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  • Apple To Release White iPhone 4 "In The Next Few Weeks"?

    The white iPhone 4 is dead! No it’s not! Yes it is! No it’s not! Yes it is! STOP PLAYING WITH MY HEART, RUMOR MILL. Today, we head back to “No it’s not!” land, with Bloomberg claiming they’ve got “three people familiar with the plans” all saying the same thing: the white iPhone 4 is coming in the next few weeks (with one saying “by the end… Read More

  • Android Now Supports Carrier Billing On Sprint

    Carrier billing is kind of a big deal. No one likes having to whip out their credit card or deal with Google Checkout credentials when they’re looking to snatch up some 99 cent game. Each obstacle adds one more opportunity for people to think, “Meh. Do I really need this?” which, in turn, kills sales. Last year, Android got carrier billing support for AT&T and T-Mobile. Read More

  • BlackBerry Touch (Monaco) Gets The Pre-Release Video Treatment

    Aaaand the BlackBerry leak avalanche continues. First came a handful of stills focused on RIM’s next full face touchscreen handset, known around the rumor mill as either the “BlackBerry Touch”, or by its codename, the “Monaco”. Then came stills of the BlackBerry Bold Touch 2, followed up shortly thereafter with stills of the BlackBerry Torch 2. Unless they pull… Read More

  • Windows Phone 7 "Mango" To Bring 3rd Party Multitasking, Fast App Switching, Better Hardware Access

    Mango. To some, it’s just a delicious fruit; to others, it’s the once-secret codename for an update Microsoft plans on pushing to Windows Phone 7 later this year. We’ve known for a while now that Mango would bring multitasking for third-party applications and Internet Explorer 9, but Microsoft has just used their MIX 2011 Keynote to shed a bit more light on the other new stuff. Read More

  • Internet Victory: Microsoft Works With Fan-Made Ad Maker To Create Their Next Commercial

    Remember that insanely high-energy, fan-made Windows Phone 7 ad from a few weeks back? The Windows Phone 7 community (or, really, anyone with ears and eyes) went pretty nuts for it. Just about anywhere you looked, people were shouting: “MICROSOFT! PLAY THIS COMMERCIAL ON TV!” For one reason or another, they couldn’t do that — so they hired him to make a new… Read More

  • Review: Monster PowerBeats Sport Headphones By Dr. Dre

    That red cord. You’ve seen it. Maybe it was at the gym; maybe it was on the bus — but you’ve seen it. With their Beats By Dr. Dre line, Monster has done what they do best: take a commonplace item, and turn it into a status symbol. How? By making their offering retail-level luxury, so to speak. They price things juuuust cheap enough that brick-and-mortar stores will still put… Read More

  • VideoMask For iOS Is Pretty Much The Easiest Way To Creep Out Your Friends Ever [Update: Now Available]

    I can tell just by looking at you: you’ve got too many friends. All you want to do is watch some Buffy The Vampire Slayer and work your way through that recipe book you got for Christmas 3 years ago, but your myriad friends are like “Come to the baaaar with us!”, or “Lets go white water raaaafting!”, or “We think you’re great and just want to spend… Read More

  • Nokia's Ovi Store Now Seeing 5 Million Downloads Per Day

    In the great battle between the iPhone App Store and the Android Market (with occasional surprise appearances from RIM’s App World, Windows Phone’s Marketplace, or webOS’ Catalog), there’s one app repository that tends to go unmentioned: Nokia’s Ovi Store. Back in November of last year, the Ovi Store was seeing around 3 million downloads per day. Today, Nokia… Read More

  • AT&T Gets Their First Prepaid Smartphone: The LG Thrive

    Hey, whatd’ya know! Remember that shot of the Android-powered LG Optimus One all gussied up in AT&T colors that leaked out last week? AT&T has just made it official. In fact, they made it official twice: once as a standard postpaid contract phone (as the LG Phoenix), and once as their first ever prepaid smartphone (as the LG Thrive). Same phone, same specs, just different names… Read More

  • HTC Unveils HTC Watch Video Streaming Service

    After buying Saffron Digital two months ago, we didn’t hear much about HTC’s streaming video plans until today. The new Sensation on T-Mobile will be the first phone with HTC’s Watch application, a video streaming service that will send new movies down the line over 3G and Wi-Fi. Read More

