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  • So What's So Special About The Verizon iPhone? Personal Hotspots.

    So What's So Special About The Verizon iPhone? Personal Hotspots.

    Yes, Verizon is getting the iPhone 4. And other than the fact that it will work on Verizon’s 3G CDMA network, it will look a lot like . . . AT&T’s iPhone 4. It will have a retina display, FaceTime, a 5 megapixel camera, HD video recording, and an Apple A4 chip. But it will also have one new feature exclusive to Verizon dubbed “Personal Hotspots.” The Verizon… Read More

  • Live From The Verizon iPhone Announcement

    It’s Time. After years of whispers and hearsay, the most persistent rumor in the recent history of the Tech World is finally coming to fruition. It’s Verizon iPhone day. At least, we think it is. Verizon hasn’t come right out and said it (that’d ruin the fun a bit, wouldn’t it?), but every sign, signal, and suggestion points to iPhone. We’re Live from… Read More

  • iFixit Goes Speaker Hunting In HTC Surround Teardown

    Spoiler: The inside of a Windows Phone 7 device looks like the inside of an Android or iOS device. Just so you know. Didn’t want you proceeding expecting to see something like little Redmond gremlins hobbling around the circuit boards and modems. Yeah, if you’ve seen one teardown, you’ve seen them all. So unless you get a tech chubby from circuit board pr0n, proceed with… Read More

  • Is This The Samsung Galaxy S2?

    Is that handset over there the successor to Samsung’s Galaxy S? According to Korea’s ETnews, it is indeed. While they’re not spilling the beans on where they garnered the information, ETnews is claiming that lil’ black beauty up there is none other than the tentatively titled Galaxy S2. As the story usually goes around this time of year, we’ll supposedly be hearing… Read More

  • N-03C: Casio's Newest Rugged Cell Phone Goes On Sale In Japan

    Japan’s biggest mobile carrier NTT Docomo just started selling the N-03C [JP], a new cell phone that’s both shock- and waterproof. The device meets the drop-test standard “MIL-STD-810G Method 516.6-Shock” established by the U.S. Department of Defense. Read More

  • T-Mobile UK To Cut Data Plan Usage Caps From 3 Gigabytes To 500 Megabytes

    Uh oh, T-Mo UK Customers — you might want to take a seat. Today, T-Mobile UK is announcing plans to drop their “Fair Use” caps on data packages down to 500 megabytes for everyone. Considering that some folks (read: most Android handset owners) were previously capped at around 3 gigabytes, this news may be a bit upsetting. That’s a really, really big change. Read More

  • Samsung Shows Off Their New Flexible OLED Displays

    I spotted these on the floor at a late night CES event. Alas, by the time I’d managed to find our video guys in the sea of people, the crowd waiting to get footage of it had already grown out of control. Fortunately, the guys over at PhoneArena got a pretty good video. Next step for Samsung: add touch screen controls. Next step after that: Make me a super awesome wrist-worn computer. Would… Read More

  • SmallWorks BrickCase Lets You Brick Your iPhone. In A Good Way. As In LEGOs.

    You know, I can’t remember the last time I looked at my iPhone and didn’t think, “Man. That would make a really good platform to build a mean LEGO fort on.” Actually, wait — scratch that. I can’t remember the last time I did think that. Sadly, that probably means that my inner six-year old has given up the fight against the boring… Read More

  • Palm Crackin' Away At A 4G LTE Device For Verizon?

    We know damn well that the Palm’s got some new devices up their sleeves — and come February 9th, we’ll probably know all there is to know about’em. We can take educated guesses as to what those devices will be — but right now, just about the only thing we know for sure is that they’re working on a webOS tablet. This morning, a few eagle-eyed rumormill… Read More

  • The Phantom Menace: Is Your Windows Phone 7 Device Sending Out ‘Phantom Data’?

