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  • 50% Of Apple's Revenue Now Comes From The iPhone

    Over the last 3 months (December 26th, 2010 – March 26th, 2011), Apple pulled in a grand total of 24.6 billion dollars. Now, how much of that do you think is from the iPhone? 10%? 25%? Get this: 50%. Yep. According to Apple’s latest earning report, an entire half of Apple’s quarterly revenue is coming in from the iPhone and iPhone-related products. Read More

  • Apple Breaks Their Own Record Once Again, Sold 18.65 Million iPhones In Q2 2011

    Apple may not be able to make a white phone to save their collective life, but that hasn’t hurt the iPhone’s sales at all. For the third quarter in a row, Apple has sold more iPhones than in the quarter before. Q4 2010? 14.1 million. Q1 2011? 16.24 million. And Q2 2011, which Apple just released their earnings for moments ago? A staggering 18.65 million. (Remember, we’re… Read More

  • Verizon Fascinate To Get Android 2.2 Tomorrow

    Just a quickie for all of our friends out there rockin’ the Verizon Fascinate (otherwise known as Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S): you’ve got an update coming. Better yet, it’s not just some little security update — at long last, the Fascinate is getting Froyo. Verizon will begin rolling out the update come tomorrow (4/21) morning. To get the ball rolling, just pop… Read More

  • Surprise! Your iPhone Is Tracking Your Every Move

    Thanks to CSI and every action movie ever using it as a plot device, everyone knows that cell phones make you easier to track. Between cell tower triangulation and remote GPS pinging services, you’re trackable to the nth degree as soon as your shiny new smartphone slips into your pocket. But here’s a twist: what if your phone not only kept a record of where you are, but also… Read More

  • How PayPal Can Help Where Close The Loop From Mobile Intent To Purchase

    How PayPal Can Help Where Close The Loop From Mobile Intent To Purchase

    Why is eBay buying It’s all about trying to link mobile ads directly to payments. Where will fall under PayPal. The geo-location service and mobile advertising company already has millions of active users across many mobile platforms (it is stronger on Android than on the iPhone). Where serves up both recommendations for nearby places to places to eat, drink, play, or shop… Read More

  • AT&T's Best First Quarter Ever Saw 3.6 Million iPhones Sold

    AT&T is having a good quarter. They’re reporting 5.5 million sold, 60 percent of those iPhones, and they hit 10.2 percent growth and 23% more new AT&T iPhone subscribers. It looks like the mass exodus to Verizon’s iPhone 4 didn’t happen. The majority of AT&Ts phones were iPhones although Android, WinPho7, and Blackberry made up 40% of their sales. Total revenue was… Read More

  • Motorola: Droid Bionic Not Canceled, Just Back On The Drawing Board

    Hey, would-be Droid Bionic owners! Don’t let the talk of the Bionic’s demise get you down too much; there might still be some hope for this one. Last week, a handful of well-rooted whisperers in the handset community were all saying the same thing: the Droid Bionic was cancelled, with the Targa (or something similar) taking its place in Verizon’s upcoming lineup. According… Read More

  • T-Mobile’s Bobsled Is A Free, Facebook-Based, VoIP App

    In a slightly puzzling move, T-Mobile has released a Facebook app that enables friend-to-friend voice chat. It’s called Bobsled (or more properly, Bobsled by T-Mobile, as it will remind you at every step in the process), and it addresses the 88% (according to their study) of Facebook users who want voice chat built into the site. Being one of the other 12%, I can’t say with… Read More

  • Verizon Clarifies Which New Cities Will Get LTE On April 21st

    Just yesterday, someone over at VZW tweeted out that they’d be launching their 4G LTE service in “a mess of new cities” come Thursday! Great! Except that they didn’t say which ones. Later in the day, it became clear that Wilmington, NC and Columbia, SC were two of the cities amongst the “mess” — and today, Verizon has released the rest of the list. Read More

  • Video: Unreleased (Cancelled?) Version of iOS Demoed On A White iPhone 4

    Look, I’m not going to beat around the bush here: this video (and the one after the jump) introduces more questions than it answers. Acquired by Tinthte, it appears to show a prototype iPhone 4 (in white, no less), running… something we’ve never seen before. The main debate is whether this is what iOS 5 could be or what iOS 4 could have been had Apple not come up with… Read More

