Here’s whats new in the latest Pokémon Go update

Word started spreading early this morning of an update rolling out to Pokemon Go — version 0.31.0, if you’re keeping track.

The update is reportedly rolling out now, but it’s only gone out to a handful of Android users thus far. I’d imagine that a comparable iOS update is right around the corner, just making its way through Apple’s approval process. Don’t have it yet? Don’t worry: most people don’t.

Update: It’s now out on iOS!

While players are still digging around to figure out what’s new, a number of changes have already been spotted — some of them welcome, some a bit more questionable.

Ready to dive in to the changes? Tap that right arrow if you’re on desktop, or just scroll if you’re on mobile. Thanks to the Reddit Pokemon Go community for unearthing these.

Update #2: This is no longer the latest update; an update rolled out on August 8th introduced a beta version of a new “Nearby” tracker — read about it here.