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  • Game Over for Incentivized App Downloads

    The business model of incentivized app downloads was recently dealt a death sentence by Apple.  Apple said incentivized app downloads were driving inaccurate rankings in the App Store, almost certainly because essentially paying consumers to download apps was a way of gaming a ranking system that used downloads as a key metric.  To be fair, there were many quality apps taking advantage of… Read More

  • HP Veer Caught In White, Complete With AT&T Branding

    We’ve been pretty sure that HP’s itty-bitty webOS phone, the Veer, would be hitting AT&T for a few weeks now — ever since invites for the device’s internal “Launch Party” specified that an AT&T employee ID was required for attendees. We’re also pretty sure that it’s launching on May 2nd. Even still, HP had one little trick left up its… Read More

  • State Farm's Driver Feedback App Turns Your iPhone Into The Backseat Driver You Never Wanted

    Believe it or not, peeling out at every stoplight and drifting around corners isn’t generally considered safe driving. If you drive like a jerk and want an iPhone app to tell you just how jerk-like your driving is, Statefarm has your back. Today, they’re launching an app called Driver Feedback [iTunes Link] which, as you may have gathered from the name, gives you feedback on… Read More

  • Verizon To Put GPS Warning Labels On Phones

    Your phone is probably tracking you, to some degree. We learned that much last week. Sure, the data likely isn’t being used in any nefarious way — and, unless some “bug” is secretly strapping an IP or a unique ID to the data, all the platform makers are promising the data is anonymized before it goes out. Whatever’s being done with the data, it’s likely to… Read More

  • Heads Up: The White iPhone 4 Is Ever-So-Slightly Thicker Than The Black iPhone 4

    It hit the shelves 10 months later than originally intended, but the white iPhone 4 is finally available. If you’re one of the folks gettin’ prepped to sell off your black iPhone 4 in favor of the new hue, there’s something you should know: the white one is just a liiiiittle bit thicker than the black one. Read More

  • Fly or Die Review of TweetDeck and SoundTracking

    (Fly Or Die) Can TweetDeck's New iPhone App Survive A Twitter Acquisition

    TweetDeck’s new iPhone app came out a couple days ago. It is completely redesigned from the ground up and looks more like it’s Android cousin than the first TweetDeck for iPhone. Instead of cramming as much as possible into an iPhone screen, TweetDeck stripped everything out but the essentials. The result is a spare mobile stream reader that packs a lot of punch. We take a look… Read More

  • webOS Developers Rejoice! The App Catalog Gets A Promo Code System

    If you’re an app developer in the mobile world, promo codes (that is, one-time use codes redeemable for a free copy of your app) are amongst the most important tools you can have in your marketing handbag. Want an app review site to give your app a spin? They’ll probably want a promo code. Want to give away 50 copies of your app on Facebook to kickstart word-of-mouth? Unless… Read More

  • Blurriest Blurry Cams Ever: HTC Kingdom and HTC Rider

    We’re not going to say much about the images above, because… well, there’s just not much to say. 911HTC — a site that many an HTC handset hacker has in their bookmarks, as they seem to get their hands on just about every HTC ROM weeks before the relevant device’s release — released the two images above. The left handset, they say, is called the HTC Kingdom… Read More

  • Verizon's 4G Network Repaired, Mostly Working Again

    Good news, everyone! The Not-So-Great Verizon 4G Outage of 2011 is over! If Sony and Verizon are battling for the best outage of April here, we’re going to have to go ahead and side with Verizon. Only down for one day and they didn’t hand all of our personal information over to hackers? High fives, Big Red! As for what caused the outage: gnomes. At least, that’s our best… Read More

  • Contest: Win Qualcomm's 1.5 Ghz, 13 Megapixel Android Development Superphone (Worth $1,350!)

