Virtual event AMAs: event tech and best practices (updated)

TechCrunch is taking events fully virtual in 2020. This is, of course, in response to COVID-19. We’re working hard to make sure that, despite limitations, this year’s events will be some of the best we’ve ever produced.

You probably have questions about how it will all work. That’s why Director of Operations, Joey Hinson, hosted an Ask-Me-Anything series. He spoke with the founders of all the platforms TechCrunch is using to make Disrupt, Sessions, and Early Stage a success.

They covered everything from attendee experience, sponsorship opportunities, the technology stack powering it all, and more. You can check out the recorded interviews below. If you have questions about sponsorships, just reach out to


Special Guest: Peter Komorník, Co-Founder & CEO of Slido, which powers our Q&A platform

Special Guests: Jordan Crook, Managing Editor at TechCrunch, and Alexandra Ames, Director of Event Marketing at TechCrunch

Special Guest: Johnny Boufarhat, Founder of Hopin, the platform powering our virtual venues

Special Guest: Tim Groot, Co-Founder & CEO of Grip, the networking platform behind our events

Special Guest: Alon Alroy, CMO of Bizzabo, the registration platform behind our events