Discover the attendees of Disrupt SF

On October 2-4, TechCrunch will host Disrupt San Francisco, the startup industry’s most important event of the year. Disrupt SF showcases many of tech’s biggest names, who attract  thousands of attendees eager to hear them interviewed on stage. There is no better opportunity to get face to face with people who could prove strategic to your business goals. Last year, the nearly 10,000 people who attended the show consisted mainly of founders, decision makers at early-stage, later-stage and enterprise companies, developers, and investors.  

Reaching decision makers

Sponsors at Disrupt SF are eager to meet decision-makers who might be future customers. The breadth of sponsors at past Disruptsfirms like AWS, United Airlines, law firm Perkins Coie, real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield, Atlassian, ESRI, Accenture, Toyota and many others attest to the power of the show’s audience. Some 64% of attendees are decision makers at their respective organizations. Not only are these decision makers from early-stage startups looking for partners to help them scale, they are also from later-stage and enterprise companies that have already achieved massive growth.

Achieving global exposure

Disrupt SF truly caters to a global audience. More than of 30% of attendees travel to Disrupt from outside the US and last year they represented 80 nationalities. There is no better show in the US to get global exposure.

Reaching women attendees

Almost 40% of Disrupt SF attendees are women. TechCrunch prides itself on championing gender diversity in the tech landscape with our TC Include initiatives. Disrupt offers several activities and programs designed specifically for women in the startup scene both the Women of Tech(Crunch) reception and the Women of Disrupt breakfast provide women attendees opportunities to network and gain career guidance their female peers and women at the highest levels of leadership. To this end, TechCrunch is continuing our partnership with All Raise to host a dynamic program at Disrupt featuring roundtable discussions with women investors and founders.

Reaching developers

25% of Disrupt attendees are developers, engineers, and designers. These attendees the creative and technical heart of Disrupt. And, at the Hackathon we put developer talent to the test. The Disrupt Hackathon is hosted in conjunction with Disrupt and sponsors can leverage the Hackathon to provide these hackers a chance to work with their APIs to solve various challenges through the creative production and application of technology. At the end of the Hackathon the most impactful projects will demo their products on the Extra Crunch stage at Disrupt, providing further opportunities for sponsors to identify and engage with top talent.

Make a lasting impact

Forming a direct connection with decision makers is the best way for sponsors to demonstrate how they can positively impact a growing organization. Whether you’re looking to connect with decision makers, a diverse set of founders, developers, or global entrepreneurs, Disrupt SF provides a direct line to these groups.

If you are interested in learning more, check out our prospectus deck that has more details on how you can activate at Disrupt. You can also chat with a member of our sales team to ideate on how you can make a big impact and bring your brand to life by filling out this form.