    The jury is still out as to whether or not 2011 will be the year of “traitorware,” but so far it seems to be the year, at least from Microsoft‘s point of view, of “phantom data.” For some unknown reason several message boarders have started to complain that their Windows Phone 7 phones are automatically sending out anywhere from 30MB-50MB of data every single day. Read More

  • First Look: HTC EVO Shift 4G

    Evolution seems to be a bit less violent this time around. The just-announced HTC EVO Shift 4G attempts to build on the brand started with the much-hyped EVO 4G superphone that launched back in 2010’s summer. Instead of forging a new path with a fresh form factor and top-tier specs, the HTC EVO Shift 4G does things a bit more low-key. That’s not saying the Shift 4G isn’t… Read More

  • Videos: Sony's Playstation Phone Demonstrated Exhaustively

    At this point, Sony’s as-of-yet unannounced Playstation Phone (or whatever it’ll end up being called) might just be the worst kept secret in recent history. We’ve seen spy shots; we’ve heard hands-on reports. And now, we’ve got a big ol’ whopping set of hands on videos, demonstrating everything from game performance to the (Chinese) menu system. You can… Read More

  • What Is This Verizon Event? Why Are Apple Fanboys Being Invited? See Where I'm Going Here?

    Hmmm. Earlier today, BGR published a story that Apple is looking to launch the iPhone on Verizon’s network as soon as February 3. That’s in line with an earlier report about no-vacation windows for Apple retail employees. And now something curious has just appeared in my inbox. An invite to a Verizon event, taking place in New York City on this coming Tuesday, January 11. Could it be? Read More

  • Report: Analysis Of The Great Mobile App Store Boom Of 2010

    Last year, the world went app crazy. If anything, 2010 was the year of the mobile App Store—not only for Apple, but also for Android, Blackberry, and even Nokia. App store analytics firm Distimo has a new report looking at Great Mobile App Store Boom of 2010. While Apple ended the year with roughly 300,000 apps in iTunes, the Android Market grew to about 130,000, while Nokia’s… Read More

  • Hulu Plus coming to Android

    Hulu CEO Jason Kilar made an appearance at the Samsung press event at CES today, where he announced that a Hulu Plus app will be coming to Android 2.2+ in the coming months. He demoed the app on a Samsung Galaxy S running Android 2.2. Unfortunately, there was no mention of the price of the app, nor if it will net you an extra subscription fee. I guess time will tell. [via Mobile Burn] Read More

  • Hands-Off Video Demo: The Unnamed Samsung 4G LTE Smartphone For Verizon

    Unless Samsung’s trying to pull some sneaky SEO shenanigans, I’m pretty sure they’re not actually planning on taking this thing to market with the name “4G LTE Smartphone For Verizon” — but if they’ve got another name for it right now, they’re not sharing it. Like with the Thunderbolt, Verizon wasn’t down to let me paw at this thing. Read More

  • Hands-Off Video Demo: The HTC Thunderbolt for Verizon

    At long, long last, Verizon has pulled back the curtain on the HTC Thunderbolt. After months of covering the various rumors surrounding this thing (not to mention watching it change names constantly, from the Zeus to the Incredible HD to the Mecha to the Thunderbolt), finally seeing it get announced conjured up some pretty strong feelings of Deja Vu. With that said, I’m glad it’s… Read More

  • Hands-On Video: LG's First Verizon 4G Phone, The Revolution

    There’s only so much we can say about the just-announced LG Revolution, given that Verizon’s still staying mum on the pricing and release date (outside of “sometime before the second half of 2011”). With that said, one thing’s for sure: as I am with all of the 4G Android phones Verizon has announced this week, I’m pretty sure I’m in love. Read More

  • Verizon Officially Unveils the 4G-Enabled HTC Thunderbolt

    After months and months lurking around the rumormill under a plethora of names, Verizon has made the HTC Thunderbolt official at CES 2011. Join us after the jump for the specs. Read More

  • Live from Verizon's 4G Press Conference at CES 2011

    We’re Live at Verizon’s Press Conference in Las Vegas. The bandwidth is all kinds of shaky, but we’ll keep the updates coming as long as the bandwidth Gods allow it. Read More