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  • Congress Considers Bill Requiring Carriers To Explain Their Definition Of "4G"

    All 4G is not created equal. You see, each carrier seems to be defining 4G as they see fit. Verizon’s got their new LTE network. Sprint’s got WiMax. AT&T and T-Mobile have upgraded their 3G networks to a faster (but still technically 3G) technology called HSPA+. Each carrier’s network has widely varied speed capabilities, and are at different points in their… Read More

  • Motorola Triumph Coming To Virgin Mobile On July 19th, Says… People Magazine

    When Virgin Mobile announced the Blur-free and surprisingly-high-end-for-a-prepaid-phone Motorola Triumph, they neglected to mention two little details: the price, and the launch date. Thanks to the always resourceful gadget huntsters over at… wait, what? People Magazine? Anyway, thanks to a little blerp in People Magazine’s “StyleWatch Concierge” section… Read More

  • Freshly Awarded iPhone Patent Could Mean Trouble For Apple's Competitors

    Apple has just been awarded a very important patent that describes changes to the iOS user interface. The patent was originally filed back in December of 2007 as a part of a string of provisional patent applications that go back as early as January 2007. While this patent isn’t necessarily as significant as the 358-page “iPhone Patent” granted in 2009, but it still has… Read More

  • RIM, You’re Done Here

    Research In Motion is done. They’ll be bought in the next year or so, their products will roll into whoever buys them – Microsoft, most probably – and they’ll go the way of Nokia, Danger, and countless other mobile platforms. They’ll exist independently for a while and then be subsumed. It’s over. Here’s why. Read More

  • Loopt Turns The Daily Deals Game On Its Head With U-Deals

    Mobile social network Loopt is turning on the revenue streams by going after the daily deal space. It already partnered with Groupon to show users nearby Groupon Now deals via notifications, but today it is launching its own twist on daily deals. Loopt is calling them U-Deals. Instead of going out and getting a large inventory of deals at local merchants, U-Deals lets users request their… Read More

  • Judge Rejects Samsung's Request To Peep Apple's iPhone 5, iPad 3

    Just as we expected, Judge Lucy Koh has rejected Samsung’s request to get its hands on Apple’s iPhone 5 and the iPad 3. She did not rule from the bench this time, as Apple tweaked its complaint the night before Friday’s hearing, adding a host of new Samsung products to its copy-cat list. Instead, the order was presented on paper in an 11-page document. Read More

  • Sony Ericsson Reveals Ultra-Thin Xperia Ray, Water-Resistant Xperia Active Smartphones

    Looks like two new Xperia smartphones are headed out of Sony Ericsson labs and into the wild, with an expectation to launch in the third quarter. We still don’t know much about the handsets, called the Xperia Ray and the Xperia Active, although we can confirm that both will be powered by Google’s Android OS. From the ads, we’re thinking that the Ray will run Android 2.3… Read More

  • AT&T's New $50 Unlimited Talk, Text, And Web Prepaid Plan Starts June 26

    AT&T is obviously a top-dog in the wireless industry, and stands to take the number one spot once its T-Mobile buyout comes to a close. But in a small pond, AT&T isn’t the big fish you’d expect it to be. The big blue carrier still faces strong competition in the prepaid sector from smaller carriers like Boost Mobile and MetroPCS, which is probably why AT&T came up with… Read More

  • Case-mate Goes Crazy, Announces $300 iPhone Case

    Do you have an iPhone 4 and $300 bucks to burn? Are you a little bit flashy, and a little bit crazy-roll? Case-mate wants to relieve you of all that stupid extra money you’ve got laying around. This morning, Case-mate announced a $300 case for the iPhone 4. Yep: $300. Read More

  • Verizon To Launch LTE In Scranton, Springfield, And 6 Other Markets On July 21st

    Good news! If you live in Scranton, Pennsylvania, you’ll soon have one more thing to add to your list of fun things to do locally (which I assume is currently comprised of “roam around dangerous abandoned anthracite mines” and “reenact scenes from The Office”). Come July 21st, you’ll be able to surf the vast Intertubes over Verizon 4G. Joining Scranton in… Read More

  • Foursquare Speeds Up The Check-In Process

    In retail, businesses that speed up the check-out process get more business. With Foursquare, it is speeding up the check-in process, which should get people to use it even more. A new release of its iPhone app puts a new check-in button smack in the middle bottom of the app, removing at least one step to check-in bliss. The fewer steps an app requires of users, the more they will tend to use it. Read More