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  • Just What Kids Need: Scholastic Pocket Texting Devices

    A company called Scholastic, presumably not the book company, has released these odd texting devices that work wirelessly within 600 feet of each other. You can create a network of 24 of them and messages are truncated at 40 characters. Read More

  • Verizon-branded Motorola DROID X SE image leaks

    If you thought the Moto Droid 2 Global was all the minor model refresh you could handle, then you clearly under-estimated Moto’s love for a spec bump. Images of the never-before-seen device arrived over at Phone Arena today, and it looks like the “SE” may just stand for “Silver Edition”, as — like the Droid 2 Global — there is no external difference… Read More

  • myTouch 4G ROM leaked, contains promo video

    While the myTouch 3G is just now receiving Froyo, a ROM for the yet-to-be-announced myTouch 4G leaked out today, and the diligent folks over at Android Central have been pulling it apart in search of any nuggets of joy. And what nugget could spread joy further than a promo video? The promo video, embedded after the jump, shows off the Genius button, HD video recording, Video Chat, and… Read More

  • T-mobile myTouch 3G Froyo update now rollin' out

    If you’re rockin’ an old skool myTouch 3G — you know, from the days before 3.5mm headphone jacks — then your week just got a little better: T-mobile are now rollin’ out an update to Froyo, just for you. Froyo was pretty much the best thing to happen to my HTC Hero (that, and the replacement of HTC Sense with Launcher Pro), and as the myTouch 3G is pretty much an… Read More

  • Steve Jobs: "Open Systems Don't Always Win"

    Steve Jobs: "Open Systems Don't Always Win"

    Apple is often criticized for building products which aren’t as open as they could be, and competitors like Google make a point about how much more open Android phones are than iPhones. But Steve Jobs is unapologetic about Apple’s approach, which is to tightly control how everything integrates from the chips to the software to the industrial design. During Apple’s earnings… Read More

  • Apple sold 14.1 million iPhones last quarter, over 70 million since launch

    For all of those keeping track of how many millions of iPhones are floating around, Apple has just pushed a fresh set of numbers out the door: in the fourth fiscal quarter of 2010, they managed to push a fairly ridiculous 14.1 million handsets. That’s a 91% growth over the same quarter last year and a big ol’ jump from the 8.4 million they pushed in Q3. At the end of the last… Read More

  • Bose launches a Bluetooth headset called, erm, the Bose Bluetooth headset

    I tend to avoid writing about Bose for two reasons: 1) My main beat is mobile, and that’s not a turf that Bose often enters.
    2) Bose posts tend to draw out the fury of what I can only assume is a top-secret, ultra-angry Anti-Bose club. Really — it’s like a strike force. Write a few words on Bose, and BAM! Instant flame war. Today, Bose is entering the mobile space with… Read More

  • Slap A QR Code On That Product So That People Can Like It

    Slap A QR Code On That Product So That People Can Like It

    Facebook like buttons are now everywhere on the Web—on products, status messages, and blog posts like this one. It’ so easy to like things—just one click—that people do it all the time. But what about when you are walking along the street and you see something in a window that you really like, or in a magazine, or a product you are holding in your hands? Up until… Read More

  • RIM Releases 9670 Flip Phone On Sprint

    RIM has just made the 9670 flip phone official and it’s a doozy. The device, as we knew, has an external screen for reviewing call and messages and you have a full keyboard when you flip it over. It runs Blackberry OS 6.0. The device is available now for pre-order at Sprint for $99 with new activation. It comes in purple and silver. The BlackBerry Style features a full QWERTY… Read More

  • 14 (Partly Awesome) New Feature Phones From Japan's KDDI

    KDDI, Japan’s second biggest mobile carrier, has today announced its cell phone line-up for the coming winter and spring. The company has shown not only three smartphones and two new iida “designer phones”, which we covered here, but also 14 new feature phones, some of which boast impressive specs. Read More

  • HTC Gratia Is Green, Sexy

    HTC has just released the Gratia, a nice, compact Android smartphone with an HTC Sense overlay. The phone weights 4 ounces and has a five megapixel camera. It also has something called a “seamless wrap-around soft-cover that eliminates hard edges,” which suggests that blunt force trauma has been a problem with HTC phones in the past. No pricing or other blah-de-blah because this… Read More