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  • Need To Dial 911 On Your Verizon Fascinate? You'll Have To Unlock It First

    Just a quick PSA for all our readers rockin’ the Verizon Fascinate: the recent over-the-air update (DL09) introduced a bit of a nasty bug. You know that little “Emergency Call” button that shows up at the bottom of the screen on the pattern unlock screen, so you can dial 911 without unlocking the handset? Yeah, that button doesn’t work. Samsung’s comment on… Read More

  • Need to check out that mole on your arm? Just buy this $1,500 iPhone case

    You’ve got a funky mole growing on your arm, but you’re too lazy to go get it checked out by a Doctor? Don’t be silly. Go to the Doctor. Funky moles can kill you dead. You’ve got a funky mole long diagnosed as harmless, and you want to get up-close-and-personal with it? Oh, and you’ve got fifteen hundred bucks and an iPhone? Perfect. Check out the handyscope… Read More

  • LG Optimus 3D Leaks Out Via Retailer Ahead Of Mobile World Congress

    Whoops. February has to be one of the most frustrating months of the year for phone manufacturers. With Mobile World Congress going down in Barcelona on February 14th, just about anyone who’s anyone in the hardware world (besides Apple, but you know, they kind of do their own thing) launches a phone or two. Phones they’ve kept secret for months. All the while, they’re… Read More

  • Verizon Confirms They'll Offer $30 Unlimited Data Plan For iPhone Users [Update: But Not For Long!]

    Back in June of 2010 (right before the launch of the iPhone 4, no less) AT&T dropped their $30 Unlimited Data plan. Current and would-be iPhone owners were rightly bummed — but given the whole one-carrier situation the iPhone was in back then, there wasn’t much anyone could do. Besides complain, of course. Which we did, of course. Proving that a little competition is always a… Read More

  • Yours For $1,270: FRANCK MULLER Case For iPhone 4

    Truth be told, I never heard of FRANCK MULLER before, but the (apparently quite famous) watch brand from Switzerland has designed a special case for the iPhone 4 that can now be pre-ordered in Japan. And as FRANCK MULLER is a luxury brand, each case will set you back a cool $1,270 [JP]. Read More

  • HTC Merge/Lexicon appears with Alltell branding

    We’ve not heard a peep from the HTC Merge (formally Lexicon) in some time now, and it was notably absent from CES this year, causing a few people to think that it might have been axed. However, a new image of the device infers that maybe the device isn’t destined to fade away, but, rather, make an appaerance on regional carrier Alltell. Read More

  • Report says that Sony Ericsson has Windows Phone 7 devices "in the pipeline"

    A report from Digitimes today has stated that Sony Ericsson have Windows Phone 7 devices “in the pipeline.” Sony Ericsson have previously said that Windows Phone 7 has “remained on their roadmap”, but, to date, we’ve seen nothing of any WinPho devices from ol’ ess eee. However, with Sony Ericsson’s market share continuing to decrease, it seems that… Read More

  • Verizon axing low-end data plans, making $30 unlimited data plan 3G only

    With user’s appetites for data growing as smartphones become more prevalent, it kinds makes sense that 150MB plans would eventually go the way of the Broad-faced Potoroo. The peeps over at Verizon clearly agree with me, as Engadget have landed their hands on a shot of their upcoming range of data plans, and, as you can see, it’s unlimited or nothing for all future smartphones… Read More

  • Atrix Keyboard-Screen Dock Could Cost As Little As $150

    The impressive Atrix, which won many accolades at this year’s CES, is famously able to dock with a laptop-like accessory and provide a more natural working environment. I was suspicious that this dock would be rather expensive, but someone claiming to have inside pricing info from Best Buy says it’s actually a very reasonable $150. I don’t think that’s so far out of… Read More

  • With The White iPhone 4 Still A No-Show, A White Nexus S Appears

    If you’re still waiting for the thus-far-mythical white iPhone 4 to actually ship, you’re probably feelin’ pretty burned by now. Perhaps you’re even feelin’ burned enough to jump ship over to Android? Perhaps you’ll fill that gap in your heart and that space in your pocket with a Nexus S, instead? If this latest leak is any indication, you won’t even… Read More

  • Meet The Satarii Star, The Crowdfunded iPhone Accessory Of Every Blogger’s Dreams

    I’m really starting to love this whole crowdfunding thing. Even if you look beyond gargantuan success stories like the TikTok Nano watch, you’ve still got all sorts of all sorts of wonderful concepts like the PadPivot, the mBrace, and the C-Loop all taking huge steps toward production thanks to ultra-early-adopters who were willing to pledge their cash up front. Last week, I had… Read More