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  • Sprint To Fight The AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

    Want to know something crazy? If you put AT&T and T-Mobile together — as would happen if AT&T’s acquisition of T-Mo goes through as planned — the new, shiny, two-headed super-carrier that emerges would account for 42% (130 million) of the US’ wireless market share. Nearly half of the country’s wireless subscribers, all under the same subscriber. With… Read More

  • No-Touch, Hands-Off Gallery: The Samsung Infuse For AT&T

    Hey! Look! It’s AT&T’s upcoming Android superphone, the Samsung Infuse 4G, with its absolutely massive 4.5″ screen, 1.2 GHZ Snapdragon CPU, 8 megapixel camera, etc. Awesome! The not so awesome part: We couldn’t touch it. There it was, just inches away… in a display case. Normally, this is where we’d share some impressions. We couldn’t touch it nor… Read More

  • Hands-on with the Sprint HTC EVO 3D [with Video!]

    While I’m not too big of a fan of this whole glasses-free 3D trend, I am a fan of big ol’ megafast superphones — and, silly 3D screen aside, that’s exactly what the just announced EVO 3D is. Take a glance at our quick hands-off demo video above, and join us behind the jump for our hands-on impressions and photos. Read More

  • Verizon Announces More 4G LTE Markets To Come In 2011

    In case you were wondering if your city is getting 4G from Verizon this year, scroll down and check out the extensive list. Today, Verizon announced an additional 59 markets that will get 4G LTE by the end of the year. This is in addition to the 39 initial markets and the 49 announced at CES. This brings total 4G LTE coverage to 147 US cities by the end of 2011. Read More

  • The New Xperia Play Commercial Is Cute (Video)

    There’s just something about Kristen Schaal’s quirkiness I find cute. They got her to compare gaming on the Xperia Play to the iPhone in a sort of Apple-esque manner (solid colored background, three point lighting, two people standing on screen comparing something). Either way, the Xperia offers some pretty good gameplay. Check it out after the break. Read More

  • Sprint Brings The HTC Flyer Tablet Stateside As The EVO View 4G

    Remember the HTC Flyer, that 7″ tablet that HTC debuted at Mobile World Congress last month? Have you been hopin’ and prayin’ that it would come stateside? Well, friend your wildest dreams have just come true. We’re at Sprint’s press conference, where ol’ yeller has just announced that they’re bringing the Flyer stateside as the EVO View 4G. If you want… Read More

  • Sprint Announces the HTC EVO 3D; Dual-Core 1.2 Ghz CPU and 4.3" Glasses-free 3D display

    Oy vey. Love it or hate it, glasses-free 3D is here to stay. Just yesterday, AT&T announced that they’d be snatching up LG’s Optimus 3D and bringin’ it stateside as the “Thrill 4G” — and today at CTIA, Sprint’s following up with the announcement of the second 3D smartphone in the US, the EVO 3D. Even if 3D isn’t your thing, though, the specs… Read More

  • Sprint To Launch Anti-Texting-While-Driving Service For Android

    Back in January, T-Mobile launched DriveSmart, an Android app which automatically disables the ability to text whenever it detects that you’re driving (or, really, just moving at a certain speed. If you’re just bein’ a passenger, you can override it — but make sure you’re really just a passenger. It sends a text to your ‘rents [or whoever set it up]… Read More

  • Angel Trivia Daily Tests Your Knowledge Of Startup Investing

    Don’t know your pre-money from your post-money or carried interest from convertibles? Now there’s a 99-cent iPhone app for startup founders to bone up on investing terms and concepts they might encounter when they first try to raise money.. It is called Angel Trivia Daily, and it tests your angel investing knowledge witha new question every day. Created by two Seattle… Read More

  • Amazon's Android App Store Launches: Test Drive Apps Directly From Your Browser

    Amazon's Android App Store Launches: Test Drive Apps Directly From Your Browser

    This morning Amazon is officially launching its Android App Store — a storefront for apps that will compete directly with Google’s official Android Market. We first broke the news about the impending App Store back in September and had some thorough coverage on the details in January when it opened to developer submissions. But now the store is finally going live to consumers… Read More

