Here’s whats new in the latest Pokémon Go update

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Here’s whats new in the latest Pokémon Go update

Word started spreading early this morning of an update rolling out to Pokemon Go — version 0.31.0, if you’re keeping track.

The update is reportedly rolling out now, but it’s only gone out to a handful of Android users thus far. I’d imagine that a comparable iOS update is right around the corner, just making its way through Apple’s approval process. Don’t have it yet? Don’t worry: most people don’t.

Update: It’s now out on iOS!

While players are still digging around to figure out what’s new, a number of changes have already been spotted — some of them welcome, some a bit more questionable.

Ready to dive in to the changes? Tap that right arrow if you’re on desktop, or just scroll if you’re on mobile. Thanks to the Reddit Pokemon Go community for unearthing these.

Update #2: This is no longer the latest update; an update rolled out on August 8th introduced a beta version of a new “Nearby” tracker — read about it here.


The transfer button has moved!

The “Transfer” button at the bottom of each Pokemon’s screen is gone, replaced with a floating hamburger button that follows you down the page.

Tap this button, and you’ll see…


You can still transfer!

Don’t worry: you can still turn your Pokemon into delicious candy.. er, I mean,  send your Pokemon back to the Professor for rerelease. They’ve just moved the button here for the sake of speed. Less scrolling, you know?

Curiously, there’s a “Favorite” button in there too. If you’re worried about accidentally transferring when you meant to fav, you can still just tap the star in the upper right to fav something instead. Even better…


"Favorited" Pokemon appear to be protected

If you’ve ever been transferring a bunch of Pokémon rapid fire, you know the feeling: you set out to transfer a dozen Pidgies, then notice the message saying you’ve successfully transferred away that high CP Pikachu you’ve been sitting on for days.

Sad trombone.

Good news! It looks like favoriting a Pokemon now prevents it from being transferred. If you like it then you shoulda put a star on it.

(Note: Favoriting to protect something ONLY works after the update. We’ve confirmed that people on versions prior to this update are still capable of transferring favorited Pokemon, so it’s a client-side change that comes with the update)


Footprints are gone (for now?)

Within days of launch, a bug developed that showed all Pokemon as three footprints away — suggesting that they’re somewhat nearby, but that you’d have to walk a bit to track them down. As you got closer, the footprint count is supposed to go down.

The problem? No matter which way you walked or how close you got, the footprints stayed the same.

Seemingly not having a fix for the issue just yet, the footprints have been removed entirely. The nearby drawer is there, but the footprints are gone. Hopefully they bring it back quick, as it’s… sort of, you know, the point of the game.


"Don't Be Dumb" warnings

There’s now a rotating set of warnings when you launch the app, reminding everyone of things you’d hope they wouldn’t need a reminder for.. but, well, some people probably do. Things like:

– Do not trespass while playing Pokemon Go
– Don’t drive while playing Pokemon Go
– Don’t enter dangerous areas while playing Pokemon Go


You can change your look!

There’s a new “Customize” button in your profile and it lets you change the look of your avatar, something you could previously only do at signup. Hurray!

(Bonus good news: Team Mystic players can now pick gear colored to match their team colors, just like Instinct and Valor have long been able to.)


And a bunch of smaller things, like:

Egg incubation screen now has a button that’ll take you directly to the shop — just one more little push to encourage you to drop a few bucks in case that 5k egg has that Porygon you need.

No word yet on if we can transfer away 2k eggs that we don’t want that are just taking up spots for potential 10k eggs, but, well, probably not.


Font changes:

Things are bolder now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


A bunch of medals got redesigned:

They don’t all use the same bronze/silver/gold icons anymore. Plenty still do, but things like Breeder and Jogger get their own looks.


And that's all, folks!

That’s all the most notable stuff the community has spotted in v0.31.0 so far.

Behind the scenes, the changelog also notes:
– Adjusted battle move damage values for some Pokemon (read: they nerfed Vaporeon)
– Refined gym animations
– Improved memory issues
– Fix bugs in wild Pokemon encounters
– Fixed issues with certain map features (paths and walkways disappeared for a few days due to a Google Maps API change; they’re back now)

Spot anything we’ve missed? Shoot us a note and let us know.

Thanks to vidoardes at /r/pokemongo for letting us use these screenshots!