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  • Video: The Android Garage Door Opener Is the Coolest App You Can't Have

    Oh, XDA-Developers, how I love thee. You’re a haven for hardcore handset hackers everywhere, with much of the ROM hackery that makes our Android handsets oh-so-much better going on within your virtual walls. Every once in a while, though, ROM hackers get bored of the same stuff day-in-day-out — and when they do, awesome stuff like this Android-based garage door opener is born. Read More

  • Smartphone Sales In Asia On The Rise, Android Tops Symbian

    We can’t say we’re really surprised: according to market research company Gfk, smartphones are getting increasing popular in Asia, with Android now being the region’s most popular OS for this type of handsets. Cell phones with the Google software on board have reportedly enjoyed brisk sales in that region in the second and third quarters of 2010. Read More

  • BlackBerry Roulette: Would you play it? Dang it, CollegeHumor. This idea had such potential: pick a random passerby, grab their BlackBerry, put’em in front of a roulette wheel, then offer them 100 bucks to send whatever fake message their luck lands them on. The catch: they only get the money if they wait 5 minutes to admit to the person on… Read More

  • Did all your music disappear with iOS 4.2? Here's how to get it back

    It is as they say: the best laid plans can often go awry. Even the most heavily tested builds of iOS — ones that many thousands of iOS developers Beta tested, and ones that had multiple last minute Gold Master revisions — can have surprise bugs lurking when things go live. Such is the case with iOS 4.2, which has at least one strange bug in its bed. Upon updating to the just… Read More

  • SkyFire 3.0 For Android Finds A Friend In Facebook

    Given the underwhelming past few years in Flock‘s history and the seemingly lukewarm post-launch response to RockMelt, I’m not entirely convinced that anyone actually wants a bunch of social networking stuff tied into their browser. So far, the browsers that pull the bigger numbers are the ones that suck the least, not the ones with the most feature bloat. Keep It Simple… Read More

  • T-mobile launches their "4G" HSPA+ network in 8 more markets

    T-mobile today announced that they’re bringing their 4G-if-they-damn-well-want-it-to-be waves to 8 more markets, bringing the total number of metro areas with access to HSPA+ speeds to more than 80. But what markets are they, I hear you ask? Well, hows about Detroit, Mich.; Grand Junction, Colo.; Harlingen, Texas; Lafayette and South Bend, Ind.; Montgomery, Ala.; Roanoke-Lynchburg, Va. Read More

  • Twitter awash with Nexus One owners claiming to have received Gingerbread

    Now, this is firmly in the unconfirmed basket, as the only proof I’ve seen of an update reaching a Nexus one is the first part of a two-part upgrade, but some Twitter users are getting all a flutter, claiming that Android 2.3, aka Gingerbread, has arrived on their device. Read More

  • Possible Tegra 2 powered Motorola Olympus spyshots emerge

    Our brother-from-another-mother, Engadget, is currently showing off some super-secret spy-shots of what his tipster says is an upcoming Tegra 2 powered Motorola Olympus “iPhone killer”. Clichéd sentiments aside, what it does look like is a modified Motorola Defy, but — as Engadget point out — with an elongated speaker, different volume controls, and what could very well… Read More

  • Dell Venue Pro rebelling against honest SIM cards

    Bad Venue Pro! Bad! Naughty! It looks like Dell’s rebellious son, the WinPho7 powered Venue Pro, has again decided to turn against those that only want to bring it love; this time, its issue is with the humble SIM card. Jump on past the break for the full, sordid tale. Read More