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  • Playstation Phone "Zeus" In Legit Hands-On Video

    Earlier in the week we had what I might consider the worst spy video I’ve ever seen, of the so-called Playstation Phone, the Zeus. It looked like it was shot with a featurephone camera with 15x digital zoom. This one, however, is clear and to the point. It shows the Zeus running Gingerbread, responding to the usual pokes and prods… but not running any games or anything in the… Read More

  • What Could Have Exploded In That Droid 2?

    I’m not gonna go and play Inspector Gadget on this whole exploding Droid story; Motorola’s already looking into it, and it’s impossible to determine what really happened without tearing the device in question apart. With that said, for those who are flexing their Internet detective muscle this morning, I submit this shot (taken of a normal, not-exploded Droid 2), showing… Read More

  • Droid 2 Mysteriously (And Allegedly) Blows Up In Some Guy's Ear

    As someone who plays with phones for a living, having a phone blow up in my face is quite honestly one of my worst fears. The list pretty much goes: 1. Have my passport stolen at some international tradeshow 2. Show up to CES without pants on 3. Have a cell phone explode in my face This guy is (allegedly) living my nightmare. No, no, not the whole CES-without-pants thing; the third one. Read More

  • Sega's Golden Axe for iPhone Finally Worthy Of Its Name, Gets Co-Op Play

    You kids today (I’m in my mid-20s, which as everyone knows is the age at which you get to start speaking condescendingly about your youth) and your real-time multiplayer co-op gaming at home. Halo? Pffft. Lego Star Wars? Bah! In my day, we had to tromp our arses over to an arcade to find a machine capable of handling all that multi-person action at once. All I needed were a few buds… Read More

  • Angry Birds On Android Projected To Generate $1 Million Per Month In Advertising

    Angry Birds On Android Projected To Generate $1 Million Per Month In Advertising

    One of the most successful mobile games right now is Angry Birds, which has been downloaded more than 30 million times across different mobile platforms, with 12 million of those being paid downloads on iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches. But on Android, the game is free, and is supported by advertising. Angry Birds has been downloaded more than 5 million times on Android since that… Read More

  • Car Jacker Busted 10 Minutes After The Heist Thanks To An Android App

    It’s gettin’ hard out here for a car jacker, folks. It used to be that you just roll up, knock on a window, be threatening in one way or another, and bam — you’ve got a new and totally unearned ride. Nowadays, though, you’ve got all this new fangled technology to worry about. Lojack. OnStar. Oh, you didn’t notice the smartphone sitting in the cupholder? Read More

  • iTunes Connect Goes Down, Leaving iOS Developers In The Dark [Update: Back up!]

    Hey, iOS developers: don’t panic. You’re not the only one. For everyone wondering what the heck I’m talking about: This morning, app developers are waking up to a rather worrying error message waiting for them in iTunes Connect, the tool Apple provides for devs to submit new applications, monitor sales, generate promo codes, and other such every day tasks. According to… Read More

  • Google Subtly Shows Off Android v2.3 (Gingerbread) On Video, No One Notices For A Week

    The original video got pulled… but someone re-uploaded it. If this goes down, hopefully we can find a more permanent source. Oh, Google Hong Kong — you tricksters. That video up above? Watch closely. Really, really closely. Well, skip all the iPhone stuff at the beginning, then watch closely. Notice the green and black status bar? The slightly modified buttons? The subtle tweaks in… Read More

  • ngmoco Launches Their First Android Game: Pocket God

    Back in September, we uncovered that ngmoco, a smashingly successful app development house that had long worked exclusively on iOS, was working on Android tools and games. We couldn’t get official confirmation from the company right off the bat (they decided signing off of AIM and ignoring my emails would be a better idea), but they went ahead and announced it three days later. At the… Read More

