Making partnerships happen through networking receptions at Disrupt

Shenzhen Valley Ventures (SVV), an early-stage hardware focused fund based in Shenzhen, China, works with startups to take their current prototypes and help them deliver and manufacture their final viable product. At Disrupt SF, they hosted a reception to leverage the number of hardware startups Disrupt gathers together at once and present their offerings in the VC, product development, and manufacturing marketplace.

“Disrupt is a large event with a lot going. It is easy to have attention diverted or miss opportunities to grab enough time to make deeper connections. We wanted to have an open forum with networking, where community can be built over shared stories, drinks and food in a relaxed environment. — Luke Fromowitz, Principal, Shenzhen Valley Ventures

At this reception, Silicon Valley Ventures serendipitously met David Conway of SmartBins, a digital bulk aisle add-on that streamlines the customer shopping experience. Instead of writing a bin number on a small twist-tie, SmartBins has created a new process—when a customer uses the scooper in the bulk aisle, a sensor detects the activity and will generate a receipt at a nearby kiosk, saving time and potential spillage.

Conway explained the company’s mission and goals to Shenzhen Valley Ventures, and soon after reception at Disrupt, they formed a partnership. SVV helped SmartBins with buy-in for potential supermarket retails by manufacturing over 700 sensors. Additionally, they’ve also collaborated with SmartBins to build a roadmap to manufacture their product, and they’re looking forward to working with them moving forward.

“TechCrunch Disrupt was invaluable forSmartBins. Having a booth at Startup Alley gave us exposure to angels, VCs, strategic partners, potential employees, manufacturers and media. Disrupt brings together a variety of contacts from diverse fields and backgrounds that you just can’t find anywhere else.” — David Conway, Co-Founder

This partnership blossomed all because SmartBins decided to attend SVV’s hardware reception at Disrupt. So, if you’re looking to connect with startups, hosting an event is a high impact and effective way to meet your next potential partner. If you’re interested, fill out this form and the TechCrunch team will get you set up to explore the best way to work together.