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  • Kobo Adds Twitter Integration To iOS eReading Apps

    Kobo, creators of the Kobo eReader, today announced new upgrades to its iOS eReading app, most significantly the extension of Reading Life to Twitter, and the ability to share quotes, passages, notes, book covers, and awards on Twitter. For those of you who don’t know, Reading Life is the social component of Kobo’s eReading service, allowing readers to track personal reading… Read More

  • Apple, Google Grilled By Senate Over DUI Checkpoint Apps

    Both Google and Apple got an earful from Congress this week concerning a few different DUI checkpoint apps that were floating around in the App Store and Android Market. Senator Charles Schumer, who was one of four senators to spearhead resolving this issue through a letter to the companies in March, grilled both of the tech giants during the inaugural hearing of the Privacy and Technology… Read More

  • Catholic Nun Taps iPhone Apps, Social Media For Fundraising

    Former banker, current Benedictine nun, and iPhone fangal Sister Catherine Wybourne is looking for a little saving grace in application development and sales, as the monastery she founded with two other sisters faces continued financial turmoil. Using Phonegap, Sister Wybourne is creating two different iPhone apps: a free app focused on the rule of Saint Benedict, and a paid app that will… Read More

  • Sony Joins Car Connectivity Consortium To Build Smartphone Portal In Car Dashboard

    Sony has become the most recent in a rather long list of companies to join the Car Connectivity Consortium, a group of phone and car companies working together to connect phones to cars. Formed back in March, the CCC already boasts some pretty big-name companies, including Nokia, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Alpine, Daimler, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Toyota, and Volkswagen. Read More

  • Xperia Play Games See Slow Uptake, But Sony-Ericsson Isn't Worried

    The so-called Playstation Phone is out there internationally (May 26 is when it’s hitting the US), but sales haven’t been huge for its biggest feature: access to PSOne classic games via the Android Market. None of the games on sale has sold over a thousand copies, and most have sold far less. Speaking to Playstation Lifestyle, however, Sony Ericsson’s Dominic Neil-Dwyer… Read More

  • Visa Empties At Least One Pocket With Mobile Wallet Initiative

    Visa has announced plans for a digital wallet initiative designed to make mobile purchases quick and painless. The service should roll out later this year, and will only require an email (and probably a password) to make purchases, instead of having to type out your 16-digit credit card number, fill out the expiration date, and give the hidden 3-digit security code on the back. Read More

  • Bank Of America Plans SMS-based Overdraft Service

    Tired of getting nailed with a $35 fee every time you go 10 cents over your balance, but don’t want to outright block overdrafts on your account? Check this out: Bank of America is planning to roll out a new service that’ll send a notification to customers through a text message, prompting them for permission to allow the purchase. Read More

  • Google Adds App Suggestions To The Browser-Based Android Market

    Google has updated the web portal for Android Market with app suggestions, which are generated based on others’ downloads. Basically, every time you install an app, the Android Market will offer up a few applications that other people (who’ve downloaded the application you just installed) have also chosen. Read More

  • Sharp Rolls Out AQUOS Phone With 8MP Twin 3D Cameras, Naked-Eye 3D QHD Display, Android 2.3

    It’s not the first 3D smartphone from Sharp, but the AQUOS PHONE SH-12C big S unveiled [JP] is much cooler (if you think 3D in a phone is really necessary, that is). The company simply seems to have squeezed in everything they have into the Android device. Read More