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  • HTC Now Bundling The Music Identification Service 'SoundHound' With Android Devices

    When multiple groups start offering up services that most folks would see as mostly indistinguishable, it gets harder and harder for any of’em to bring home the bacon. Take music recognition/identification services, like SoundHound and Shazam, for example. Each has their own perks, and I’m sure both parties would debate the merits of their respective Song ID’ing algorithm to… Read More

  • Facebook for Android and iPhone updated with support for Groups and Places

    Hey Android fans! Tired of your handset’s Facebook app feelin’ all old and busted compared to its iPhone counterpart? Good news! For once, you’re getting an update at the same time! (..Sort of.) Read More

  • SkyFire for iPhone now available

    After a two month journey, the SkyFire browser’s seemingly endless voyage onto the App Store has come to a successful end. After word got out yesterday that they’d got the green light from Apple, we figured it’d show up sometime in the next day or two — sure enough, it just went live. Haven’t been paying attention, and are now wondering what all the hubbubs about? Read More

  • G2 to gain WiFi calling + tethering tomorrow

    If you’re lucky enough to rock a T-mobile G2, then you’ll be super-chuffed to hear that, come tomorrow, T-mobile will roll out an over-the-air update that will enable both WiFi calling and tethering on the handset, along with some other (unknown) updates. T-mo news have found a page describing the update, which — strangely enough — says that the tethering feature… Read More

  • T-Mobile Rolls Out ā€œ4Gā€ Network To 6 Additional Cities, Sticks It To AT&T

    There was much celebration this morning when T-mobile fired up their 4G network in a further 6 US cities. Residents of Chicago, Ill.; Colorado Springs, Colo.; Ft. Wayne, Ind.; Louisville, Ky.; and Raleigh-Durham and Wilmington, N.C were heard to let out audible cries of joy when the download speeds on their HSPA+ handsets reached peak speeds of nearly 12mbps and average speeds of 5mbps. To… Read More

  • Samsung Continuum "Top things to know" page leaks, specs revealed

    While it may be considered a novelty by some, the secondary display on the Samsung Continuum has me all a flutter. Of course, it all depends on how well Sammy can pull it off, but the idea of a ticker-style display just… turns me on. So I’m, happy to report today that a “Top things to know” page has leaked from Verizon, listing — you guessed it — the top… Read More

  • Totally Not Mobile: The (Probably Fake) iOS Table

    What happens when you take a monstrous 58″ capacitive touchscreen, convert it into a table, and then pipe all the visuals and touch data back and forth between the table and a jailbroken iPhone? Magic. Absolute friggin’ magic. Sure, it’s the total opposite of mobile — but it’s also the total opposite of not awesome. It might also be the total opposite of real. Read More

  • BlackBerry OS 6.0 leaks out for the BlackBerry Bold 9700

    Alright, BlackBerry Bold 9700 owners. Take a deep breath. Sit down for a minute. You’ve got a bit of a big decision to make. You see, a super early build of BlackBerry OS 6.0 for the Bold 9700 just leaked out. Are you going to risk sacrificing your handset, damning it to a future as little more than a paperweight, or will you… Oh, you’re ready to go? Figured. Read More

  • T-Mobile allows Opera Mini onto a handful of feature phones

    According to most of the polling we’ve done, the vast majority of MobileCrunch readers are total smartphone junkies, so it’s probably not too likely any of you guys will be heading in to buy yourself a feature-phone any time soon. If you do, however, we’ve got good news: these things just got ever so slightly better. At least, some of T-Mobile’s did. Somewhat out of… Read More

  • SkyFire for iPhone gets Apple's stamp of approval

    Good news, everyone! If you’ve been keeping track of SkyFire’s voyage onto the iPhone, you’ll be happy to know: they just got the thumbs up from Apple. For those counting, it took just over two months for this Flash-friendly-ish browser to go from submitted to approved. Expect it to hit the App Store within the next two days. In the mean time, go dig through our hands-on… Read More

  • Brightcove 5 Becomes Even More Apple-Friendly

    Once a year around this time, Brightcove rolls out a bunch of new features to its online video platform and calls it a new release. With Brightcove 5, this year the service is becoming even more Apple-friendly than ever before. Not only is there more HTML5 goodness baked in, but it now supports Apple’s HTTP streaming for video apps and also offers a template for creating video apps on… Read More

