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  • Photo: Why We Should Be Glad Apple Delayed The White iPhone 4

    (Unreleased white iPhone 4 on left; released model on right) At this point, your white iPhone 4 probably looks pretty nasty — at least, it will if you’re one of the few who have been walking around for months with a pre-release prototype. The New York Times‘ Nick Bilton managed to track down someone who nabbed a white iPhone 4 from one of the first, unreleased batches, and put… Read More

  • Samsung To Announce… Something On May 24th

    At this point, any given month wouldn’t really feel complete without Samsung announcing something. Without CES, CTIA, MWC, or any other acronym to schedule this month’s event around, Samsung’s just puttin’ together their own New York shindig for the announcement of.. whatever they’re going to announce. For the first time in a while, we’re a bit stumped*. Read More

  • Uber CEO On His "Official" NYC Launch: "Congestion Is A Bitch" (Video And Heatmaps)

    About a month ago, I was one of the very first people to ride an Uber car in New York City a few hours after the company put a few test cars out on the streets. It was supposed to be a secret, but I found out about it, and texted Uber CEO Travis Kalanick while I was in the car. Last night was Uber’s “official” launch in New York City with about 100 cars which can be… Read More

  • HP Veer 4G Hitting AT&T May 15th For $100

    The itsy bitsy HP Veer, or rather, HP Veer 4G as it’s now officially called, will sneak into AT&T stores on May 15th. Nothing has changed since the last time the Veer made an appearance — well, besides the somewhat deceptive 4G label. The Veer is still a basic HSPA slider with a 2.6-inch 320 x 400 screen, 5MP camera, 8GB of storage and a 800MHz Snapdragon CPU running webOS 2.1. Read More

  • After A Failure To Launch, LG enV Pro Gets Reborn As The LG Genesis For US Cellular

    Remember the LG enV Pro? Intended to launch back in November 2010 on Verizon as the first clamshell Android device, it sort of just… disappeared. Nearly 6 months after its first lap around the rumor mill, we’ve yet to see a thing. While VZW may have scrapped it (or just delayed it indefinitely) for reasons unknown, it looks like LG hasn’t given up on it just yet; this… Read More

  • T-Mobile 21Mbps HSPA+ Goes Live In Scranton, PA (And 2 Other Cities)

    Poor, poor Michael Scott. Just days after he finally gathered up the gusto to leave Dunder-Mifflin, ol’ Scranton, PA is at long last getting support for T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network. Sure, Holly is cute and all — but come on, it’s 21 megabit per second wireless data! Surely that’d have been enough to make him stay? Maybe? Hopefully? Dang it, Steve Carell, just… Read More

  • Now It's Official: Guinness Certifies Optimus 2X As First Dual-Core Smartphone

    These days there are records for being the first person to the office, or finding the biggest pebble on your driveway, so let’s not freak out here, but Guinness World Records has indeed confirmed that LG’s Optimus 2x is the world’s first dual-core smartphone. You and I knew that already, of course — we already reviewed the thing, and confirmed it’s the most… Read More

  • The Finger-nose Stylus Is, As Far As We Can Tell, Not A Joke

    We’ve all been there: you’re relaxing in the bath (or, as real men call it, the “ultra masculine germ-drowning station”), tappin’ away on your iPhone. Your left hand holds your $500+ handset inches above its certain electronic execution; your right hand is playing Angry Birds. In between shots, you unwittingly drop your right hand into the water — oh no! Read More

  • $61,000 Phone Makes Calls, Texts

    Say, for the sake of argument, you’re a minor league baseball player forced to spend $30 million in 30 days in order to get an inheritance of $300 million, but you can’t keep anything you buy. How would you do it? Well, you could start by buying a few hundred of these $61,000 cellphones and give them to homeless people with some SIM cards! That’s right: the Æsir is a gold… Read More

