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  • Price Check by Amazon: Free iPhone App Compares Price Of In-Store Items With Amazon's Prices

    Amazon has released Price Check, an iPhone App that could make shopping this holiday season a little easier. The concept is pretty simple: you go to the mall and see an item that catches your fancy. What you do now is hold the item’s barcode up to the iPhone, scan it, then Price Check will automatically check to see if the item is cheaper online than it is right there in… Read More

  • Metro PCS launches their first Android phone: the LG Optimus M

    Joining the Optimus party that T-mobile and Sprint have been getting down at since October, and that US Cellular is still on his way to (Verizon is reportedly partying, but at an entirely different address to the others), Metro PCS have now launched their own version of LG’s cheapest Android handset, dubbing it the Optimus M. This is a momentous day for Metro PCS, too, as it is their… Read More

  • Deal of the day: Get a Samsung Focus from Walmart, also get $25

    Today must be opposite day, as Walmart will give you money when you purchase a Windows-Phone-7-powered Samsung Focus. By using some crazy overlapping mail-in-rebate magic, you can score yourself $25 when you purchase the phone using the promo code 25rafpcver1 at the checkout. Follow the jump for the details on how to pull off this hoodoo. Read More

  • Windows Phone 7 "Genuine Software" checker found, Custom ROM-makers cry a little

    If you were hoping to run a custom ROM on your shiny new WinPho7 device, then you should probably take a seat; I have some bad news for you. Ex-WinMo hacker guru, Conflipper, told WP Central today that Windows Phone 7 ships with a “Genuine Software” checker, much like Windows 7 or Office. Read More

  • Sony's Playstation Phone tipped for possible MWC 2011 reveal, won't be Playstation branded

    The idea of an Android-based Playstation phone doesn’t make a great deal of sense to me, and Sony Ericsson seem to agree with me — at least on the branding. Today, CEO Bert Nordberg told the Wall Street Journal that the device will carry Xperia branding, rather than Playstation. More interestingly, though, he alluded to a reveal at MWC 2011… Read More

  • Video: New Verizon ad confirms December launch for LTE network

    You loves the 4Gs, but don’t want to leave Verizon, right? You’ve been eagerly awaiting any extra info since they launched their teaser site in September, yeah? Well, I’ve got a clip that’s sure to get your skin all goosebumply. The most interesting part of the clip is the confirmation that the network will launch in December 2010 (that’s next month, for those… Read More

  • Facebook apps downloaded over 100 million times from GetJar's app store

    Seven months after reaching the 50 million download mark, Facebook’s mobile applications have been downloaded by more than 100 million people on GetJar, the vendor and carrier neutral, platform-agnostic app store. This makes Facebook the most downloaded mobile application ever through a single app store. Read More

  • I Have Seen The Future, And It Looks A Lot Like Bump (Without The Bump)

    There is something about exchanging information by bumping fists that is deeply satisfying. What I like most about the iPhone app Bump is that it’s different. Its features are nifty enough; transfer money, information, and as of last week, music to someone else by tapping your phone against theirs. More importantly, though, it’s a harbinger of the next wave of the mobile… Read More

  • Hey, LA Folks: Sprint Wants To Show You How Big Their "Pipe" Is

    Remember that video Sprint released a while back showing off all the stuff they were doing in New York City to prep for their 4G launch there? With their Los Angeles/SoCal 4G launch just around the corner, they’ve gone ahead and given the City of Angels the same video treatment. Watch it after the jump, if only for not-at-all-suggestive gems like: “How well it works depends on… Read More

  • Doom Comes To Android… As A Live Wallpaper

    Doom has been (unofficially) available for Android for at least a year now — but why stop there? In the just-because-we-can spirit of hacking Doom onto anything within reach, someone just tweaked and smashed it… into a live wallpaper. Read More

  • HTC Merge peeped at every imaginable angle on Verizon's site, quickly pulled

    So, the previous spec leak, render leak, and spy shot aren’t enough to sate your HTC Merge desires? I feel you. Android, QWERTY, HTC, and Verizon is nigh always a winning formula, in my book. Give the above video a glance. A 360-degree view of the Merge trickled onto Verizon’s own site this morning. It was pulled a few minutes later — but not before the action heroes at… Read More

  • T-Mobile Galaxy Tab hacked to make phone calls

    For some crazy reason, Samsung removed the ability to make phone calls from all U.S. Galaxy Tab units. Sure, Europeans get to hold a big ol’ 7″ dinner plate to their face and talk to their friends all they want. U.S folks? No way, Yankee Doodle. This is 2010, though, an age where no misdeed goes unhacked. And sure enough: the fine gents over at XDA have undone Samsung’s… Read More

  • Real White iPhone 4s Float Into The Chinese Grey Market

    As far as anyone can tell, what you see here is a real white iPhone 4 for Apple internal use only being sold in China for about $899. According to GizChina you can buy these in the Shenzhen markets and they apparently fell off a truck on the way out of Foxconn. Read More

  • Android Ties iOS In Ad Impressions

    Let’s add this to the pile of “Android taking over the world” data. A five-month study on ad impressions by Millennial Media has shown Android rapidly overtaking iOS in the US, to the point where just last month they were tied for smartphone ad market share. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if this indicates a larger majority by Android, since (though all I have is… Read More

  • Testing Two iPhone Scanning Apps

    In the course of researching a book, I’ve been using my iPhone as sort of a “record keeping” device for a while now, uploading items to Evernote and, more frequently, storing images of text for later perusal. What I would love, though, is a real OCR app. I’ve tried a few of the simpler OCR apps available on the iTunes store but I was recently introduced to SayWhat… Read More

  • Wikinvest Brings $16 Billion In Portfolio-Tracking To Android And Blackberry

    Wikinvest Brings $16 Billion In Portfolio-Tracking To Android And Blackberry

    Charles Schwab doesn’t have an Android app, a Blackberry app, or even an iPhone app. Many brokerages are in the same boat, or if they do have a mobile app it is only on the iPhone. Starting later today, brokerage customers of Schwab, Fidelity, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and more than 60 other brokerages will be able to track their portfolios on new mobile Android and Blackberry apps… Read More

  • NEC Casio Mobile To Jump On The Android Bandwagon, Too

    Call it typical herd behavior: yesterday, we reported that both Sharp and Panasonic are preparing Android-based smartphones (to be sold in Japan and worldwide), and today we see another major Japanese cell phone maker jumping on the Android bandwagon. Read More

  • Qualcomm reveals next-gen chips, teases us with 5x increase in performance

    I find myself perpetually wishing that the future was here today, don’t you? I mean, 2 years ago, the idea of 1GHz chips in phones was mind-blowing, but — despite this — I can’t help but feel lustful for the next generation. So, it is with this lusty game of techno-cat and robo-mouse in mind that I present to you information regarding the next generation of… Read More

  • Palm Pre 2 now available in the US for $450 unlocked

    Great news for WebOS fans this morning, as the Palm Pre 2 is now finally available in the US. It’s not with any carriers right now (it’s expected to eventually head to Verizon), but that just means the eager can purchase it unlocked. How much will it cost you? The merest of $450, good sir! Where can you get it from? Right here! For those not in the know, it rocks a 1GHz… Read More

  • Nokia: 3 million apps downloaded from Ovi Store every day, 165 million Ovi users

    Big numbers coming out of Nokia land this morning. The company says its application store Ovi Store continues to gain traction, this week reaching the 3 million downloads per day milestone, up from 1 million downloads per day in the beginning of this year and 2.3 million downloads per day last month. In addition, Nokia revealed that the total number of users of Ovi now exceeds 165 million… Read More