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  • Apple Patent Application Describes Location-Based Social Network

    After Ping’s not-exactly-earth-shattering launch, Apple has remained relatively quiet on the social networking front. However, a freshly discovered patent application suggests the company isn’t quite ready to toss in its friend-making towel quite yet. Filed towards the end of 2009, the patent application describes a location-based social network that lets users find people nearby… Read More

  • Dual-Screen Android LG Slider Spotted In The Wild, Possibly T-Mo-Bound

    When the dual-screen Kyocera Echo first appeared, my initial reaction was, “Nice gimmicky idea, but let’s hope this double-screen thing doesn’t get trendy.” Honestly, I see no need for two screens on a phone, especially when one screen tends to do a great job draining battery life all on its own. But apparently LG and T-Mobile don’t feel the same way, as a… Read More

  • Evernote for Windows Phone 7 Released Today

    Evernote, the record-everything app for smartphones and desktops, is launching on Windows Phone 7 today. Built specifically for Windows Phone 7, this is Evernote’s 14th supported platform and looks as solid as every other Evernote release. The home panorama leverages Windows Phone 7 panels for notes, notebooks, tags, and recent notes. At the bottom of each screen is a context-aware… Read More

  • 25-Year-Old Indian Man Electrocuted To Death By Shanzai Phone

    With the exception of the Foxconn fire, we rarely, if ever, report on any real tragedy in this industry. The closest we come to reporting a tragedy probably involves RIM, or Nokia, or some form of a product delay, but very rarely do we write up anything truly horrific. Today, however, a young man from the Panchmahal district of Gujarat, India was electrocuted to death by his shanzai phone. Read More

  • Rumor: iPhone 5 To Sport Edge-To-Edge Display?

    There’s been a lot of speculation as of late over the next model iPhone. Will Jobs pull a 3GS on us and leave the form factor alone or will Apple go big and create some new hardware to go with that awesome new OS? Well, we may be inching closer to some answers today, as an app developer with connections to Nuance, the speech recognition firm, posted a few screen grabs of what appears to be… Read More

  • Yahoo Tries Its Hand At Mobile App Search

    If apps replace the mobile web, and along with it, traditional search, then the search engines need to figure out how to adapt. Yahoo is taking a tiny step towards embracing mobile apps with a few new products for searching apps. It is launching both iPhone and Android apps for app discovery, as well as desktop app search experience. The iPhone app is called Yahoo! AppSpot, and I’ve… Read More

  • Nokia Closes Online Doors, Swears Shutdown Is Unrelated To Poor Sales

    Poor Nokia. It seems like just yesterday that everyone around me was sporting some form of a Nokia handset. Now, I literally don’t know one person who owns a Nokia phone, at least not as a primary handset. The company that once ruled the world, or at least the mobile world, has now fallen to third place behind Samsung and Apple, and it looks as though things are only getting… Read More

  • Lawmakers Get Involved In "Locationgate," Propose Data Privacy Law

    The “Locationgate” scandal that saw so much coverage back in April hasn’t been in the news much lately, but that hasn’t stopped lawmakers from trying to prevent similar situations. Two senators, Al Franken of Minnesota and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, have proposed a mobile privacy bill today hoping to strengthen the level of consent needed for app developers… Read More

  • Verizon Extends Mobile Hotspot Promo For 4G LTE Smartphones To July 6

    Remember that free mobile hotspot promotion Verizon Wireless had going for the HTC Thunderbolt, Samsung Droid Charge and the LG Revolution? Looks like the big red carrier has decided to make the fun last a little longer. Read More

  • T-Mobile Confirms June 22nd Launch For Exhibit 4G and Gravity SMART

    Shortly after it became clear that the Android-powered T-Mobile Exhibit 4G was going to sneak right by its rumored June 8th release date, another date started being thrown around the rumor mill: June 22nd. Sure enough, T-mo has just taken to Twitter to drop the confirmation: come June 22nd, they’ll be puttin both the somewhat-high-end (we’d say “lower high end”, but… Read More

  • Rumor: Google's Next Nexus To Be The "Nexus 4G?"

    When then-Google boss Eric Schmidt said that the Nexus One was the end of Google’s phone plans, fans of the “pure Google” experience everywhere bowed their heads, slumped their shoulders, and let out a collective sigh of sadness. Of course, Google then went on to launch the Nexus S — and things only got better with the launch of the Sprint Nexus S 4G a few weeks ago. Read More