film debut

    Oooh! it looks like a video of the upcoming Meego-powered Nokia N9 has surfaced. The video shows us a large screen (or tiny hands), an 8mp camera with flash, a front-facing camera, a full-QWERTY slide-out keyboard (with an angled hinge similar to the N97), and what looks to be a mini HDMI port. Read More

  • AT&T and T-Mobile Nexus Ones receiving another Froyo update

    It seems like only last week that I talked about the final Froyo build rolling out to Nexus One owners across the country. Now it seems that there is a newer build (FRF85B) rolling out over-the-air to T-Mobile and AT&T users running last week’s FRF83 release. There are also reports that some users running the (Android 2.1) build EPE54B are getting pushed the upgrade. Read More

  • All 5 US variants of the Samsung Galaxy S compared

    We knew that Samsung had a winner on their hands with the Samsung Galaxy S, and we knew that a US version would probably be popular, but we didn’t think we’d end up with 5 versions across 5 US carriers. If you’re stuck deciding on which variant would best suit you, we’ve compiled this handy list outlining the main differences, prices, and launch dates for the next… Read More

  • Opportunistic law firm to launch class action lawsuit against Apple concerning reception issues?

    Let’s file this one under “potentially frivolous.” Kershaw, Cutter, and Ratinoff are a legal outfit best known for filing against Zynga regarding the notorious Farmville offers, may be filing for a class action lawsuit against Apple. Unlike the Zynga case, this one seems less than legit. That’s assuming they even deem it worthwhile; they’re just collecting data… Read More

  • Instant Karma: Nokia pokes fun at iPhone 4 death grip, is quickly rebuffed

    Well, we can file this one under blatant Apple apologizing, but the story is too funny not to post. You probably saw the funny little Nokia post that went up this morning, detailing the many ways you could hold your phone without affecting the signal. I like that they make fun of their own 7600, too. All in good fun — until the commenters quickly pointed out videos and even manual… Read More

  • Sprint kills the HTC EVO update in light of bricked handsets

    Almost immediately after Sprint started rolling out this morning’s over-the-air update for the HTC EVO 4G, we started getting tips claiming that the patch had totally wrecked their handset. Some of the folks complaining had modified their handsets through unofficial means; others were running it just as it came from the factory. Whatever was triggering it, one thing was sure: these… Read More

  • Video: An EVO 4G Salesman Confronts An iPhone 4 Shopper (NSFW)

    Video: An EVO 4G Salesman Confronts An iPhone 4 Shopper (NSFW)

    The iPhone 4 vs. the EVO 4G. It’s the battle of our time. Or, at least, it was until Verizon unveiled the Droid X, thus continuing the cycle of Android phones one-upping one another from week to week. But regardless, iPhone 4 vs. EVO 4G is an interesting battle — at least among fanboys of the iPhone and Android platforms. And now there’s a great video to personify it. The… Read More

  • Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate for AT&T

    I can’t say much about the Galaxy S Captivate that hasn’t been said, other than to inform you that this ultra-slim Android phone is amazingly small, light, and very exciting. Styled like the EVO 4G but running on AT&T, the phone features 16GB internal storage and a 1GHz processor. The model I saw was production-ready and ran Android 2.2. Read More

  • Even At Launch, Kindle For Android Is iPhone's Poor Cousin

    Finally, there is now a Kindle reader for Android phones. Amazon wants to sell electronic books across multiple mobile devices, and currently supports its own Kindle readers, iPhone, iPad, IPod Touch, Blackberries, PC and Mac computers via a desktop client, and now Android. You can read any of the 620,000 books available on the Kindle in the Android reader, and sync your bookmarks and… Read More

  • Uh oh: That HTC EVO 4G update might be bricking phones

    A quick word to the wise for those about to party with the just-released OTA update for the Sprint HTC Evo 4G: tread carefully. While I’m mostly hearing success stories, we’re also getting a fairly surprising number of tips in our inbox from folks saying that the OTA update just bricked (read: broke) their handset. While the vast majority of this group admits that their handsets… Read More

  • HTC EVO 4G gets an OTA update: fixes touchscreen "grounding" issues, speeds up WiFi

    Got a Sprint EVO 4G? Go poke at the update button (Settings >> System Updates >> HTC Software Update) a few times — you’ve got some new goodies waiting for you.. Read More

  • Sprint fires up 4G in St. Louis, Richmond, and Salt Lake City

    If you’re carrying an EVO 4G and live in St. Louis, MO; Richmond, VA; or Salt Lake City, UT, it’s time to smile: that mandatory monthly $10 fee you pay for the 4G network just got a whole lot more worthwhile. That adds 3 more cities to the slowly growing list of WiMax-enabled cities — a list which, by the way, we’ve got right behind the jump. Read More

  • Apperang Pays You Cash to Download iPhone Apps… Ka-Ching!

    Yep, you read that right. Today W3i is announcing Apperang, a new service that will pay users to download mobile applications. Apperang builds on the pay-per-acquisition model that we’ve seen succeed with companies like TapJoy. As opposed to pay-per-click, pay-per-acquisition (or pay-per-action) means that the developer only pays if the desired action occurs. In this case, developers… Read More

  • iPhone costs $188 to make

    Another day, another iSuppli teardown. The folks at iSuppli have found that the iPhone 4, according to their estimates, costs $188 to make. While this is almost comically low, it says something about Apple’s ability to mass produce phones and the high margins they’re able to make on relatively low-cost products. The gyroscope chip, for example, apparently costs Apple $2.60 while… Read More

  • The Droid X's manual storms the interwebs

    If you’re still on the fence whether to opt for Verizon’s Droid X or instead go 4G with the EVO on Sprint, you may want to spend a few minutes perusing the Droid X’s leaked manual. It shows in detail the tweaked UI, on-screen keyboard with Swype, and even gives tips to extending the battery’s life. There doesn’t seem to be anything that surprising within, though… Read More

  • Verizon hops on the Galaxy S train with the Samsung Fascinate

    Oh, you thought Verizon would let AT&T , Sprint, and T-Mobile all nab their own variants of the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S without them getting one too? Not a chance. Read More

  • T-Mobile makes their Galaxy S variant, the Samsung Vibrant, official

    We already knew a good amount about T-mobile’s variant of the Android-powered Galaxy S superphone. We knew about its 4″ AMOLED screen; we knew about its 1 Ghz processor. We knew about the 5 megapixel camera (with HD video recording!), and its 16GB of internal memory. We even knew about the $199 price tag and July 21st launch date. What we didn’t know: when it’d be… Read More

  • Sprint announces their QWERTY-ified version of the Galaxy S, the Samsung Epic 4G

    Remember the Galaxy Pro? It popped up around the rumor mill almost immediately after the Galaxy S was announced, and was supposedly a nearly identical phone, with one major difference: a big ol’ full QWERTY physical keyboard. It disappeared for some time after its first leak, only to make another appearance last week. And now.. it’s real. It’s oh, oh-so-real. Read More