Welcome to the TC Activations Blog

This past year TechCrunch innovated like never before across every part of the business, from sponsored content to off-platform monetization and on-site event activations. The results have been fascinating and rewarding, both for TechCrunch and our partners, but we weren’t the best at getting the word out about all of these new products. Today, we’re launching the TC Activations Blog to help us to do just that.

This is not a TechCrunch editorial project, and TechCrunch’s writers and editors are not involved in any way. The authors of these posts are members of TechCrunch’s sales, event and operations teams. Our goal is to keep our partners and and all interested parties better informed about TechCrunch’s business efforts in the media and events space. When we announce new products, you will hear about them here first. When we complete a big project, like a Disrupt, this is where we will post a rundown of the event.

We hope you find these posts helpful and this blog informative. Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions of information we should feature just send me an email.