  • AT&T Blocking The Blackberry Bridge App For Playbook

    Bloops! AT&T is blocking Blackberry’s Bridge app for Playbook, the simple app that allows you to view your Blackberry Phone email on the Playbook. Seeing as the Playbook doesn’t have a native email client, this is a pretty big deal. Read More

  • Microsoft Releases Photosynth For iOS

    Microsoft’s Photosynth app for iOS is one of the few apps I will use on a regular basis. It’s essentially a photo-stitcher for iPhone that can create some pretty amazing panoramic photos. All you have to do is slowly move an iPhone, as directed on-screen, in a circular fashion around a scene you wish to capture. After briefly processing the series of photos, Photosynth will allow… Read More

  • Apple Says Samsung "Chose To Copy" iPhone and iPad, Sues Them

    Wowza. Think that Samsung’s Galaxy phones or Galaxy Tabs are a little bit too much like the iPhone and iPad? Apple agrees. So much so, in fact, that they’re taking Samsung to court over it. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple has just filed a suit against Samsung on the following basis: “Rather than innovate and develop its own technology and a unique Samsung style… Read More

  • Grooveshark Back On Android, Bypasses The Android App Market

    A bit shy of two weeks ago, Google threw out a bit of a facepunch to music fans on Android: Grooveshark, a rather great (if questionably legal) over-the-air music streaming service was pulled from the App Market following record label complaints. Today, Grooveshark makes its triumphant return to Android, albeit not through the official App Market. Read More

  • Verizon LTE launching in "a mess of new cities and towns" on Thursday

    Generally, the term “mess” isn’t one you want to hear. For example: “OH GOD, JUNIOR, THE CARPET IS A MESS. WHERE DID YOU EVEN GET A GALLON OF TOMATO SOUP?”, or “You were pretty drunk last night, man. Pretty sure you messed in your pants.” When Verizon tweets out that they’ll be launching their LTE/4G network in “a mess of new cities and… Read More

  • Video: Verizon Droid CHARGE Charges Its Way Into Spy Footage

    Boom! Just days after gettin’ footage of the rather unoriginal looking Droid X2, our buds over at TechnoBuffalo have just come back with some footage of another DROID in-development: the Samsung Droid CHARGE. It was a long weekend, so a quick refresher: the Droid CHARGE was originally announced back at CES as the aptly named “Samsung 4G LTE Smartphone for Verizon”, where… Read More

  • Verizon To Launch LTE MiFi On April 21st

    Be still, my heart. We’ve had a bit of a crush on the MiFi ever since these things were brand new. Back then, the concept was pretty much unheard of: flip the switch on a little pocket-friendly box, and said box would turn into an on-the-go, cellular-network-powered WiFi router for you and a handful of friends. The idea is a bit less novel now that just about any iPhone or recent… Read More

  • The Tiny HP Veer To Get A Big Launch Party On May 2nd

    Here comes the Veer! Is the world ready for a 2.6-inch touchscreen phone? Who knows! That’s the fun part. HP just sent out invites to a May 2nd “Launch Party” which, as the name suggests, is likely for the launch of the Veer. However, Monday May 2nd might not be the day the Veer hits the general retail market although the first week of May sounds about right. Now this… Read More

  • The Real Reason Mike McCue Needs $50 Million: Google Is Building A Flipboard Killer

    The Real Reason Mike McCue Needs $50 Million: Google Is Building A Flipboard Killer

    When news came out the other day that Flipboard just raised another $50 million at a $200 million valuation for its iPad news reading app, I gave CEO Mike McCue a hard time on Twitter and here on TechCrunch. Does an iPad app startup really need $50 million, or is this yet another sign of a bubble? McCue responded on Twitter, but yesterday we spoke by phone and he went into great detail about… Read More

  • What App Developers Want: Letters To Steve Jobs And Larry Page

    What App Developers Want: Letters To Steve Jobs And Larry Page

    The next smartphone wave is about to hit. There are rumors that Android 3.1 (Ice Cream Sandwich) will drop in May, and iOS 5 in June. Greg already posted a pretty compelling user’s wish list for the latter, but what developers want is at least as important—because, as the lukewarm-to-appalled recent PlayBook reviews show, it hardly matters how great your hardware is. Nowadays… Read More