Starsky, Scoot, Mobileye and more at TC Sessions: Mobility

The list of speakers booked for TC Sessions: Mobility on July 10 is getting longer by the day. That’s good news for the companies planning to sponsor Innovation Breaks and Breakout Sessions at the TechCrunch event, as well as, of course, for the 1,000-plus mobility researchers, founders, and VCs expected to pack the historic California Theater in San Jose.

Our speakers promise to command the attention of audience members and sponsors alike. For example, we have just announced Amnon Shashua of Mobileye, Stefan Seltz-Axmacher of Starsky Robotics, and Katie DeWitt of Scoot will be coming to be interviewed at TC Sessions: Mobility.

Amnon Shashua, co-founder of Mobileye

As a co-founder of Mobileye in 1999, Shashua is a bona-fide mobility leader. He’s authored more than 120 papers related to mobility technologies and holds almost 50 patents. Today, more than 30 million cars are safer thanks to the Mobileye technologies that have been developed in no small part from his work. In addition, Mobileye, which has been a division of Intel since 2015, is just two years away from launching its own fully autonomous vehicle platform. No doubt we’ll have a few questions for Shashua about the status of that much anticipated launch.

Stefan Seltz-Axmacher, CEO and founder of Starsky Robotics

Safety is also a goal of Stefan Seltz-Axmacher, CEO and founder of Starsky Robotics. Since 2016, his vision of driverless trucks hauling freight on the nation’s freeways has been moving briskly—but carefully—down the road. Autonomous long-haul trucking is seen by many observers as proof-of-concept for autonomous vehicles more generally. How close are we to that? The wheels-on-pavement experience of Starsky Robotics may offer a few clues.

Katie DeWitt, SVP of Product at Scoot

As for Katie DeWitt, her prior experience at Tesla has given her a strong foundation for the expanding world of clean electric vehicles. At Scoot, that means kick and electric scooters that put the fun in last-mile technologies. That said, not everyone is pleased by the current proliferation of scooters in bike lanes and on sidewalks. That’s why we are likely to press DeWitt on what Scoot is doing to promote responsible and safe scooting on the part of its customers.

Kirsten Korosec, Senior Transportation Reporter at TechCrunch and co-host of Autonocast podcast

All of our speakers will be interviewed on stage by knowledgeable TechCrunch staff like senior reporter, Kirsten Korosec. She’s our resident expert on the future of transportation, whether it’s the latest effort on the part of traditional automakers such as Ford and Toyota to keep up with mobility technologies, or the latest funding round secured by an up-and-coming lidar startup. In addition, as a host of the self-described “zero BS” transportation podcast, Autonocast, Korosec has an excellent track record of holding the feet of the mobility elite to the fire.

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