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  • Fast Society: Not Your Mother's Group Messaging App (TCTV)

    When a good idea comes along, often what you see are multiple startups pop up who were all working on it independently but launch around the same time. Look at Foursquare and Gowalla in geo-location apps or Instagram, PicPlz, and Path in geo-photo apps. Right now, a lot of the action seems to be in group messaging, with Groupme, Beluga, and Fast Society all vying for mobile group supremacy. Read More

  • Baby, It's Cold Outside (So Your iPhone Exploded)

    Maybe this is all apocryphal, but a woman in Norway, while wandering in the icy wastes of the frozen North in minus 14-degree weather, picked up her iPhone only to find it had shattered in the cold. She took the phone back to the Apple Store and the geniuses refused to repair it, citing that the phone is not designed to withstand temperatures below freezing or above 35 degrees Celsius. To… Read More

  • BlackBerry Dakota Leaked, The Ultimate BB QWERTY Keypad Touchscreen Mash-up

    The BlackBerry Dakota is shaping up to be the firms best yet — that’s the way it should be, really. RIM took the classic Bold styling and keypad and then reportable installed a 2.8-inch VGA capacitive touchscreen in the top half. Nice, eh. Oh it gets better. Read More

  • YouMail's Visual Voicemail App Surpasses 2 Million Downloads, Mostly BlackBerry Users

    Voicemail is dead. Visual Voicemail, however, is a different story. Those who have it love it — and those that don’t have it, want it. Even if you loathe voicemail as much as we do, you’re going to have to check yours sooner or later (or not) — and unless you like spending 10 minutes touchtoning your way through a system built a decade ago, doing it through Visual… Read More

  • What's New In iOS 4.3?

    It’s that time again, folks: Apple has just dropped a new build of iOS into the Developer Center, and people are already hard at work tearing it apart in search for all the little hidden gems within. You know what makes hard work easier? Team work! We’ll keep a running list of everything we’ve spotted that has made its way into iOS 4.3 — drop a comment and let us know… Read More

  • Confirmed: Personal Hotspot Is Baked Into The Just Released Dev Build Of iOS 4.3

    Well, that didn’t take long. Just a few hours after the rumor broke that the “Personal Hotspot” feature Verizon was throwing around at their iPhone announcement yesterday was in fact a standard feature of iOS 4.3, Apple has just pushed an early copy of iOS 4.3 out to developers — and sure enough, it looks like Personal Hotspot is baked right in. Read More

  • Personal Hot Spot Coming To All iPhones In iOS 4.3?

    Are you bummed that the Verizon iPhone 4 will rock that super cool, MiFi-esque “Personal Hot Spot” feature, while your still-rather-shiny AT&T iPhone won’t? Don’t be too sad; it looks like that may be a temporary advantage. Read More

  • Virgin Mobile Ditches $40 Unlimited Mobile Broadband Plan, We Shed A Tear

    Pour one out tonight, mobile geeks; one of the best deals in the mobile world died today. Back when Virgin Mobile announced their $40 Unlimited Broadband2Go plan, I said: “If there’s a better deal on mobile broadband out there, I don’t know of it.” Perhaps I cursed it; Virgin Mobile has confirmed the aforementioned plan is on the way out. Read More

  • What Will Sprint Announce On February 7th?

    Sure, we just got done with CES — and sure, Verizon just announced they’re getting the iPhone yesterday. And yes, Mobile World Congress is next month in Barcelona. Personal life, schmersonal life; we can always make room for one more press conference, right? Up next on the podium, it seems, will be Sprint. They just sent out a bunch of invites to the gadget-writing populace… Read More

  • Google Serves Places On The iPhone With A Side Of Hotpot

    Google Serves Places On The iPhone With A Side Of Hotpot

    Google Places is now on your iPhone. If you download the app (iTunes link) you get a mobile version of Google Places, Google’s local directory. It shows you nearby restaurants, coffee shops, bars, ATMs, gas stations, hotels, and other attractions. You can also search for any category you like, just like on Google Places proper or on Google Maps for Android. Perhaps the most… Read More

