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  • A Failed T-Mobile Acquisition Could Cost AT&T $6B

    There’s been a lot of talk out there about what will happen after AT&T acquires T-Mobile USA. How it will affect competition, consumers, and the industry as a whole are just some of the questions that have arisen since the deal’s March announcement. But has anyone stopped to think about what might happen if federal regulators reject the deal? Read More

  • Samsung Droid CHARGE To Charge Onto Verizon's Shelves Tomorrow

    Just days before Verizon last set out to launch the Droid CHARGE, their 4G network mysteriously fell apart nationwide. Launching a big 4G device in the middle of your first big outage isn’t exactly good for return rates, so VZW went ahead and pushed things back a bit. With their 4G network back up and seemingly quite stable (I’m using it to publish this post, in fact!)… Read More

  • HTC Merge Finally Available For Verizon… Sort of.

    Oh, poor HTC Merge; you first sneaked your way into the spotlight so many months ago, and yet, you’ve gone mostly unseen ever since. Sure, Alltel picked you up and put you on the shelves — but your true calling was at Verizon, and they just refused to dial your number. Until now… sort of. Read More

  • How To Install Netflix On Most Android Devices

    Netflix previously all but ignored Android, leaving users confused and annoyed by the lack of love. All that changed yesterday when the app dropped on the Nexus S and several HTC devices. But that’s the catch. Only a select few devices currently support the streaming service, so the fun is only for those rocking the HTC Incredible, HTC Nexus One, HTC Evo 4G, HTC G2, and Samsung Nexus… Read More

  • Google Nexus S Knock-Off Is All Talk, Not Much Walk

    Just about anything worth having in this world comes in knock-off form, and it would appear that Google’s Nexus S is worth having, as a knockoff called the K1000D has surfaced in Shenzhen Huaqiangbei district in China. As we’d expect, the K1000D isn’t as powerful as the Nexus S, but it’s just as pretty. Read More

  • Verizon Delays First Dual-Core Tegra 2 Smartphone Launch: Motorola Droid X2

    The only thing worse than a regifter is someone who gives you something special only to snatch it back, which could accurately describe Verizon during its 4G LTE network outage. To offer blazing-fast speeds only to have them fail on us is a huge party foul, to say the least. What’s worse, Verizon really screwed Samsung out of a pretty high-profile product launch, with its Droid… Read More

  • NTT Docomo Partners With Twitter For New Location-Based Service In Japan

    Japan’s biggest mobile carrier NTT Docomo today announced it will develop with Twitter a set of new mobile services for its domestic customer base of 58 million. Under the deal, Docomo plans to integrate a “touch and follow” app into NFC-equipped feature phones, allowing two users to start following each other just by placing their handsets together. Read the rest on TechCrunch. Read More

  • Mike McCue: FlipBoard Is Seeing More Than 10 Million Flips Per Day (Video)

    When it comes to publishing apps on the iPad, there are two models: 1) social readers that bring all your realtime news feeds together like Flipboard; or 2) single-title apps from major publishers like the New Yorker, The Daily or the New York Times. Those two models are also dividing along the lines of subscriptions versus ad-supported/free. In the video above, Flipboard CEO Mike McCue makes… Read More

  • Google Bullies OEMs Over What Can And Can't Appear On Android Devices

    Based on a batch of documents released in the Skyhook/Google lawsuit, it seems that Google’s Andy Rubin is not only the boss of Android, but the boss of just about everyone in the Android ecosystem. Freshly unsealed court docs reveal that Google is using Android’s compatibility standards to bully OEMs into choosing Google products for their smartphones. Basically, anytime a… Read More

  • Netflix For Android Released For Select Samsung, HTC Handsets

    Whoa! Talk about a welcome surprise. After many long months in the works, Netflix has just pushed the first release of their Android application to the Android Market. Alas, there’s a catch: it’s only working on a handful of Android devices right now. With this first release, the only supported devices are the HTC Incredible, HTC Nexus One, HTC Evo 4G, HTC G2, and Samsung Nexus S. Read More

  • HTC Trophy To Hit Verizon Soon, Says A Thousand Leaks

    Wuh oh — looks like someone at Verizon pushed back an ad campaign and forgot to tell… everyone else. Read More