  • T-Mobile Makes G2x Official, Announces 42Mbps 4G In NY, Orlando, Vegas

    T-Mobile kicked off CTIA with a few announcements today, first confirming the G2x, a rebranded Optimus 2X with the specs we heard about way back in December. You can check out our hands-on with the LG original here, but of course the new device will be slightly more T-Mobileish. It’s running 2.2, no word on 2.3. They’re leaning on 4G pretty hard. More devices and news inside. Read More

  • VeriFone Keeps Up FUD Campaign Against Square With Pathetic Facebook Ads

    VeriFone Keeps Up FUD Campaign Against Square With Pathetic Facebook Ads

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” -Mahatma Gandhi A couple weeks ago, VeriFone went after a much smaller competitor in a very public way. It accused Square, Jack Dorsey’s mobile payments startup, of a serious security hole which turned out to be not particularly serious at all. VeriFone was trying to spread major FUD… Read More

  • Welcome To The Post-Carrier Future

    For most of the last decade, the carriers have called the shots. Likened to “Soviet ministries” by Walt Mossberg, carriers had full control of their environment, from billing to customer service to device availability. There were four carriers and each competed on different platforms but generally handset manufacturers went to them, hat in hand, and showed off a crop of new devices. Read More

  • Supposed iPhone 5 Cases Suggest The Shape Won't Change Much From iPhone 4

    Just about every time Apple gets close to launching the new iDevice they’ve been brewin’ up, some third-party manufacturer releases a shot or two of a case purportedly built to the new device’s top-secret specs. We pretty much always say the same thing: “Take it with a grain of salt”, “they might just be guessing, or it could very well be a typo.”… Read More

  • AT&T Gets Two New Toys: The HTC HD7S and the LG Thrill 4G

    Man! Here I am sitting in the airport on the way to CTIA, and the news is already breakin’. Lookin’ to get in before any noise that the show might generate and possibly ride the tide of their absolutely monstrous merger with T-Mobile, AT&T has just announced that they’re picking up two new toys: the Windows Phone 7 powered HD7S, and the Android-powered… Read More

  • In The Race For More Spectrum, AT&T Is Acquiring T-Mobile For $39 Billion

    As anyone who has read a tech blog in the past few years will know, AT&T has been under attack for not being able to match the network capacity of larger rival Verizon. And when they won the majority of the bids for the open spectrum in 2008, Verizon also had a clear path to the future. Now AT&T is taking another path: buying T-Mobile. Here’s the release with the details of the deal. Read More

  • Fly or Die Review of Nintendo 3DS, RockMelt and NFC Chips

    Fly or Die: The Nintendo 3DS, Rockmelt, And Mobile Wallets

    s the new Nintendo 3DS all that? Does Rockmelt have a chance? Will mobile wallets ever be adopted by real people in real stores? CrunchGear editor John Biggs and I tackle these questions in this week’s edition of Fly or Die. Watch the video to find out who our surprise guest is this time after we give our verdicts on his company’s product. The Nintendo 3DS uses simple… Read More

  • Listen Closely: Broadcastr Brings You An Audio Guide To The Whole Wide World

    Listen Closely: Broadcastr Brings You An Audio Guide To The Whole Wide World

    I’m a huge William Gibson fan, not least for the ideas with which his books overflow. One such in Spook Country was location-based virtual art: VR images that can only be seen at specific real-world places. As is often the case with Gibson, I read that and wondered, “How long?” Well, today we’re halfway there. I give you Broadcastr, a new platform that allows anyone… Read More

  • Speed Test: HTC Thunderbolt vs. iPhone 4

    Third-party wireless retailer Wirefly (who has been all about the HTC Thunderbolt for the past few days) has just shared the video up above, which seeks to answer question that’s on just about every geek’s mind (or, at least, that I’m going to say is on every geek’s mind for the sake of this post): just how much faster is the data speed of the 4G-powered HTC… Read More

  • Swappa: It's Like Craigslist, But For Android Geeks

    Buying a used Android phone can be tough. It seems like most of the people slingin’ their handsets up on eBay or Craigslist are doing so because they don’t really understand the phone, which doesn’t exactly lend to their ability to aptly describe it. Most of’em end up reading something like: FOR SALE: The Verizon ANDROID. It has a touchscreen, buttons, microphone… Read More