  • RIM Agrees To Filter Pornographic Content On Indonesian BlackBerrys

    Another day, another example of RIM having to buckle to governmental pressure in order to stay in business. It has emerged that RIM has agreed to filter pornographic content on Indonesian BlackBerrys as a direct result of a government request. While this isn’t the first time that RIM has had to accommodate various government requests, it does represent the first time that RIM has greed… Read More

  • Want To Break Your AT&T Contract And Head For Verizon? Here's How Much It'll Cost You

    With word of an impending Verizon iPhone looming, it seems as if the question on just about every other person’s mind is the same: “So, uh.. how much would it cost me to get out of my AT&T contract?” Thanks to pro-rated Early Termination Fees and one or two somewhat confusing contract changes that have gone down in the past few years, it can be tough to figure out exactly… Read More

  • The Future Version Of Android Isn't Called Ice Cream. It's Ice Cream SANDWICH.

    It’s tough being a tech journalist. Countless phone calls, mountains of email, endless warring with legions of trolls. Really, you’ve got to be pretty hardcore to do this job. It’s a wonder we ever get any posts up. Which is my half-hearted explanation as to why it’s taken me this long to reveal the truth about something that I’m sure all of you find extremely… Read More

  • How Personal Hotspot Works On The Verizon iPhone (Pictures)

    There’s actually only one key difference between the Verizon iPhone 4 and the AT&T iPhone 4 (well, besides the network, obviously). But it’s a big one: Personal Hotspots. Yes, the Verizon iPhone will come with this killer feature that will allow it to become an internet hub for up to 5 WiFi devices to connect to. And while there is no word on pricing yet (neither Apple nor… Read More

  • So Far, The Verizon iPhone Doesn't Appear To Be Death Grippable

    I just got off the horn with our own John Biggs, who battled his way through the freezing winds of New York City this morning to bring back all the details of Verizon’s iPhone 4. Seeing as he’s one of the few people in the world who’s had a chance to paw at this thing, I had one question I just had to ask: Did you try to Death Grip it? He did. And it didn’t work. Read More

  • Bottom Line: Should You Buy The Verizon iPhone?

    Well, it’s happened. All of our ViPhone dreams have come true and the phone will be available in stores in February. But should you buy it? I’m of two minds. As a long-suffering AT&T customer completely understand the rage some feel at the failings of that network. The Verizon iPhone hit 1500kbps while the AT&T model hit about 100kbps during a good minute. My reception… Read More

  • Why No LTE iPhone For Now? "Design Compromises" Apple Would Not Make.

    Today during Verizon and Apple’s press conference in New York City announcing the iPhone 4 on the carrier’s network, Apple COO Tim Cook fielded a question that has been on a lot of people’s minds: why won’t the iPhone on Verizon be a next-generation LTE version? “The first generation LTE chipsets force some design compromises. Some of which we would not… Read More

  • The Verizon iPhone Product Pages And More Are Alive For Your Ogling

    The Verizon iPhone lives! Hurray! But now comes the long wait until February 10th. Yeah, it’s going to be tough sitting there, staring at the one bar next to the AT&T logo on your current iPhone when you know salvation is just right around the corner. But fear not, while we’ll have plenty of Verizon iPhone stories for you to peep in the coming days, Verizon just went live with… Read More

  • It's Official: The Verizon iPhone 4 Is Coming On February 10th

    It’s over. Finally — after years and years of speculation, the Verizon iPhone is real. As Verizon president Lowell McAdam put it, “If the press writes something long enough, eventually it becomes true.” The word comes fresh out of Verizon’s press conference in New York City, where the company has confirmed that they plan to offer the iPhone 4 early next month. Read More

  • So What's So Special About The Verizon iPhone? Personal Hotspots.

    So What's So Special About The Verizon iPhone? Personal Hotspots.

    Yes, Verizon is getting the iPhone 4. And other than the fact that it will work on Verizon’s 3G CDMA network, it will look a lot like . . . AT&T’s iPhone 4. It will have a retina display, FaceTime, a 5 megapixel camera, HD video recording, and an Apple A4 chip. But it will also have one new feature exclusive to Verizon dubbed “Personal Hotspots.” The Verizon… Read More