  • Solid Deals On Solid Phones At Walmart: LG Optimus T For A Buck

    Some heavy-duty savings on a couple solid phones over at Walmart: the LG Optimus T, which we handled a variant of and pronounced sweet, is going for under a buck, and the rugged Motorola Defy is only $50. Of course, you’ll need a new two-year contract and data plan to get those prices, but if you’re in the market, you could do a lot worse than either of these phones. The Optimus T… Read More

  • Apple's Next Big Strategic Opportunity Could Be Mobile Payments

    Apple's Next Big Strategic Opportunity Could Be Mobile Payments

    When an analyst asked Steve Jobs during Apple’s last earnings call what he plans to do with Apple’s $50 billion in cash, he replied that he wants to keep Apple’s “powder dry” in case “one or more strategic opportunities . . . come along.” Speculation started immediately about who Apple could buy with all that cash: Facebook, Sony, Adobe? But Apple… Read More

  • Exclusive: Apple, Google Are Sniffing Around Mobile Payments Startup BOKU

    Both Apple and Google are engaged in conversations with mobile payments startup BOKU about a potential acquisition or a wide-reaching partnership at the very least, we’ve heard from people familiar with the talks, which are ongoing. BOKU President and CEO Mark Britto and co-founder Ron Hirson have held multiple meetings with executives at the helm of Apple’s iPhone business in… Read More

  • After A Four Day Freeze, Apple's US App Store Rankings Begin To Thaw

    The past few days haven’t been too great for anyone who decided to launch an iPhone app right before Halloween. Why? Because no matter how many thousands of downloads their fresh-faced app might have received, it wasn’t going anywhere near the oh-so-coveted US Top 10 list. For reasons unclear right now, the rankings system for the US App Store has been locked in stone for the past… Read More

  • Would you use the 8Pen touchscreen keyboard?

    The 8pen keyboard for Android is a bit of a trick to describe succinctly — and as they say, video is worth 24,000 words per second. Tear through that video above real quick, won’t you? The real meat starts at about 1:08. According to 3qubits (the folks behind all of this keyboard sorcery), this thing ought to be launching for Android 2.2 handsets as early as tomorrow. Now, for… Read More

  • T-Mobile's Huawei Comet lowers the Android entry fee to $10

    Just last week, T-Mobile announced the Android-powered Optimus T would be hitting their shelves on November 3rd. At just $30 bucks, it’s mighty cheap — so cheap, in fact, that we figured it was the cheapest Android handset on the market. T-Mobile just lowered the bar a bit further with another handset scheduled for a Nov. 3rd launch: the Huawei Comet. After all rebates and… Read More

  • Reports: Nearly Twice As Many Androids Shipped Last Quarter As iPhones

    In a report that is raising eyebrows this morning, UK-based market research firm Canalys estimates that total shipments of Android phones in the U.S. during the third quarter were nearly twice as large as iPhone shipments. Out of 20.9 million smartphones shipped in the U.S., about 44 percent, or 9.1 million, are running the Android OS. Apple, shipped an estimated 5.5 million phones, or… Read More

  • Sprint fires up 4G in NYC, 5 other cities

    A collective “Yay!” can today be heard from all the eager data hounds in NYC today, as Sprint/Clearwire have officially fired up 4G WiMAX coverage in New York City, Hartford, New Haven, New Brunswick, Trenton and Tampa, brining the total of 4G-enabled cities to 61. The 4G goodness will work on any 4G capable handsets from Sprint, as well as any 4G Clearwire USB modems you may… Read More

  • Rumour: Sprint taking pre-orders for CDMA WinPho HTC 7 Pro from Dec 8

    If you’ve been keen for the QWERTY goodness of the HTC 7 Pro since Greg’s quick hands-on in early October, then you should listen closely to this latest tasty rumour: according to MS Nerd, Sprint will begin taking pre-orders for the handset come December 8th. WP Central point out that this is exactly 30 days after AT&T and T-mobile start selling their stock, which alludes to… Read More