  • RIM Sold 150 Million Phones In 12 Years, 15 Million Last Quarter

    I don’t often like to post “numbers” news since we’re hardware guys, but this particular stat sticks out: Mike Lazaridis just reported that BlackBerry sold 150 million phones in the past 12 years and sold 15 million last quarter. To put this into perspective, Nokia shipped 108.5 million mobile devices in Q1 2011 while AT&T alone sold 3.6 million iPhones last quarter. Read More

  • Samsung Revels In High Galaxy S II Pre-Order Numbers

    Although the powerful new Galaxy S II is just one among Samsung’s scores of handsets, it’s an important one, and the company is happy to report that it’s blowing up. It’s just hit 200,000 pre-orders in Korea, Samsung’s home market, and will likely pile up a couple million sales there before its day in the sun is over. And although US release information… Read More

  • Looks Like Old BlackBerry Handsets Wont Get BlackBerry OS 7

    If you’re rockin’ a BlackBerry Torch, Tour, Bold 2 — or really, anything older than the just—announced Bold 9900 and Bold 9300 — we hope you’re nice and comfortable with BlackBerry OS 6. If we’re catching RIM’s drift here at BlackBerry World correctly, that’s where you’re staying. From what we’re hearing from RIM, only the… Read More

  • Hands On With The BlackBerry Bold 9900

    Just got a quick hands-on with the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 and I’m pleased to report it’s approximately the same size and shape as the previous Bolds with a large, usable keyboard and attractive back cover. Full gallery after the jump. Read More

  • RIM Announces BlackBerry OS 7, Hits This Summer On The Bold Touch

    RIM just pulled the virtual sheet back on OS 7. The user experience is familiar but RIM promises a system that’s both faster and better suited for managing a personal and professional life with a new feature called Balance. OS 7 packs voice activated searches and a retooled browser to better handle JIT JavaScript and HTML5 video. It seem RIM is most proud of Balance, which “presents… Read More

  • RIM Announces Video Chat And Facebook Apps For Playbook

    An app that probably should have appeared on the Playbook at launch, video chat, is coming to tablet owners tomorrow morning in an OTA update. In addition to front and back camera support, the chat app allows you to make VOIP and video calls as well as connectivity based on the user’s BBID. The app features “powerful in-call functions” like – and I’m not making… Read More

  • RIM Announces BlackBerry Bold 9900 And 9930 With BBOS 7 And NFC

    The brand new BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 is a 1.2GHz smartphone (RIM’s “thinnest yet”) that runs Blackberry OS 7 and includes NFC connectivity and a touchscreen interface. Read More

  • Check Back Here In An Hour For News From Blackberry World

    I’m here at Blackberry World in Orlando and I’m waiting patiently for news of a/many new phone(s). Keep your eyes on the prize here and I’ll be posting the news as soon as it happens at 8:30am Eastern/5:30am Pacific. Read More

  • Game Over for Incentivized App Downloads

    The business model of incentivized app downloads was recently dealt a death sentence by Apple.  Apple said incentivized app downloads were driving inaccurate rankings in the App Store, almost certainly because essentially paying consumers to download apps was a way of gaming a ranking system that used downloads as a key metric.  To be fair, there were many quality apps taking advantage of… Read More

  • HP Veer Caught In White, Complete With AT&T Branding

    We’ve been pretty sure that HP’s itty-bitty webOS phone, the Veer, would be hitting AT&T for a few weeks now — ever since invites for the device’s internal “Launch Party” specified that an AT&T employee ID was required for attendees. We’re also pretty sure that it’s launching on May 2nd. Even still, HP had one little trick left up its… Read More

  • State Farm's Driver Feedback App Turns Your iPhone Into The Backseat Driver You Never Wanted

    Believe it or not, peeling out at every stoplight and drifting around corners isn’t generally considered safe driving. If you drive like a jerk and want an iPhone app to tell you just how jerk-like your driving is, Statefarm has your back. Today, they’re launching an app called Driver Feedback [iTunes Link] which, as you may have gathered from the name, gives you feedback on… Read More