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  • Apple now allowing developers to sell apps with an educational discount, choose when updates go live

    With iPhones and iPads becoming an exceedingly commonplace sighting on college campuses, it makes sense for App developers to try to pitch their wares to universities for bulk licensing deals. The only problem: due to the way App Store sales work, it just wasn’t possible — until now. Read More

  • AT&T U-verse Mobile Coming To Windows Phone 7

    Like this, except, well, not an iPhone app When our PR contact at AT&T was filling us in on the details of U-verse Mobile’s new downloadable content functionality, they also casually mentioned that the whole she-bang would be available “soon on BlackBerry Torch ([and] other devices in the future, of course)”. “Other devices”, you say? You can’t really… Read More

  • Windows Phone 7 to support YouTube, to some extent

    If you’re a smartphone platform these days, you damn well better offer up YouTube support in one form or another. I mean, you really expect me to go through my entire lunch break without watching videos of cats not being able to make jumps? Things were looking pretty grim for Windows Phone 7. No HTML5, no Flash (at least at launch), and no word of an official YouTube app? No cat videos… Read More

  • HomeAway Woos Hotel Haters, Debuts iPhone App

    HomeAway, the Austin based provider of short-term rental property listings, services for vacation rentals by owner, and search and review tools for travelers debuted its first mobile app today. An iPhone app, it was developed by Mobiata, the Ann Arbor based creators of FlightTrack and TripDeck (popular travel apps for iPhone, also available on iPad, RIM, Android and Palm devices). HomeAway… Read More

  • AT&T Launches U-verse Mobile So You Never Have To Miss Desperate Housewives Again

    Ugh. It’s 5 o’clock, you’re still at work, and you’ve got that dinner with your in-laws at 6:00. Between finishing up and getting through traffic, you’ll never get home in time to shower — OH GOD WAIT FORGET SHOWERING!!11 You forgot to set the DVR to record Desperate Housewives, and now it’s over. Enter AT&T’s U-verse Mobile. Read More

  • Verizon's Upcoming Phones Leaked, Droid Pro Coming Soon?

    Verizon just had its entire roadmap leaked to BGR. Some standouts? The DROID Pro with a 1.3GHZ, a 4-inch screen, and global roaming with GSM support. Motorola will also release a phone with the style of a Q with keyboard but rocking Android 2.2. Samsung will also be dropping a 7-inch tablet this year (actually probably in the next two months) on the Verizon network. The Samsung tablet has… Read More

  • The Sony Ericsson Xperia 10: $130 at AT&T on August 15th

    The Sony Ericsson Xperia 10 has seemingly been in pre-retail status for, like, years. But it will finally be available on the AT&T network on August 15th for $130. The official specs are pretty commonplace these days with a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU, 4-inch display, 8.1MP cam, and 8GB of on-board memory. The only thing not announced so far is the Android version with the screenshots on Sony… Read More

  • Blackberry Curve 3G, Now With More 3G

    The Blackberry Curve, late of T-Mobile, is getting a 3G upgrade courtesy of our friends to the north. The new model, also coming to T-Mo, will have Wi-Fi support and may have OS 6 support pending “carrier certification,” which kind of sucks. Oddly enough, the phone doesn’t support UMA which lets you make calls over Wi-Fi, something that I loved in the original Curve. Read More

  • NSFW: I Chose Not To Choose iPhone… or Android. I Chose Something Else.

    I promised myself I wouldn’t get drawn into this nonsense. The ridiculous “my mobile operating system is better than your operating system” back-and-forth that seems to comprise 80-85% of TechCrunch’s journalistic output (and – just before you get too smart-assy about it – a similar percentage of comments and page impressions). There are, after all… Read More

  • Why The Verizon iPhone Rumors are True—CDMA iPhone Due in January

    We’ve been hearing Verizon iPhone rumors for years now. It’s to the point that no one really believes the rumors anymore, since analysts and pundits have cried wolf so many times.  But this time looks to be different due to some key dynamics in the semiconductor value chain, and I am going to go on record to say Verizon will be selling an iPhone this coming January. Here’s why: Read More

  • The 30 Best iPhone Apps So Far This Year

    The 30 Best iPhone Apps So Far This Year

    Editor’s note: This guest post is written by Alex Ahlund, the former CEO and founder of AppVee and AndroidApps, which were acquired by mobile application directory Appolicious. I’ve been involved in the iPhone app industry since it first began in 2008 and I have to say that it has come a long way. I’ve seen it grow from a meager launch of 500 applications in the App Store… Read More