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  • GSMA to host first ever Macworld Mobile at Mobile World Congress 2011

    GSMA, the organizers of the annual, massive Mobile World Congress, have announced a couple of new developments this morning. For one, the organization is to expand the developer-focused programme at the event to include new elements such as Macworld Mobile and the Brand App Challenge. In addition, the organization has announced new speakers, including Sir Martin Sorrell, chief exec of WPP and… Read More

  • iOS 4.1 Released To Developers, Leaked To Public

    In case you missed it, iOS 4.1 was made official and released to developers on the first. Seems that Apple might have made a slight misstep when they released it however; the version that went it works with any iPhone/iPod Touch, not just the developer units. The upshot is that if you don’t want to wait for the general release, you don’t have to – you can go to the Uneasy… Read More

  • Got 10 bucks and 5 minutes? Turn your iPhone 4 into a 12X Microscope

    See that shot above? That was taken with an iPhone 4. Don’t believe it? See how in the video after the jump. Read More

  • Droid (kinda) Does: Minimum requirements for Flash Player 10.1 exclude the original Droid

    Android Police noticed today that the minimum requirements for Flash Player 10.1 actually exclude the original Motorola Droid, even though it was one of the devices Adobe showed off in their early Flash Player 10.1 demo videos. What isn’t clear, however, is whether or not the minimum requirements will apply to the Droid from now on (meaning, Droid users no longer being able to download… Read More

  • Nokia N8 to launch September 30, three days earlier from Nokia Online

    If you’ve been following the news trickling out on the Nokia N8 over the last few months, you’ll be pleased to hear that Nokia’s Senior Comms Manager, Tapani Kaskinen, today confirmed to Finland’s favourite* newspaper, Kauppalehti [link in Finnish], that pre-orders for the device will ship out come September 30th. Read More

  • New Froyo build for Nexus One leaks

    Google may no longer sell the device in the US, but that doesn’t mean that love their baby any less, with a new build for the Nexus One appearing over the weekend. While not yet officially released, the ever-diligent folks over at XDA Developers have unearthed a spanking-new build for the device that reportedly brings with it some speed improvements (as can bee seen in the benchmarks… Read More

  • Verizon's answer to the EVO 4G hits the FCC

    Last week we reported on the new almost-an-EVO from HTC that’s making its way to Verizon in the near(ish) future. And I have it on pretty good authority that you loved it. So, you’ll be pleased to know that the upcoming (but still nameless) device has had its required photo-shoot with the FCC, and we have some more photos for you. Read More

  • T-Mobile In Talks For A Sub-$200 Android Phone

    Who says Android phones need to be expensive? The Wall Street Journal reports that T-Mo is working with Huawei to add an inexpensive Android phone to their product line up, the Ideos.T-mobile would be the first carrier to have a phone made by Huawei, and the Ideos would be available for less then $200, vs. the $500 most Android phones cost without a contract. The Ideos does have a smaller… Read More

  • Hey Palm: Take A Deep Breath. Leaks Happen. Be Proud. [Updated]

    Just days ago, Palm revealed a bunch of details surrounding webOS 2.0, which, as the name implies, is an upcoming major update to their webOS platform. Shortly thereafter, they released a big chunk of webOS 2.0 to a small section of their development community as part of a Beta program. Almost immediately, someone unearthed one little bit that Palm didn’t intend anyone to find: a… Read More

  • Come to the Dock Side, Luke: R2-D2 Edition Droid 2 gets its own matching dock

    Verizon’s got this crazy challenge going on over at the teaser page for the R2-D2 Edition Droid 2, wherein users are given clues that lead to special codes. Once one person finds and inputs one of these special codes, everyone gains access to a new section of the site, and the original finder scores themselves a free handset. Fortunately for D2-devotees everywhere, the force was strong… Read More

  • Motorola Pulls Out Another Full Page NYT Ad Aimed At Apple's Head

    Oh my, how I love some good ol’ fashion mudslinging. “Flash Websites? There’s A Phone For That.” To any ne’er-do-blog-read layman, the full page ad that Motorola just put in the New York Times might just seem oddly worded. To anyone who has even considered considering themselves a gadget geek — or has, at least, turned on their TV anytime in the past year and… Read More