How to Set Your Company Apart at TC Sessions: Mobility

When more than 1,000 mobility technologists, startup founders, and VCs fill the California Theatre in San Jose on July 10 for TC Sessions: Mobility, a select group of up-and-coming mobility companies will take the opportunity to make a huge impression on this influential audience. That’s because the savvy founders running those firms sponsored an Innovation Break on the event’s main stage, a Breakout Session in a smaller setting within the historic theatre, or a pre-event VIP Dinner, in a nearby restaurant.

Mobility companies already know the benefits of sponsoring Innovation Breaks at TechCrunch events, as you can see in this overview highlighting Chinese car-maker Byton’s strategy at Disrupt SF 2018.

At TC Sessions: Mobility, only two companies will have the opportunity to sponsor Innovation Breaks, which take place on the main stage before the full audience and are entirely programmed by the partner.  And each Innovation Break will last for roughly the same amount of time as each of the official panel discussions, keynotes, and demos. Beyond their prominence on the main stage, Innovation Breaks at TC Sessions: Mobility will be heavily promoted: They’ll be listed in the official agenda, both at the event and online, while prior to the event, information on Innovation Break sponsors will be included in emails to attendees. Sponsors will also receive branding on the main stage, in a smaller presentation hall, other mobility companies looking to offer a more hands-on experience for attendees will host Breakout Sessions, which will be flagged to attendees via onstage announcements, listings in the event’s official agenda, and through onsite signage.

One great Breakout example is Skydio at TC Sessions: Robotics last year. Adam Bry, cofounder and CEO of the self-flying-drone startup, spoke to 80 or so attendees for an hour, explaining how his company’s engineers used prototyping to achieve Skydio’s production model, the R1. “The audience was very technically sophisticated,” Bry says. “They asked great questions.”

That was to be expected, considering that 30 percent of Skydio’s audience were engineering students, while the rest were founders and technologists. Bry was pleasantly surprised by the volume of leads his Breakout Session generated. “The talk turned out to be a great introduction to a number of relevant potential recruits,” he says, “as well as partners interested in developing on our SDK.”

Breakout Sessions can also work for larger firms. At Disrupt SF in 2018, Verizon sponsored a Breakout Session on 5G, which it positioned as the technology that “will usher in the 4th Industrial Revolution, changing the way we live, work and play, and upending industries ranging from entertainment to healthcare to manufacturing.” For Verizon, the Breakout Session was an opportunity to explain how 5G could be exploited by entrepreneurs and startups.

Networking events like receptions and dinners can help you get the most out of your event sponsorships. You’ll have time to answer questions, talk casually and have a drink with the people that attended your session, dropped by your booth or even with attendees that you specifically want to target. TechCrunch can help you with this by either hosting a dinner or reception in conjunction with TC Sessions: Mobility. Last year at TC Sessions: Blockchain, the Alignment Group, which offers consulting, startup incubation, investment, and media services to the blockchain- and financial-services community, sponsored a VIP Dinner. For the Alignment Group, their sponsorship ensured that they would have plenty of quality time with the following day’s speakers, particularly Changpeng Zhao, founder and CEO of Binance.

To learn about all of the sponsorship opportunities at TC Sessions: Mobility, check out our deck. If you’re ready to speak with us about sponsoring a workshop on July 10, fill out this form. And if you’re interested in other TechCrunch events throughout the rest of year, click here for our 2019 calendar.