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  • Qualcomm reveals next-gen chips, teases us with 5x increase in performance

    I find myself perpetually wishing that the future was here today, don’t you? I mean, 2 years ago, the idea of 1GHz chips in phones was mind-blowing, but — despite this — I can’t help but feel lustful for the next generation. So, it is with this lusty game of techno-cat and robo-mouse in mind that I present to you information regarding the next generation of… Read More

  • Palm Pre 2 now available in the US for $450 unlocked

    Great news for WebOS fans this morning, as the Palm Pre 2 is now finally available in the US. It’s not with any carriers right now (it’s expected to eventually head to Verizon), but that just means the eager can purchase it unlocked. How much will it cost you? The merest of $450, good sir! Where can you get it from? Right here! For those not in the know, it rocks a 1GHz… Read More

  • Nokia: 3 million apps downloaded from Ovi Store every day, 165 million Ovi users

    Big numbers coming out of Nokia land this morning. The company says its application store Ovi Store continues to gain traction, this week reaching the 3 million downloads per day milestone, up from 1 million downloads per day in the beginning of this year and 2.3 million downloads per day last month. In addition, Nokia revealed that the total number of users of Ovi now exceeds 165 million… Read More

  • The First Augmented Reality Star Wars Game, Falcon Gunner, Hits The App Store

    The First Augmented Reality Star Wars Game, Falcon Gunner, Hits The App Store

    Star Wars and video games go hand-in-hand. There is a long line of Star Wars-themed games going back to the days of arcade games, and continuing through home console and mobile games. Now, the first augmented reality Star Wars game for the iPhone just hit the app store. It is called Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner ($4.99, iTunes link). The game starts with the scene from the original Star… Read More

  • AT&T has now upgraded 80% of its network to HSPA+

    If you’re lucky enough to own an AT&T HSPA+ device (as in, a USB modem), then you’ll probably be pleased to hear that they’ve now upgraded about 80% of their network to 4G-like speeds, just for you. Boasting to PC World today, AT&T CTO John Donovan confirmed the numbers, and also said that the growth of mobile data uptake over the last three years has slowed from the… Read More

  • White Dell Streak now available exclusively from Best Buy

    If you like white as much as you like large phones, then you’ll be chuffed to know that Best Buy now (exclusively) have the Dell Streak available in white. Well, kind of… It’s not all white: it’s white-backed, giving it a two-tone look reminiscent of 1920s gangster footwear. Read More

  • Android Market update brings with it videos, more screenshots, "recent changes" section

    Android are updating their Market this Friday, and have scheduled a 6-hour outage for developers (not consumers, though). Questions have been raised on what the update will bring (especially with Gingerbread looming around the corner), but today, Android have sent out an email to all registered developers outlining some of the new features/requirements for app listings in the Market. Follow… Read More

  • Verizon considers 4G data plans based on speed, not just data allowance

    In a world where unlimited wireless data plans seem to be going the way of the Bluefin Tuna, it’s curious to see the way that carriers are trying to make money. In the Wall Street Journal today, Verizon Communications CEO Ivan Seidenberg stated that Verizon’s move to 4G networks will allow the company to create data plans based not just on data usage, but also on download speed. Read More

  • U.S. Cellular Gets More Android: LG Apex QWERTY-slider on 11/19, Optimus U in December

    Man, U.S. Cellular has been all about the Android lately. The Acclaim. The HTC Desire. The Mesmerize. Hell, they’ve even got their very own Galaxy Tab. Add two more to the list: the QWERTY-sliding LG Apex, and the Optimus U. Read More

  • AT&T finally gets a MiFi to call their own, launching Nov 21st (with nasty monthy plans)

    Good news, MiFi fans! If Verizon, Sprint, or Virgin Mobile’s MiFi offerings aren’t fitting your portable 3G-fueled-WiFi-Router needs, you’ve now got a fourth option: AT&T. Looks like someone at AT&T got tired of Verizon stealin’ a bit of their iPad thunder with their iPad/MiFi combo packages. Read More

