What To Expect At The 9th Annual Crunchies

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What To Expect At The 9th Annual Crunchies

Is this your first time attending the Crunchies? Well you’re in for a real treat. Even if you’ve been before, we’ve put together a guide detailing exactly what you can expect at this year’s show, and tips on how to prepare your night accordingly. You can meet the nominees and learn more about what the categories represent here.


Is this your first time at the Crunchies?

Welcome to Silicon Valley’s biggest and most prominent technology and startups award show. It all goes down on Monday, February 8, at 8:00pm. If you can’t make it to the event, you can still follow along on our homepage when the event starts.


The War Memorial Opera House

This year, we have a new venue. The action will all go down at the gorgeous War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco.

Flickr | Joey Roizer


The Crunchie Monkey

Our nominees are competing for fame, glory and the illustrious Crunchie Monkey trophy. Throughout the night, founders, investors and companies will be awarded for their achievements. No matter your interests, the best and the brightest will be in the house.


New category!

This year, we’re introducing a new award: the Include Diversity Award. The Crunchie will go to a winning organization or individual that has advanced diversity in tech.


Your host, Chelsea Peretti

You can’t hold an awards show without a stellar host. Did we mention that Brooklyn Nine-Nine co-star, actress, writer and comedian Chelsea Peretti will be hosting the event?


Getting there

When you arrive, we’ll have the Green Carpet all ready for you. So take a second and have your big camera moment.


What the heck do I wear?

Psychedelic yoga pants? A dinosaur onesie? My startup shirt? Here a few tips about how to dress your best.


Think Oscars for tech awards

The War Memorial Opera House is a swanky venue, and an award show is a great opportunity to show off your unique, classy style. While there is no official dress code, most attendees will be in semi-formal or formal cocktail attire, and there will even be a few in black tie.



You can’t go wrong with a cocktail dress and heels or a semi-formal pantsuit blazer combo. But really, make sure your attire is comfortable so you can network with attendees and pitch your startup to VCs.



I’m encouraging you to ditch the startup t-shirts and give that suit and tie a go. But no pressure, slacks and a button up will work just fine.


Show us your TechCrunch spirit

Pro tip: Try and work a little TechCrunch green into your outfit.


Nerd glasses?

Always encouraged.



Things do tend to get a little fancier on-stage. You might see some of the presenters dressed up in more formal attire than t he average attendee.


It's all good

But hey, we’re tech bloggers, not the fashion police. So go on and have some fun.


After the show is the afterparty

There’s still fun to be had after the show. Plan ahead for post-show drinks at the Opera House.


Is social media kinda your thing?

Then don’t forget to follow us on our social channels for behind-the-scenes coverage of the event. Share your best shots with the #Crunchies hashtag.


Follow us on Snapchat

There will be oh so much Snapchatting going down at the Crunchies. Send us some of your best Crunchies shots. No nudes plz.


There's more.

Still wondering what’s in store? Check out all the photos from last year on the TechCrunch Flickr account, and see our official event page for more details. See you at the Crunchies!