Machine Learning Takes the Stage at TC Sessions: Robotics+AI

To acknowledge the growing importance of Artificial Intelligence to Robotics, TC Sessions: Robotics has been renamed TC Sessions: Robotics + AI. Featuring expanded programming devoted to Artificial Intelligence on the main stage of Zellerbach Hall, as well as in smaller Breakout Sessions, the TechCrunch/UC Berkeley partnered event held on April 18, 2019, will demonstrate the myriad ways in which robotics puts the “machine” in “machine learning.”

The roots of machine learning go back at least to 1962, when Doug Engelbart of the Stanford Research Institute argued that computers could play a role in augmenting the human intellect. Outlandish at the time, that prediction quickly came true. In many respects, using computers to augment the “intellect” of robots is a more straightforward proposition, although, as numerous speakers at TC Sessions: Robotics in 2018 explained, it’s not necessarily a simple one. 

Consider the experience of Claire Delaunay, VP of Engineering at Nvidia, which relies on machine learning to accelerate the development of everything from navigation to manipulation robots. In 2018, Delaunay described how she and her colleagues use simulators to reduce development cycles by giving her robots the opportunity to practice solutions to the endless edge cases that arise in real time and space.

One the many opportunities Pieter Abbeel of identified in 2018 was to figure out how to apply machine learning to robots designed for relatively easy two-second tasks. What if, he wondered, the oxygen-breathing managers of these machines could harness the power of AI to teach their robots unlimited numbers of new two-second tasks? The answer is a greater return on investment for the robot’s owner, as well as occupational relevancy for its human manager.

Together, then, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence offer an abundance of opportunities for startup entrepreneurs, students interested in pursuing a career in these closely related fields, and the VCs providing the funding. You can make sure your Artificial Intelligence startup is an essential part of this vital conversation by taking advantage of one of the many sponsorship opportunities at TC Sessions: Robotics + AI. From branding a social event to owning one of the 20-minute Innovation Breaks on the main stage or 45-minute Breakout Session during the course of the seven-hour programming day, your AI company can have an outsize impact at this highly anticipated event.

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