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  • Video: S-LCD vs AMOLED vs S-AMOLED vs LCD

    No doubt after yesterday’s news that HTC is making the switch from AMOLED displays to the much more readily available S-LCD panels, you — like me — have been itching for a hands-on comparison between the two technologies. Well, I’m not about to tell you that you’ve been personally selected to do a hands-on comparison for yourself, but I am about to give you the… Read More

  • HTC to sell HTC-branded Android, Windows Mobile smartphones in China

    Taiwan-based phone manufacturer HTC has been selling smartphones in China under the name Dopod for many years, but this morning the company announced that it will soon start selling TD-SCDMA-based phones with the HTC brand actually attached to them. In a press release issued moments ago, the company said it has teamed up with carrier China Mobile to bring future HTC phones to market and formed… Read More

  • "Antennagate" bumpers starting to ship

    Good news iPhone 4 users; despite being being told that the free bumper (or case) wouldn’t be shipping for 3-5 weeks, word on the internet is that many people are starting to receive shipping notifications. So heads up if you’ve already ordered your free case or bumper, and a gentle reminder to go and do so if you haven’t already. Apparently this isn’t an isolated… Read More

  • Review: Samsung Galaxy S (AKA AT&T Captivate, T-Mobile Vibrant, Verizon Fascinate, Sprint Epic 4G)

    Short version: A powerful and attractive handset held back by a few interface quirks and matters of taste. The Galaxy S series still is probably the best large (as opposed to medium, or extra-large) Android handset on the market as of this review. Read More

  • Android 3.0 and beyond start making surprise appearances

    While most of the Android-carrying world still waits on the edge of their seat for Android 2.2 (Froyo) to grace their handsets, a handful of engineers over in Mountain View are already hard at work on their next big thing: Android 3.0 (Gingerbread). Gingerbread, it seems, is getting far enough along in its development cycle that at least one or two engineers have it up and running on their kits. Read More

  • Rumour: Samsung Galaxy Q specs leaked

    Good morning everyone. I have a leak for you. Today’s leak surrounds the supposed specs for the next Samsung handset in line to receive the Galaxy moniker: the Galaxy Q. So, what are we looking at? Pretty much a smaller, slightly improved, QWERTY-enabled Galaxy S. Read More

  • 17 more countries get the iPhone 4 on Friday

    Like a swart rider thundering across the forests of Saskatoon, the green plains of Europe and the misty steppes of Asia, the black iPhone 4 is entering Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland on Friday, adding to those country’s already high happiness… Read More

  • Carrier billing coming soon to Android

    If you’re the kind of Android user that doesn’t like lots of teeny micro payments cloggin’ up their credit card statement, or simply the type of person that often finds themselves penniless and needing an app right now, then you’ll be pleased to know that soon you’ll be able to shift all of your frivolous app purchases over to your phone bill. Read More

  • HTC gives up waiting on AMOLEDs, switches to SLCD on Desire and Nexus One

    HTC confirmed via press release today that newer versions of their Desire and Nexus One phones will ship with Sony-built “Super LCDs” rather than Samsung’s AMOLED screens. Shortages for the Droid Incredible have been blamed on Samsung’s inability to keep up with demand, so it’s peculiar that HTC didn’t call the phone out directly in their press release… Read More

  • HTC phone pictured running Windows Phone 7, said to be final hardware

    Some pictures showed up in Engadget’s tip box of a mysterious and nameless HTC phone running Windows 7. The pics aren’t that good but they look legit, and the source is quoted as saying that the hardware is “ready,” though “final” may be a slight exaggeration, since these things always get little flourishes put on ’em before release. It’s got… Read More

  • AT&T fixes throttle problem on 3G network

    AT&T found a defect in their Alcatel-Lucent equipment about a month ago that, under certain conditions, throttles upload speeds to 100kbps. This of course is not a good thing, so they’ve been working on the problem and identified a software defect that was causing the problem. Good news is, the patch has been released and is currently being pushed out to everyone using the… Read More

  • Camera+ 1.2 lets you select both focus and exposure points by touch

    Normally, we don’t write about iPhone apps getting new features — we’d be overloaded if we tried to cover even half. With that said, the new version of Camera+ has a feature that’s just too cool not to mention. The feature we’re talking about is called “Touch Exposure”. While Apple’s camera app lets you touch-to-focus on a point, it bases… Read More

  • "You gotta see this!" panorama app for iPhone looks jankily delicious

    Making panoramas — good panoramas, you understand — is a pretty difficult process. You can slap one together pretty quickly but you’ll have stitches showing, exposure issues, and so on — you have to get a program like Hugin configured correctly and tweak it a lot before you can get something worth printing. But what if you don’t care, and the stitches are part of… Read More

  • Video: Flash-based video conferencing for Android demonstrated

    I’m going to leave all the standard “HTML5 can’t do this!”, “Too bad Flash sucks!” rabble-rousing out of this one and just say: Damn, this is cool. It’s a bit silly for them to mention that this is all possible in just “30 lines of code”, given that the very vast majority of the legwork is going down on a remote server — but either… Read More

  • CTIA sues San Francisco over plans to require cell phone retailers to display radiation ratings

    Unless you live and breath all things cellular, you might not know what CTIA is, or what they do. Prior to becoming a mobile blogger, I knew CTIA as “those dudes that throw the big cell phone trade shows a few times a year”. Now that I’ve been a mobile blogger for a few years, I know CTIA as “those dudes that throw the big cell phone trade shows a few times a year, do… Read More

  • Cases here! Get your free iPhone 4 case! Apple's free iPhone 4 case program goes live

    If you’ve been anxiously waiting on the edge of your seat for your chance to nab some free stuff, you’ll be happy to know: Apple’s answer to Antennagate is now live. As of this morning, any iPhone 4 owner who might be having issues with their reception can register to receive a free case, be it one of the Apple-made rubber bumpers or one of the pre-selected third party… Read More

  • HP: No Windows Phone 7 for us, thanks.

    Now that HP’s purchase of Palm has earned them a smartphone OS of their very own, how do they plan to offer up products running competing operating systems like Android or Windows Phone 7 without dampening their efforts? Easy answer: They don’t. Read More

  • Quick look at the Motorola i1 with Push-to-talk

    In a few short years, Android has essentially taken over the feature phone market. By hiding most of the difficult features, carriers are able to produce a phone that’s cool, app rich, and familiar. The Motorola i1 is Sprint’s PTT Nextel phone for folks who have probably been “chirping” at each other since 2003. It is small, thin, a bit heavy, and feels quite rugged. Read More

  • Gresso's iPhone 4 Black Diamond may cost $10,000 but the case should fix the antenna issue

    Gresso, the company that fancies itself a manufacturer of luxury communication devices, has come up with the iPhone 4 Black Diamond. The “luxury” here means an 18 carat gold Apple logo, a black diamond (presumably a carbonado), and a 200-year-old African Blackwood case. Mm. Read More

  • Palm's Jon Rubinstein: WebOS 2.0 coming "later this year"

    When HP snatched up Palm, the webOS community feared the worst. Was webOS doomed to be shelved, with HP tearing Palm apart solely for their patents? Within days, however, HP confirmed that they had no plans to abandon webOS or Palm’s smartphone business — in fact, HP wanted to put webOS onto a bunch of other devices, like printers and tablets. Further proving that webOS… Read More