  • The HTC Sensation 4G Is Officially Official

    HTC has just announced the availability of the HTC Sensation 4G, a T-Mobile-bound cellphone with full 4G speed and an updated version of Sense. I played with the device and found it fun, peppy, and thin. Full PR after the jump. KEY FEATURES
    • Dual core 1.2GHz processor • HTC WatchTM delivers movies with no wait • Sleek, strong aluminum unibody design • 4.3” qHD (540×960)… Read More

  • TxtEagle Raises $8.5 Million To Give 2.1 Billion A Voice

    TxtEagle Raises $8.5 Million To Give 2.1 Billion A Voice

    Never mind tablets, smartphones, and mobile-social-location-photo-sharing apps. Heck, never mind computers. The single most important technology of the last half-century, the one that has drastically changed the day-to-day existence of very nearly everyone on Earth, remains the plain old GSM phone; unloved and half-forgotten in NYC and Silicon Valley, but still used by the billion in the rest… Read More

  • Is Fujitsu Prepping A Symbian/Windows 7 Dual Boot Cell Phone?

    Take this with a grain of salt: Japanese tech blog Juggly is reporting [JP] that Fujitsu is working on a cell phone with both the Symbian and Windows 7 OS (not Windows Phone) on board. According to the article, the handset will be released by Japan’s biggest mobile carrier NTT Docomo as part of its summer line up. Read More

  • BlackBerry Bold Touch Caught On Video

    Are those leaked still shots just not sating your hunger for the still-unannounced BlackBerry Bold Touch? How about some video? The gents over at N4BB just received this video of the Bold Touch in action — and man, does it seem smooth. The video’s pretty short, but it’s enough to have definitely piqued my interest. Read More

  • HTC Touch Pro 2 Gets A Surprise Update (But Sadly, Not To Windows Phone 7)

    On the off chance that anyone out there is still rockin’ the two-year old Touch Pro 2, we’ve got some good news for’em: you’ve got an update waiting! Yay! Hurray! The catch: we’re.. not really sure what it does. Read More

  • Chart: Apple's Tablet OS Share Will Shrink To 47 Percent By 2015

    Chart: Apple's Tablet OS Share Will Shrink To 47 Percent By 2015

    How long can Apple hold onto its dominance of the tablet market with the iPad? There no question that the iPad is leaps and bounds ahead of all other tablets, including the latest Android tablets running Honeycomb, in terms of market share, apps, design and overall experience. With the recently released iPad 2, it is maintaining its lead. But how long can that last? After all, Android… Read More

  • Two New Unnamed Samsung Bada Handsets Get Spec'd, Will Run Bada 2.0

    If you live in the states, chances are good that you’ve never even seen a Bada-powered phone. That’s no reason for you to not be excited about two new ones on the way though, right? Especially when Bada phones are seeing some traction elsewhere in the world, and when these upcoming handsets are purportedly rockin’ NFC support. The more handsets there are out there with NFC… Read More

  • HTC Thunderbolt and EVO 4G To Get Gingerbread By End Of June?

    As of April 6th, Android v2.3/v2.3.3 (Gingerbread) — the latest version available for phones — has been available for 4 whole months. Care to take a guess at what percentage of the Android phones out there are running it? 20%? 10%? Maybe just 5%? The answer: just 2.5%. Fortunately, that number should be going up soon, with two more handsets getting the upgrade treatment before… Read More

  • Study: Smartphone Users Wasting Hundreds Of Dollars Per Year On Unnecessary Contracts

    A new study says that smartphone users are overpaying for their service by several hundred dollars each and every year. The study, put together by Billmonitor, notes that people are overspending primarily because they’re on contracts that wildly overshoot their needs. People have a habit of signing up for contracts with far more voice minutes than they use, and it’s primarily for… Read More

  • Video: The Evolution Of Mobile, As Told Through A Fancy 3D Projection Setup

    What happens when you take a couple of talented dudes, a bunch of projectors, and a handful of phones spray-painted white to act as a canvas? This video. Sure, it’s an advert — but it’s a pretty dang cool one. Seriously: a cameo from a Zach Morris phone and some insane 3D Snake effects flying out of an oldschool Nokia? I don’t even know what Vodafone’s selling… Read More