  • SkyFire for iPhone Brings The Flash To France, Germany, and Italy

    After a slightly rocky (but still crazy fruitful) U.S. launch and a seemingly less painful debut in the U.K., SkyFire for iPhone is continuing its international roll out today. Best known for being that browser that offers up Flash Video playback support on iOS by way of some monkey-in-the-middle proxy magic, SkyFire has been surrounded by its fair share of hype & controversy. Now, everyone… Read More

  • Viber for iPhone aims to rival Skype’s app, is amazingly amazing

    Today sees the launch of Viber, a brand new, free iPhone application (iTunes link) that basically functions the way pretty much every iPhone user wishes Skype’s mobile application would. My educated guess is that this will become a stunningly big hit in no time. Viber for iPhone allows you to make 100% free calls to other Viber users over 3G and WiFi, is capable of running completely in… Read More

  • Playstation Phone spotted in secret spycam video

    As the eventual launch of Sony’s not-Playstation-branded Playstation phone nears, leaks inevitably start to happen with greater frequency. Today’s leak? A super-secret spy video filled with intrigue, espionage, evil geniuses, and — yes — even the Playstation Phone*! Jump on past the break to have a gander. Read More

  • MetroPCS launches LTE in San Francisco, still only one compatible featurephone

    If you’re the type of person that craves high download speeds, but doesn’t go for the whole “smartphone” thing (plus you live in SF), then — as strange as it may sound — MetroPCS have you covered. Today MetroPCS launched their LTE network in San Francisco, and — just like before — are only offering the one device to use on it. Namely, the… Read More

  • The Cobra iRadar Is Exactly What It Sounds Like: An iPhone-fueled Radar Detector

    We’re going to ahead and skip the moral babble on whether or not radar detectors are good or bad*; if you want to wage that war, the comment section is all yours. With that said, check this thing out: it’s a police radar/red light camera detector that works with help from the iPhone (or, soon, an Android handset.) Read More

  • Verizon Lays Claim To Android's Success

    Touching on the topic of why LTE will be successful during their press call this morning, Verizon tooted their own horn a bit by bringing up, curiously enough, the success of Android. To quote Verizon CTO Tony Melone: Android really took off when Verizon got involved. Strong words — and ones that have some Android devotees in quite the tizzy. But are they true? Read More

  • Samsung gets into the NFC chip business; mobile payments coming to Samsung handsets?

    Whenever Samsung needs something, they tend to build it themselves. Displays? Done. Memory? They’ve got it. CPUs? See the Hummingbird. So when they go and announce that they’re now building their own Near Field Communication (NFC) chips (the chips used for paying at retail shops with a wave of your cell phone) complete with embedded flash memory, we can only assume one thing… Read More

  • Verizon 4G Going Live Dec 5th; 5 GB Per Month For $50, 10 GB For $80

    Fresh off of their 4G press conference call, Verizon has just dumped a host of details surrounding the launch of their 4G LTE network. Here’s what you need to know: Read More

  • With A New Local Discovery Engine, WHERE Wants To Own The "Pre Check-in" Experience

    We’ve all been there before: You’ve just moved to a new city, the fridge is empty, and you need some grub. You pop into the nearest restaurant and.. it’s not bad. So you start branching out. You check out spots a few more blocks from home. Within a few weeks, you find comfort in your favorite spots, and fall into a bit of a rut; two months in and surrounded by new restaurants… Read More

  • Video: World's first Tegra 2 phone, the LG Star, vs iPhone 4

    If you’ve been drooling over that LG Tegra 2 powered 4″ beast that we recently spied, but wanting more than what a few spy shots can deliver, then check this out: there’s now a video available. The guys over at GSM Israel have managed to get their hands on the device, and have given it not only a thorough photo-shoot, but also a video. Read More

  • Microsoft not paying WP7 developers before Feb 2011

    Oh no, Microsoft! This is not a good move. It appears that developers selling apps in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace won’t get paid for peddling their wares until February 2011. Now, given that the smartphone wars are largely decided by the available apps on any one platform, it isn’t a great move to defer payments to those developers that will define your platform —… Read More