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  • Assurance Wireless Expands To 23rd State: Arkansas

    This is a great service, and one I’m surprised isn’t offered in the other 27 states. Virgin Mobile operates it as a sort of combination good deed/foot-in-the-door service; you get 250 free minutes and a phone if you qualify for stuff like food stamps, and if you need more, you can pay a small fee to add stuff on. They just announced they’re operational in Arkansas, so if… Read More

  • Sadly, The iPhone 5 Pictures Floating Around Are Fake

    Throughout the course of this morning, we’ve seen these images — purportedly showing off the iPhone 5 (tiny bezel and redesigned antenna and all) — hit a number of blogs. It showed up in our tips box a few times, as well. Something about the shots just didn’t ring right, so I got to sleuthin’. First step: find the original source. After a few minutes of… Read More

  • The BlackBerry Bold Touch Gets Handled In Its First Hands-On

    RIM’s doing their damnedest to keep their BlackBerry World announcements a secret, but it just doesn’t seem to be working. Just last week, a photo gallery of their next full touchscreen device (don’t call it a Storm) leaked out. This week, it’s something even more exciting: the BlackBerry Bold Touch got pawed at. Read More

  • In Japan: Smartphones Outsell Feature Phones For The First Time

    Revolution in mobile-crazy Japan: Market research firm GFK Japan is reporting [JP, PDF] that more smartphones than feature phones have been sold in the country between March 28 and April 3. To be more concrete, 50.1% of all devices sold in Japan in that week were iOS, Android, Windows or BlackBerry phones (see chart). Read More

  • Microsoft On The Windows Phone 7 Early Update Hacks: "Wait."

    Remember that clever hack we mentioned earlier this week? The one that allows just about any Windows Phone 7 handset to get the copy-and-paste update right this second, rather than waiting for Microsoft and the carriers to send it your way? Microsoft has weighed in on the matter (and they’re not too happy): Read More

  • Alltel Launches 4 Android Phones, Including The Mythical HTC Merge

    There aren’t too many people still on Alltel these days, given that the terms of the company’s acquisition by Verizon left them operating in only 6 states. That doesn’t mean those left lingering in Alltel’s territories should be stranded without some awesome phones though, right? Right — and for them, Alltel has just launched a quartet of Android phones (including… Read More

  • T-Mobile To Launch The G2X (Optimus 2X) On April 20th

    We just found out the Android-tastic Sidekick 4G would be launching on April 20th, and it looks like he’s bringing friends: also launching on the 20th will be the T-Mobile-branded version of LG’s Optimus 2X, dubbed the “G2X” here. While this won’t be the first dual-core Android phone in the US (that title went to the Atrix), it’s the first one to hit… Read More

  • T-Mobile Confirms: Sidekick 4G To Launch April 20th

    Waiting patiently for the Sidekick’s Android-flavored rebirth? Looks like you won’t have much longer to wait. T-Mo just dropped a knowledge bomb on the Twitters, confirming the whispers that have been going around for a few days: the Sidekick 4G will be hitting the shelves on April 20th — and if what they told us before is holding true, it’ll launch for $100 on a 2… Read More

  • Qwiki's iPad Moment Is Coming (TCTV)

    Qwiki's iPad Moment Is Coming (TCTV)

    Ever since Qwiki won the last TechCrunch Disrupt in September, it’s been working on an iPad app. In fact, one of its overexcited developers showed me a peek back then. Well, it’s come along way since then, and Qwiki is currently working on the finishing touches before submitting a real app to the iTunes store sometime in the next few weeks. Qwiki founder and CEO Doug Imbruce… Read More