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  • Slingbox SlingPlayer for Windows Phone 7 Now Available For $30

    In what may very well be the quickest platform launch in the company’s history, Slingbox has just debuted their remote-tv-viewing SlingPlayer application for Windows Phone 7, just one day after the platform itself launched in the US. Like all other ports of SlingPlayer so far, this one’ll set you back $30 bucks (plus the cost of acquiring the required hardware, be it the $180… Read More

  • Want Android on your iPhone? No Computer? No problem!

    A year ago, the idea of being able to run Android on the iPhone was damn near laughable. Surely, no hacker was good enough to pull off that feat! Then this happened, and our minds were blown wide open. 7 months later, the project has progressed enough that just about anyone can do it — in fact, you don’t even need a computer. Read More

  • Joby Launches Their Gorillamobile Tripod for iPhone 4

    Given that Joby has launched their ultra-bendy Gorillamobile Tripod line for just about every iOS device so far, there wasn’t much question as to whether or not they’d make one for the iPhone 4. It just took a bit longer than we might’ve expected. Read More

  • T-Mobile G2 Gets A Permanent Root Hack, Android Community Rejoices

    You remember that scene at the end of Return of the Jedi, with all the Ewoks celebrating? That’s the Android community right now: a bunch of hairy dudes dancing around, celebrating their victories over oppression. Instead of the Emperor, the opressor is HTC’s anti-tamper system, and instead of blowing up the Death Star, their victory is … finally perma-hacking the T-Mobile G2. Read More

  • Sharp Shows Cell Phone With Built-In Projector

    The Biscuit and wooden cell phones Sharp yesterday announced for the Japanese market weren’t the only ones worth mentioning. Big S also unveiled [JP] the SH-05C, a handset featuring a built-in projector that’s usable for up to 120 minutes on a full battery charge. Read More

  • Breakable: iPhone 4 Suffers The Most Damage From Accidents

    According to a report by SquareTrade (a company that sells extended warranties), the iPhone 4 is the phone least likely to fail in the first year but is the most likely to break due to accidental damage. Read More

  • Opera Mobile for Android now available

    Opera Software has released its (second) free mobile browser product for the Android platform. Grab the app, dubbed Opera Mobile 10.1 beta, now in Android Market or here. Yes, Opera was already available for Android, in a fairly limited way. Opera Mini, has been live on the market since July, but now you can also download the company’s full-fledged browser, Opera Mobile, from the… Read More

  • Just What You Needed: A View-Master For Your iPhone

    If there is a problem with the iPhone, it’s that it isn’t 3D-capable. Sales could have been so much higher if only it was, and 480Hz and 1080p to boot! But don’t worry. Hasbro has you covered, bro. Read More

  • Samsung Makes The Continuum Official On Verizon

    The latest entry to Samsung’s popular Galaxy S line of phones was just announced, as we expected. Not very good at keeping secrets, these guys, but who is these days? The Continuum, which we first saw back in September, adds to the Galaxy S line’s not-inconsiderable charms a second “ticker” display at the bottom of the main display, that can show news, tweets, texts… Read More

  • Review: HTC HD7 For T-Mobile

    Short Version:T-Mobile has a thing for big phones. Their last monster, the HD2, was the last of the Windows Mobile phones and this new model, the HD7, is the first of the new Windows Phone mobiles. It is a flawed masterpiece, an early-adopter’s delight and marks the first salvo in a long, hard slog for Microsoft through the mobile battlefield. Read More

  • Nexus One Hacked To Support T-Mobile WiFi Calling

    Where there’s a will, there’s a way — especially when said “will” is shared amongst a chunk of the Android hacking community. If you’ve got a Nexus One on T-Mobile and just can’t seem to hold a signal, that will just worked in your favor: thanks to efforts out of the good ol’ XDA-Dev forums, the N1 now has (totally unofficial) support for… Read More

  • Don't Call It A Gimmick: Rana Sobhany Spins Her iPad Music Into A Full-Time Career

    I was blown away when I first saw Rana Sobhany on stage. With nothing more than 2 iPads and a mixer, Rana was mixing tracks and busting beats live in front of the hundreds of attendees at AdAge’s IDEA conference. You wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference between her and a DJ with a full set of gear. I realized pretty quickly that what was once a cool PR stunt had now become… Read More

  • Sharp's "Bisqui Phon" Looks Like A Biscuit

    That wooden cell phone wasn’t the only silly cell phone Sharp introduced today in Japan. It was actually joined by a slightly sillier handset, the so-called “Bisqui Phon”. Yes, it’s shaped like a biscuit for some reason. Sharp seems to like manufacturing these things. Read More

  • Touch Wood: Sharp To Sell Wooden Cell Phone In Japan

    No comment on the branding, but Sharp will soon [JP] produce a cell phone whose body is made entirely of wood, namely Japanese cypress. According to Sharp, the handset is not a joke product but actually built for long-term usage, meaning buyers won’t have to fear mold and other things. Read More

  • Droid Pro Hits Verizon For $180

    Not a biggie but Verizon is selling the Droid Pro tomorrow for $180 after mail-in rebate. Feel free to stand in line all night but it’s getting chilly out there so bring a coat. Read More

  • Evernote 2.0 For Android Packs Many Punches

    Evernote is rolling out version 2 of their app for Android phones, and it represents the biggest update to functionality on any platform in a single release. Updated home screen, tighter integration with the Google Search widget, background synchronization, and simpler sorting with improved views are all great new features, but the most interesting aspect of this update for current Evernote… Read More

  • Regza T-01C: Toshiba To Introduce Android Phone

    Toshiba in Japan has announced [JP] their first Android cell phone today, the Regza T-01C (Regza is also the brandname for the company’s flat panel TVs). Big T says they used the “Mobile Regza Engine 3.0” for the phone’s touchscreen, which is sized at four inches and features 480×854 resolution. Read More

  • 5 new WebOS devices revealed in WebOS 2 codename bonanza?

    We already know that HP are planning on squirting out a bevy of webOS devices some time in the future, but we now have some kind of unofficial confirmation that reveals a list of 5 codenames for said upcoming devices. A keen-eyed WebOS Internals user — Destinal — has dug around the code for the recently released webOS Doctor for webOS 2.0, and came across the references in a string… Read More

  • BlackBerry Torch now available in red or white from AT&T for $99

    If you’ve been sweet on the BlackBerry Torch but feel that black is actually the new beige, then you’ll be happy to hear that the slide-tastic device is now available in your choice of red or white (as well as the original black). Best of all, the price has dropped from the original $200 down to just $99 for both the black and the coloured versions. Of course, you’ve been… Read More

  • Google Voice and FaceTime – Why the Carriers Are Losing Their Voice

    Google Voice and FaceTime – Why the Carriers Are Losing Their Voice

    Lately it seems like there is endless news around messaging, VoIP and video calling. Apple recently announced they’d added FaceTime supportĀ for the Mac, and had shipped 19 million FaceTime-enabled iOS devices since June. Google Voice also made headlines last week forĀ an outage, but I think the bigger news associated with that downtime is how fast they’ve been growing. And… Read More