Flipboard introduces a custom feed for Bluesky

Social magazine app Flipboard has introduced a custom feed for the decentralized social network Bluesky. The company said that the “Tech by Flipboard” feed is a curated feed by the app&#82

Podcasters can now upload their RSS feed to YouTube

Podcast creators can now submit their RSS feed to YouTube and YouTube Music, the company revealed in a video uploaded to its Creator Insider channel. It was previously announced in August that support

Twitter alternative Bluesky shows off custom Super Bowl feeds (both with and without Taylor Swift)

Twitter/X alternative Bluesky is gearing up for one of the biggest weekends in social media with the launch of custom feeds prepped for Super Bowl fans. One feed focuses on conversations around the bi

As Threads soars, Twitter rival Bluesky adopts a new personalized, algorithmic feed

Bluesky, one of the many would-be Twitter replacements now on the market, is making a notable change to how users discover new content on its network. Previously, the Bluesky app would feature popular

YouTube Music is adding a TikTok-style ‘Samples’ short-form video feed

YouTube Music is launching a new TikTok-style short-form personalized video feed called “Samples,” the company announced on Monday. Each clip in the feed offers a glimpse into the artist,

Instagram brings Close Friends feature to the main feed

Instagram’s Close Friends feature is expanding. Previously, users could share stories with a select group of people, rather than all of their followers, but now, users can also share main feed p

Twitter alternative T2 gets its own For You feed, but won’t force it as the default

The would-be Twitter rival T2 has already launched a number of features hoping to capture the attention of Twitter’s fleeing users, including built-in direct messages and a verification program

Bulletin is a new AI-powered news reader that tackles clickbait and summarizes stories

After the shutdown of the buzzy AI news app Artifact from Instagram’s founders, a new app called Bulletin is also now turning to AI to help remove clickbait and summarize the day’s news. E

Meta’s Threads app is rolling out a Following feed

Meta’s text-based social network Threads is rolling out one of the most requested features after its launch — a Following feed. The company has also announced the ability to see posts you’ve

Bluesky gets its first third-party app for iOS and Android with Graysky, launching this month

Bluesky, the Jack Dorsey-backed Twitter alternative, is getting its first third-party app for both iOS and Android users: a new app called Graysky. Though numerous Bluesky projects built on the compan

Instagram is testing a dedicated feed for posts from Verified users

Instagram is testing a feed that will only display posts from Meta Verified and legacy verified users, according to Instagram head Adam Mosseri. The new toggle will appear under the “Following&#

Mermade Seafoods swims in cell agriculture waters to make cultivated scallops

Mermade Seafoods' circular approach uses biowaste to feed algae, which is then used as the growth media to feed the cells. The company calls this interpretation of aquaponics “cytoponics."

Twitch starts testing a TikTok-like clips feed to boost discovery

Twitch’s previously announced Discovery Feed is now out in the wild as a live test following the feature’s announcement back in July. The new feed will surface short clips from streams in

Twitter rival Mammoth adds a personalized For You feed to make its Mastodon client feel familiar

While Instagram Threads is making headlines for adding a chronological Following feed to its Twitter-like app, another popular Mastodon client is doing the opposite — it’s adding a new alg

Yelp launches revamped feed with AI-powered business summaries

Yelp is releasing new features as part of its winter release, which includes a more visual feed, AI-powered summaries of businesses, and number masking while contacting businesses for better privacy.

TikTok is adding a dedicated feed for STEM content

TikTok is introducing a new feed dedicated to STEM content in honor of Pi Day, the company announced on Tuesday. The feed, which will appear alongside the app’s “Following” and “For You”

YouTube to support RSS uploads for podcasters by year-end, plus private feeds in YouTube Music

YouTube is growing its commitment to hosting podcasts on its platform. This week, at the Podcast Movement conference, YouTube product lead Steve McLendon confirmed the platform will be rolling out sup

Instagram’s code reveals a ‘Meta Verified’ feed filter, but company denies active test

It looks like Instagram may have considered copying another Twitter feature by elevating Verified users to a more prominent spot in the Instagram app, according to a new discovery in the app’s c

Threads app’s latest update gives more prominence to reposts

Threads hasn’t launched a web version yet, but the app has shipped a new update to give more prominence to reposts on the social network. Meta has changed two things regarding reposts on the app

Luminoah’s quest to reinvent tube feeding attracts new funding

When someone is very ill or has had surgery that interrupts ordinary ways of eating and drinking, tube feeding is a life-saving necessity, but it’s cumbersome and uncomfortable to use. Luminoah
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