  • Sharp And Panasonic Finally Ready To Sell Smartphones Worldwide

    To say Japanese cell phone manufacturers are late in jumping on the smartphone bandwagon would be an understatement. In Japan, the iPhone eats their lunch, and internationally, things look even worse. In fact, Sharp, Panasonic, Kyocera, Hitachi and other makers have basically stopped selling phones of any kind outside Japan years ago. But now two of the biggest players in Japan, namely Sharp… Read More

  • BlackBerry Bold 9780 now available from T-mobile

    Ok crackheads, that BlackBerry Bold 9780 you’ve been eyeing off since July is now finally available in the US from T-mobile. Available in Black or White, and running BBOS 6.0, the device will cost you $129.99 on a two-year contract, or $449.99 contract-free. Man, so many choices! Once you’ve made your decision, head on over to the T-mobile online store to scoop it up. [via CrackBerry] Read More

  • Twitter for iOS now (officially) supports push notifications, coming soon to Android and WP7

    Back in those lazy hazy crazy days of September, we wrote that the iOS Twitter app would support push notifications soon. Well, guess what, guys?! It’s here! Now you can use Twitter as a form of instant messaging, as the very moment someone you follow @mentions or messages you, you’ll receive the notification on your iPhone/iPad. What? You don’t have an iPhone or iPad (I hear… Read More

  • HTC Knight/Speedy is now HTC EVO Shift 4G

    If you’re a fan of succinct model names, then shield your eyes because that HTC Knight (Speedy) we heard about last month has — according to Engadget — been given its final moniker, and it’s a doosy. Ready? The HTC EVO Shift 4G. Yup, this thing has more names than a certain German immigrant. Read More

  • AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Working Together On ISIS NFC Mobile Wallet System

    Sensing perhaps that working by themselves on such an important matter might be inadvisable, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon have announced a joint effort, called ISIS, intended to be a virtual wallet and mobile payment system. There are very few details, but the stated goal of replacing “cash, credit and debit cards, reward cards, coupons, tickets and transit passes” is certainly… Read More

  • RIM CEO Jim Balsillie To Steve Jobs: "You Don’t Need An App For The Web"

    Research in Motion CEO Jim Balsillie may still be smarting from the fact that Apple passed it in smartphone market share last quarter. Steve Jobs made a point to rub it in during Apple’s most recent earnings conference call: ““We’ve now past RIM, and I don’t see them catching up to us in the near future.” Asked what he would say to Jobs if he were present… Read More

  • Mary Meeker: Smartphones Will Surpass PC Shipments In Two Years

    Mary Meeker: Smartphones Will Surpass PC Shipments In Two Years

    Every year at the Web 2.0 Summit, Mary Meeker gives a ten-minute slideshow packed with great data showing the monetum and direction of different Internet trends. This year, a big focus of her presentation was on mobile. Specifically, she put up the slide above showing a Morgan Stanley estimate that global smartphone shipments will eclipse PC shipments in 2012, with more than 400 million… Read More

  • LG's Android-powered Optimus One breaks 1 million sales in 40 days

    Who’da guessed it: the world likes cheap stuff. Oh, we already knew that? Okay — then it should come as no surprise that LG has already managed to sell one million of their intentionally-easy-on-the-wallet Android phone, the Optimus One, just 40 days after launch. LG has done one helluva job with this handset; between getting it out the door with Android 2.2 and launching it in… Read More

  • Verizon! Stop This Autoplaying Nonsense!
    What the hell is this? An autoplaying advertisement for Verizon’s shitty media software pack when I plug in my Droid X? Who? Why? I’m ready to cancel. I’m not entirely sure when this started, but it was within the last week. But now whenever I plug my Droid X into my computer, a… Read More

  • LG's secret 4-inch Android phone is a bit of a monster

    LG’s had their fair share of Android handsets, but they’ve yet to launch any that really rule the roost — at least, not in terms of specs. Looks like that might be about to change. Say hello to the Star, LG’s 4-inch superphone planned for early next year. Read More