    I get to give away lots of cool stuff on MobileCrunch… but this might be the coolest thing we’ve given away yet. This morning, Qualcomm began selling an Android device called the Snapdragon MDP MSM8660. This thing is, in a sense, a glimpse of the future. Built on top of a dual-core, 1.5 Ghz Snapdragon CPU, the crazy fast Adreno 220 graphics chip, and sporting a 13 megapixel camera… Read More

  • First Nokia-Made Windows Phone 7 Handsets Might Hit In Q4 2011

    Okay, Nokia/Windows Phone 7 fans: cross your fingers. If you wish really, really hard — and, you know, if all goes well in Nokia’s R&D labs — you just might see a Nokia-branded Windows Phone 7 handset in 2011. In an interview with Finnish broadcasting company YLE, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop dropped the following little nugget: “Our pattern now is to announce launch dates… Read More

  • LG Optimus Big Is Indeed Big

    The Big. That’s really what it’s called. The Colossus, the Behemoth, the Monster — these I can see, but the Big? Well, whatever, if it makes its way to the US, this 4.3″ beast will probably have a different name anyway. It’s being announced in Korea at the moment, but if LG is smart, they’ll cash in on the bigphone trend going on right now and bring it… Read More

  • Human Interface Guidelines Updated for Android Honeycomb

    The Human Interface Guidelines for Android I posted about earlier this month generated considerable interest. The folks behind it, Mutual Mobile, received a lot of feedback. The most common request was for more information and guidance about designing for Android 3.0, aka Honeycomb. Mutual Mobile has wasted no time in responding to these requests, and are today releasing version 1.1 of… Read More

  • Fring's Four-Way Group Video Calling Goes Live To All

    Unless you’re raiding with your WoW clan or something, I’d wager that most folks would be a bit hard-pressed to find 3 other people with the time and reason to do a 4-way mobile video chat. With that said: when it all comes together, it’s pretty damn cool. Fring first rolled out 4-way group chatting a few weeks back, albeit in a super-tight limited beta. This morning, anyone… Read More

  • Qualcomm's Augmented Reality Platform Augments Its Way Out Of Beta

    Back in mid-2010, Qualcomm launched a rather cool new product: a free development framework for building vision-based Augmented Reality applications on Android. (Geek-speak translator: watch the video above — it lets developers build things like that for Android without having to do all the insanely-complicated image recognition stuff themselves). Shortly thereafter, they announced that… Read More

  • Verizon's 4G Network Goes Down

    Wuh oh — if anyone picked today to be the day when they finally go and pick up that Verizon 4G phone they’ve been saving up for, they’re going to be a bit… underwhelmed. According to the carrier themselves, anyone rockin’ a Verizon 4G phone (read: the Thunderbolt) is “experiencing connection issues” this morning. On the upside, the phones should still… Read More

  • Chinese Pirates Finally Get Around To Copying Windows Phone 7

    People always say “Superficial UI duplication is the sincerest form of flattery.” If that’s true then Microsoft should be blushing because this pirate “HTC” phone – it looks more like a Samsung Omnia – is paying them all sorts of complements. Read More

  • Casio's New G'zOne Commando Handset Comes To Verizon

    While the name “G’zOne Commando” is totally ridiculous, the phone actually looks pretty solid. And by solid, I mean solid. The Commando is ruggedized and can be submersed in water, exposed to extreme temperatures, and survive the other vicissitudes our phones are often subjected to, by accident or design. It runs Android 2.2 with a custom skin from Casio, and has the… Read More

  • PSA: Hacked Your iPhone To Tether For Free? AT&T's Going To Charge You Automatically

    Sorry, Jailbreakers; looks like the free ride might be over. A few weeks back, a good number of folks who had been using a not-quite-official method of tethering their AT&T iPhones received a friendly little alert: AT&T Free Msg: Did you know tethering your Smartphone to a computer requires a tethering plan? In other words: they know what you’re up to, Buster Brown, and… Read More

  • Steve Jobs In Carbonite Is The Best iPhone Decal I've Seen Yet

    While the Polaroid skin is pretty cool and, practically speaking, a case is a better option for several reasons, this Steve Jobs frozen in carbonite iPhone decal from S6 is probably the nerdiest/coolest phone decoration in the galaxy right now. You can also get it as a print or shirt, in case you’re too cool, or not cool enough, to have an iPhone. [via Uncrate] Read More