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  • Motorola Cliq 2 Shown In Leaked Shots

    One of the last items on that leaked T-Mobile roadmap from way back in July has leaked. “Begonia” has made its debut, and is as expected the Cliq 2. The original Cliq was perhaps a little before its time; the Blur interface was sluggish and many useful services and shortcuts weren’t yet employed by Android. This time around things might be different. Read More

  • Tons of HTC Thunderbolt Product Shots Leaked

    Boom! With HTC and Verizon teasin’ up a storm around their upcoming 4G Android handset, the Thunderbolt (previously known round the ol’ rumor mill as the Incredible HD, or “Mecha”), it was only a matter of time before this thing got a proper, exhaustive photo leak. And so it goes. Read More

  • iPhone Serial Cables Go Into Production. For Serial.

    Well, here’s one we can file away in the “Things I never would’ve guessed would exist” bin. A company called Redpark Product Development has just announced plans to manufacture serial cables compatible with the iPhone, “Made for iPhone” certification and all. Yep, serial cables. Remember those? Read More

  • Reminder: Sprint 4G Goes Live In The Bay Area Today

    Remember a few days ago, when Sprint announced that they’d be firing up their 4G towers around the Bay Area come December 28th? Check those calendars, folks; it’s go time. If you’re in San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco, make sure you’ve got a 4G-enabled handset (like the Evo, or the Epic 4G), check to ensure that the 4G radio is toggled on, and give it a quick reboot… Read More

  • Report: Playstation Phone Is Based On the PSPgo, Will Go On Sale This Spring

    We’ve spent quite a few posts on Sony’s Playstation Phone in the last few months, and today the Asahi Shimbun (one of Japan’s biggest newspapers) is reporting [JP] that the device will be released in spring next year. Not a big surprise, but what’s interesting is that it will hit Europe and the US first, if the report is to be believed. Read More

  • HTC's Mystery Verizon 4G Phone To Be Called "Thunderbolt"?

    While they’ve tried to be pretty hush-hush about the specifics, HTC and Verizon have made it pretty dang clear that they plan to launch a 4G phone at CES — and unless the rumor mill is way, way off, it’ll be the handset thus far known by its rumored codenames: the Incredible HD, or “Mecha”. Neither of those names really captures the 4G spirit, though. Incredible… Read More

  • Palm's webOS finally reaches 5,000 apps

    Remember back in September, when webOS “sort of” clicked past the 5,000 app mark? The “sort of” was because that number included unofficial and off market apps, like the stuff in the Beta catalogs or available via homebrew repositories. In other words, it was flubbing the numbers a bit. Just shy of three months later, webOS has now passed 5,000 apps, no flubbing… Read More

  • Apple, Please Hurry Up And Ship Those iPhones To Verizon Already

    Like many people, I’ve been holding out for the iPhone to arrive on Verizon before upgrading. It’s been a long wait, and now that my wife has an iPhone 4 she got for Christmas (on AT&T), my iPhone 3GS is really starting to look dated. Fortunately, it looks like Apple’s component suppliers in Taiwan are gearing up to ship 5 million to 6 million CDMA iPhones to Verizon in… Read More

  • Xi: NTT Docomo Rolls Out Japan's First LTE service

    In August, we reported that NTT Docomo, Japan’s biggest mobile carrier, is ready to invest a whopping $3.4 billion through 2012 in an LTE service the company has named “Xi” (which is read Crossy). And over the weekend (and as announced previously), the company finally rolled out said service [press release in English]. Read More

  • Japanese iPhone Gets E-Wallet Functionality (Kind Of)

    As we reported multiple times over the past months, the iPhone is a hit in Japan. When compared to other Japanese phones, however, it lacks a few key features such as digital TV tuners or an e-wallet function. Provider SoftBank introduced a hardware solution for the former problem in 2008, and now there’s one for the latter, too. Read More

  • The Top 40 iPhone Apps of 2010

    The Top 40 iPhone Apps of 2010

    The iTunes App Store is huge. 300,000 apps huge. I’ve watched this monster start from nothing and turn into a billion-dollar industry in only a few short years. We’ve been approaching this point for some time now, but it’s more apparent than ever that app exposure is of critical importance. A healthy majority of iOS app users discover new applications directly from their… Read More

  • With a New Version, FLUD Hopes to Take on Pulse And Flipboard as Your iPad News Reader

    News aggregators and RSS feeds have been around for awhile now, but only with the rapid proliferation of touch technology on mobile devices and tablets, have we started moving closer to a truly appealing news feed experience. For the average web user, the traditional staid design and text-and-headline-heavy interface of the RSS feed and feed aggregators have offered user experiences to be… Read More

  • Smule's Experimental New Money Model: Street Performance

    After you’ve made a series of iOS App Store hits like I Am T-Pain, Glee Karaoke, Leaf Trombone, and Magic Fiddle, what do you do next to further bolster that yearly revenue? You could make another iPhone app, sure — or you could follow in the footsteps of countless mimes, jugglers, dudes-painted-to-look-like-robots and breakdancers before you, and turn to the streets. So… Read More

  • Sony Drops Even More Hints About Possible PSP Phone (But Doesn't Want To Confuse Consumers)

    More hints—if you can even call them that—about a possible “PSP phone,” however that manifests itself. Kazuo Hirai, the top gentleman over at Sony Computer Entertainment, has said that if Sony were to create such a device it’d be very important not to confuse people about its capabilities, or even its purpose. “We don’t want gamers to be asking… Read More

  • Rumour: Samsung Epic 4G Froyo update coming day after Christmas

    Even if all you Samsung Epic 4G owners out there were particularly naughty this year, Sprint will give you some festive love the day after Christmas: a much anticipated Froyo update for your favourite toy. Of course, Froyo is by now getting a little stale, with the much fresher (and festively themed) Gingerbread on the scene, but that doesn’t mean you guys won’t enjoy the extra… Read More

  • AT&T Carrier billing now supported on the Android Market

    While T-mobile have supported carrier billing on the Android Market since those far-off days of ’09, they have — up until this point — been the only US carrier to do so. BUT NO LONGER! As announced on the Android Developer’s Blog today, Google have been busy rolling out the feature (alongside that recent Market update) to a number of AT&T customers over the last… Read More

  • "I Am Rich" App Shows Up For Windows Phone 7 At The Bargain Bin Price Of Just $499

    Remember that ridiculous $1000 dollar iPhone application, I Am Rich? The one that did nothing but show a tacky static image of a red gem and some silly (and misspelled!) affirmation? It didn’t last very long on iOS (Apple removed it hours after it went up), but it looks like someone else is trying to see how the idea fairs on another platform: Windows Phone 7. Read More

  • Nike Training Club App Now Available

    Big fan of the Nike Training Club? Well you’re in luck then, because Nike just announced that they’ve released an iPhone app, just in time for Christmas. Read More

  • SkyFire for iPad Launching Tonight For $4.99 [Update: It's Live!]

    It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the folks over at SkyFire. They launched their Flash Video-friendly browser for the iPhone back in early November, only to pull it down almost immediately to ease the onslaught of users hammering their video transcoding server. Even with that temporary App Store absence, however, SkyFire for iPhone managed to pull in just shy of a million bucks in… Read More

  • Firefox Mobile's Offline Hack: It Saves Web Pages As PDFs

    Mozilla just released the latest version of Firefox 4 Beta for both the Web and mobile phones (Android and Maemo). The desktop version now supports the WebGL 3D graphics standard without the need for a plugin and syncing different browsers across devices is now an easier process. But the feature that caught my eye is in the new mobile version of the beta. You can save any web page as a… Read More