The Insider’s Guide to Partnering with TechCrunch at Disrupt SF

When it comes to highly engaging opportunities for partners, TechCrunch’s Disrupt SF  has remarkable qualities that no other tech show shares. If you are considering the show, it’s important to understand how past partners made the most of Disrupt. I’ve attended every Disrupt since 2012 and received feedback from hundreds of partners and sponsors. Here are their key insights about how to score big at Disrupt SF.

Get to know the unique Disrupt SF audience. We expect 10,000+ attendees over the three days of Disrupt SF, but these are not your garden variety tech show enthusiasts. The core of this audience are founders and technologists, often one and the same, as well as investors from the most prominent corporate and venture investment firms, and top technologists from the cutting edge divisions of theFortune Global 500. They come to hear the best content (more below) produced anywhere in the startup world and to network and get inspiration from the 1,000+ exhibiting startups and sponsor activations on the show floor.

Partners that offer new, relevant services and technologies get very busy interacting with that solid gold audience, whether that’s through show floor activations, demos in workshops, or product unveilings on stage with Innovation Breaks. That’s why so many partners return year after year. The key to success? Bring your best activation and your smartest, most engaging representatives.

Take advantage of exceptional, editorially driven programming. Content sets context and TechCrunch’s editors have no peers when it comes to choosing speakers who will define what’s next in technology and startups. If you need to engage with people within the context of innovation, technology and startups, Disrupt SF is the place. TechCrunch’s editors program and conduct the interviews on the Main Stage and the Extra Crunch Stage – that’s roughly 36 hours of programming over three days. The interviews are direct, informative and challenging for the interviewees. Despite that, the editors get the biggest names in tech to participate. Why? TechCrunch’s editors are held in very high regard for their expertise and integrity. That strength is central to TechCrunch Disrupt SF’s ongoing success, and sponsors benefit in the slipstream with workshops and Innovation Breaks, two key partner features of the show.

A media extravaganza. The essential operating principal at Disrupt is “founders first,” which is why TechCrunch opens up vast coverage possibilities at the show to all media publications. We want founders in general, and speakers and partners in particular, to get as much media attention as possible. At Disrupt SF last year, the 230+ reporters in attendance produced upwards of 366 stories and videos from the show. Many of those pieces featured exhibiting startups and partners. We have a team that recruits press to attend the show and ensures they have work areas and pop-up studio space, as needed. Plus, we share the press list with our partners for their own communications teams to pitch stories and schedule interviews. All that makes Disrupt a great opportunity to break news and release products. Take advantage of the press at the show, and invite your own too.

Worldwide content distribution. The content on Disrupt’s three stages is captured on video —  the Main Stage is live-streamed across multiple channels and available on demand  and content on the Extra Crunch and Showcase stages is published for VOD. All together, there are close to ten million views of video from the show. Partners can be a part of that vast media reach by investing in Innovation Breaks on the Extra Crunch and Showcase stages, as well as filmed workshops. Consider turning your activation at Disrupt into sponsored content for TechCrunch and our platforms to amplify your brand reach at the event and beyond.

A whole new world at the Moscone Center.  Disrupt’s move to the Moscone Center last year generated a major leap forward in attendee satisfaction and engagement. There is plenty of space for amazing activations with all of the production bells and whistles any event maker can imagine in a newly refurbished, modern space. Also, the space supports multiple content tracks, which are both editorial and partner supported. The Moscone neighborhood is one of the hottest locations in San Francisco. Situated close to Market St, Salesforce Tower, a whole bunch of VCs, several Unicorns, and plenty of other startups  attendees can top in for a Disrupt session and then head over to a VC’s office to pitch a startup. Nearby are some of the best restaurants in the city, and the hotels aren’t bad either.

With world-class attendees, incomparable programming, ample floor space, great amenities and exceptional media reach and distribution, the new generation of Disrupt SF is perfect for high impact activations. If you are interested in learning more, check out our prospectus deck that has more details on how you can activate at Disrupt. You can also chat with a member of our sales team to ideate on how you can make a big impact and bring your brand to life by filling out this form.