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  • Trends Show Android Gaining Among The Young And Vivacious

    This little study by Nielson doesn’t actually say “vivacious,” but it’s implied — right there in the headline. The study is just an exercise in statistics and a look at the smartphone market, but it’s always worth taking a look and speculating based on the big bottom-line numbers like total market share. These two attractive charts detail the distribution… Read More

  • Apple Releases The iOS 4.3 Gold Master To Developers

    After just shy of two months of Beta testing, Apple has just released the iOS 4.3 “Gold Master” to the Developer Center. Never heard the term “Gold Master”? Gold Master (besides sounding like the name of the boss in a poorly translated fighting game) simply means “the version we plan on shipping.” Unless there are any last minute mission critical bugs… Read More

  • Windows Phone 7's Pre-Update Update Starts Hitting Samsung Handsets Again

    A bit over a week ago, Microsoft sent out an itty-bitty software update to Windows Phone 7 handsets. Intended as sort of a “Pre-Update” update, it was intentionally light on the features. In fact, it really only had two: It patched up a few bugs in the update system to make way for the impending Copy-And-Paste update would go smoothly. It randomly turned select Samsung WP7… Read More

  • PayPal Launches Their Third Developer Challenge, $50k Up For Grabs To Android Devs

    Like money? Like helping other people spend money? Like writing line after line of code and battling semi-colons in an attempt to win money? Then listen up! Just about once a year, PayPal launches a Developer Challenge program aimed at getting developers to develop their craziest PayPal-friendly idea in exchange for cold hard cash. They’ve had two of’em so far, both of which… Read More

  • SkyFire 3.0 Comes To iOS, Brings Over Features From The Android Port

    Back in November of last year, SkyFire (the company behind the Flash-video-friendly smartphone browser of the same name) launched version 3.0 of their app to the Android Market. The big new features? It was all social stuff, like instant Facebook wall access, a one-click Facebook “Like” button that constantly lived on the nav bar, a “Popular” feature that scans social… Read More

  • iOS 4.3 Coming March 11th With Photobooth, Airplay Improvements, And More

    At the iPad 2 announcement today, Scott Forstall announced a few updates to iOS that will be rolling out on March 11th, some to do with the iPad 2, some more general improvements. First, they’ve added Photo Booth as a free app, with special tweaks to make it more touchable. For instance, you can adjust the swirl with your finger when you do that effect. Fun for fifth-graders, sure, but… Read More

  • Liveblog: We're Live at Apple's iPad 2 Press Event!

    Are you ready for the next iPad? Because Apple is. At least, that’s what we’re all assuming, given that the invite for the press event has a big ol’ iPad on it (with an even bigger number 2 right on top of that.) What’s new in the iPad 2? What else does Apple have up their sleeves? We’ll be bringing back all the details with our up-to-the-second liveblog, which… Read More

  • Verizon Slated To Cancel Unlimited iPhone Data

    According to Verizon’s Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo, speaking at a Morgan Stanley conference, Verizon’s current unlimited data plan is untenable and cannot remain in place forever, a bit of news that is disconcerting at worst and obvious at best. The operator currently offers a $30/month “unlimited” (but potentially throttled) data plan. Read More

  • What The iPad 2 Announcement Needs In Order To Be Bi-Winning

    What The iPad 2 Announcement Needs In Order To Be Bi-Winning

    We’re now just hours away from the unveiling of Apple’s next big thing at an event in San Francisco. And while Apple hasn’t officially stated what they’d be showing off tomorrow, a picture has been worth a thousand words. Right on the invite to the event is the tease of an iPad covered by the date, which probably not coincidentally prominently displays a big… Read More