AOL Launches Three New myAOL Products Into Beta

This morning AOL is launching a suite of personalized products into beta: myPage (personalized home page), Mgnet (image-driven content discovery and recommendation engine) and Favorites (feed reader a

Revver Founder Launches Thoof: Personalized News Service

The web is littered with failed or stagnant personalized news startups. New startup Thoof is going to give it a whirl and see if they can do better than the ones that have tried it before. The idea ar

Spotback news site gets even better

Israeli personalized news site Spotback released upgrades to its interface and a couple of new features. If you missed our initial review back in May, this is a good time to check out the site. As a p

Web Swamii Provides Online Guidance

Kalem Fletcher wanted to call his company because he believes that he has created the all-wise search site. Unfortunately, has to do with someone’s freakish cat so Fletcher cam
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