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  • CrunchDeal: Fruit Ninja for Android free on the Amazon Appstore, today only

    Amazon wants you to use their brand new Android Appstore. So much so, in fact, that they’re coughin’ up the cash to offer up one free app per day that would otherwise set you back a buck or two. While we’re not going to cover each and every daily deal (you can find’em right over here), today’s free app is one of our favorites: Fruit Ninja. For those who… Read More

  • Google Joins NFC Forum, To Get "NFC Forever!!!" Tattoo Next Week

    NFC (the short-range communications tech that’ll allow us to pay for things with a Jedi-esque wave of our phones) is coming. Hell — it’s already here. It’s just got a mountain of technical and logistical hurdles to overcome before any of us will actually be using it in our day-to-day lives. Fortunately, there’s a massive group, the NFC Forum, focused on little… Read More

  • Twitter Kills The #Dickbar

    Yes, it’s happened. Days after Jack Dorsey comes in to head product, the dreaded #Dickbar, or the Quickbar that inserted ads into your tweet-stream on the iPad and iPhone, is dead. While Twitter had taken the step to pin it to the top of the app weeks ago, today it’s decided to do away with it altogether. Read More

  • Contest: Want To Win A Mophie Juice Pack Air iPhone Case? Here's how.

    As promised yesterday, we’ve got a bit of a giveaway goin’ on over at our brand new Facebook page. Two lucky MobileCrunch fans are gonna be walkin’ away with a brand new Mophie Juice Pack Air iPhone case. Part protective case, part external battery, this thing should keep your iPhone safe and juiced up. So, how do you enter to win? It’s crazy easy: Head over to our… Read More

  • Video: Kyocera Echo Unboxed Over 2 Weeks Early

    Look, Wirefly: I’m going to be candid here. If your goal is to make friends with the blogging world so that everyone will share these videos you’ve taken to making lately, unboxing every handset that comes through your stock room weeks before release isn’t the way to do it. When you start doing these videos, you’ve entered into a different realm — one where we… Read More

  • webOS 3.0 SDK Beta Now Available To Select Developers

    Palm’s HP’s shiny new tablet, the TouchPad, still doesn’t have an official launch date — but whenever it does come, it’s going to be the first device runnin’ webOS 3.0. Lookin’ to give third-party app developers a chance to get their goods prepped in time (and, unofficially, to give the webOS crowd a chance to play with webOS 3.0 in an emulator), HP… Read More

  • Kin Studio To Be Reborn As Windows Phone Mobile Studio?

    Back when the Kin kicked the bucket almost immediately after it launched, we were pretty bummed. Not because either of the Kin-branded phones were particularly good, mind you — but because there was just one feature that we really, really wanted to see succeed: Kin Studio. For those who didn’t pay attention to the Kin (don’t worry, you’re not alone. Obviously.) Kin… Read More

  • Help Me Interview Jack Dorsey Tonight

    Jack Dorsey is in demand these days. The inventor of Twitter is now back as head of product, while still acting as CEO of his other startup, Square. Tonight, Dorsey and I will guest lecture together at Rachel Sterne’s Columbia Business School course on Social Media And Entrepreneurship. Sterne is also New York City’s chief digital officer, so it should be a social media… Read More

  • The Droid X Gingerbread Update Brings A Little But Welcome Fix To The Dock Clock Mode

    Huzzah! I loaded the leaked Gingerbread release on my Droid X last night and have fantastic news to report. The stupid colon doesn’t blink when the phone is docked now. Gingerbread as a whole is a tasty update, but this single change makes me a happy little boy. Before the colon would blink as quick as a strobe light. It was major distraction as the dock rests right between my two… Read More

  • Japan's SoftBank To Offer Free Phones, Waive All Communication Fees For Quake Orphans

    Japan’s telecommunications juggernaut SoftBank, the third largest mobile carrier of the country, had to register quite a lot of damage after the big earthquake that hit Japan on March 11. 3,800 of SoftBank’s base stations were knocked out, meaning no customer in the affected areas could make or receive calls via cell phones (the situation was similar with other carriers). But it… Read More

  • Fly or Die Review of Amazon Cloud and Color App

    Fly Or Die: How Will Color Solve The Loneliness Problem? (Plus, Amazon Cloud)

    In this week’s episode of Fly or Die, we cover two big launches—Amazon Cloud Drive and Color—and a Quirky DIY pocketKnife called the Switch. Just yesterday, Amazon launched its Cloud Drive, which is a general storage service in the cloud which is being pushed as a media locker, starting with music Color is the $41 million photo app nobody can figure out. Is it the future or… Read More