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  • T-Mobile G2, LG C900, and Samsung Cetus all make their early photographic debuts

    Man, oh man — just when we were starting to think that it was a slow week in terms of handset leaks, it seems a venerable geyser has been struck. Not one, not two, but three handsets have just made their way in front of the good ol’ spy cam. Two of ’em are WinPho 7 handsets, one is rockin’ the Android. Read More

  • Install Android 2.2 Froyo On Your Droid X Right Now

    How nice. It seems like an early OTA Froyo release leaked onto the interwebs early this morning. The install process isn’t nearly as cut and dry as, say, the Droid’s 2.1 installation, but it’s still doable as long as you don’t mind spending a few minutes (or hours) following dozens of steps spread out over various forum threads. It’s even more work if… Read More

  • Stalkers. Creeps. Weirdos. Terror. Welcome To Location, Facebook

    Stalkers. Creeps. Weirdos. Terror. Welcome To Location, Facebook

    The countdown is officially on for the big Facebook location backlash. How long will it be? One week? Two weeks? We all know it’s coming, it’s just a matter of when. And that’s too bad because I think Places is actually pretty great — potentially. The ACLU wasted little time yesterday trying to start such a backlash (their post on the matter came what, a whole 30… Read More

  • Amazon Offering The T-Mobile Vibrant For A Penny

    Wow, those of you who picked up the Vibrant yesterday for $99 are probably kicking yourselves. Amazon is now offering it for a thousandth of that — a single penny. That’s one fifth of a nickel. It’s a strange world where a flagship phone is being given away free with a contract. I mean, we all know the “total cost of ownership” is way more than a penny, but… Read More

  • Specs confirmed for the HTC Desire Z (T-Mobile G2?), the Android-powered QWERTY slider of your dreams

    Right as Windows Mobile 6.5 began to sputter, HTC launched the well-intended but poorly-timed Touch Pro 2. Our first reaction? “Awesome! Now when can we get this.. with Android?” That, it seems, is exactly what they have in mind with the Desire Z. Read More

  • QWERTY totin' Nokia N9 appears in China

    This Meego-powered QWERTY slider has been spotted making the way down China way today, and the branding on it clearly identifies it as the next model in the flagship N series; the N9. The silver colour your looking at is brought to you by the device’s all-aluminium enclosure, but the the originator of the leak — Eldar Murtazin — says that it will also come in black. Good… Read More

  • Next version of Android to be codenamed "Honeycomb"

    Android has a delicious history of codenames for its release versions, with each major release reading like a tasty children’s book: C is for Cupcake (v1.5)
    D is for Donut (v1.6)
    E is for Éclair (v2.1)
    F is for Froyo (v2.2)
    G is for Gingerbread (v3.0)
    H is for… What is H going to stand for? Well, rumours are pointing to Honeycomb, that natural treat that makes bee hives so tasty… Read More

  • Cosmo Releases Sex Position of the Day App For Android, I Release Bile

    Do you like sex with other people? Do you like Android? While it is my opinion that those two questions are mutually exclusive, someone, somewhere matches those two criteria. Thankfully, Cosmopolitan Magazine is there for them. Basically, this is an app that shows sex positions, albeit in a cartoony way. Fair enough. Android is for pornographers, after all. And that’s basically the… Read More

  • Custom ClockworkMod Recovery now available for Droid X, Custom ROMs may not be far behind

    The kerfuffle over the Droid X exploding on modders may soon be a distant memory, as the next step in full pwnage of the device has been completed. Thanks to the ever-talented Koush, the first working Custom Recovery has now been released. Read More

  • Verizon testing unlimited text/talk/data plans for $100 in select markets

    Look out, Sprint: your $100 Unlimited Everything plan might not be a unique selling point for too much longer. People in San Diego and Los Angeles, California recently started receiving offers to nab Verizon’s National Talk and Text plan — usually a $90 per-month affair — for just $70 bucks as part of a regional test. Paired with Verizon’s $30 unlimited data plan… Read More

  • R2-D2 cheats on the Droid, shows up as an official iPhone case

    Oh R2-D2, you little harlot. Just when we were thinking that the R2-D2 edition Droid 2 was the most clever pairing in the history of everything, you go and make it a liiiittle less special. iPhone-toting Star Wars geeks, rejoice: you, too, can theme your handset like the galaxy’s bravest toaster. Read More

  • Exclusive: Yahoo Loses Top Mobile App Engineer, Sandeep Gupta

    Yahoo’s top engineer who heads up mobile app development for the company, Sandeep Gupta, just resigned, I have learned. It is another blow to Yahoo’s mobile ambitions. Gupta is a rock star mobile engineer who previously worked at Apple in charge of the iPod software and UI teams. At Yahoo, Gupta was in charge of creating all mobile apps for phones and tablets. He led the… Read More

  • Deal of the day: Samsung Vibrant $99 from T-mobile

    For today only, T-mobile have halved the price of their Galaxy S variant, the Vibrant, down to $99 on a two-year contract. The deal is for today only, and only from their online store. So, if you’ve been considering a Galaxy S, are happy to go with T-mobile, and have a spare $99, today could be your lucky day… [via BGR] Read More

  • The G2 cometh

    I know they say that if you remember 2008 “you weren’t really there, man” but I’m pretty sure I remember it, just as I’m pretty sure I was there. Man. My point is that I remember the excitement surrounding the world’s first Android phone, the T-mobile G1. 2 years on, T-mobile decided to retire the little piece of history, so it’s fitting that, only about… Read More

  • South Korea Goes Crazy Over The iPhone 4

    We can’t say we are surprised: it seems that the South Koreans can’t wait to lay their hands on the iPhone 4. The sole iPhone provider in that country, Korea Telecom (KT), says that its official website got jammed today as “tens of thousands of people” tried pre-ordering the phone in a matter of hours. Read More

  • HTC Wildfire "soft" rooted

    So, it’s not the big, badass hard root that enables custom ROMs and NAND unlocks, but the HTC Wildfire now has a method of rooting that allows the installation (and more importantly, the execution) of all those wonderful “root only” apps on the Android Market. Despite this limitation, you Wildfire owners can’t really grumble, as now you can wirelessly tether your… Read More

  • Waterproof Motorola "Jordan" coming to T-mobile/swimming pools in November

    Not content to let Boost and Sprint get all the rugged Moto fun, T-mobile are now set to launch their own rugged Motorola handset — codenamed “Jordan” — come November. But here’s the cool part, it’s going to be IP67 rated, which means it’s fully submersible in water. Read More

  • Grooveshark pulled from App Store

    Uh-oh… looks like another attack of the copyright owners. Apple Yesterday pulled the Grooveshark app from the App Store after they received complaints from Universal Music Group UK — this comes just one week after the app’s initial release. Few details are available right now, but Grooveshark have posted on their blog: Earlier this afternoon, Apple sent us a letter notifying… Read More

  • RIM's Flickering Torch Should Signal Defeat For The "Consumer-Grade" Blackberry

    In Zork, when your torch goes out you’re eaten by a grue. In real life, when your Torch phone is a flop – about 150,000 sold opening weekend and not many more sold over the week it’s been out – you could be eaten by your competitors. As I said before, the hard-core Blackberry audience cares about the much-ballyhooed features of the Torch – namely social media… Read More

  • Apple Granted Patents For "Slide To Unlock" And Pop-Up Keyboard Letters

    A few patents have come Apple’s way, filed around the time of the original iPhone. They concern the “slide to unlock” screen and the way that characters on the keyboard jump up when you hit them. As usual, the patent process took a few years, and during those years, variations of these now-patented processes have appeared which will now almost certainly see some legal… Read More