What It’s Like To Use Amazon’s New Dash Buttons

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What It’s Like To Use Amazon’s New Dash Buttons

At first, everyone thought they were an April Fool’s joke. But Amazon Dash buttons are real, and just this past week, they became available to all Amazon Prime members for a mere $5 apiece. (Hey, Amazon, shouldn’t they be free?)

The buttons are physical hardware devices that you set up to be associated with a particular SKU on Amazon, allowing you to easily reorder common household products, like paper towels, detergent, toilet paper, diapers, personal care items, as well as groceries and pet supplies.

We ordered some Dash buttons for ourselves to see how they work.


Dash Button

This is what a Dash Button looks like when you take it out of the box. The black loop around the button allows you to hang it on a wall or a hook.

But the loop is removable, so if you want to just stick it somewhere instead, you can do that via the reusable adhesive on the button’s back.


The Back of an Amazon Dash Button

This is the flip side of the back button. You can peel the blue cover off to get to the adhesive.


Amazon Dash Button Instructions

The Dash Button comes with a small set-up guide that explains to you how to use the Amazon mobile app to configure your button.


Step 1

The first step is connecting your Dash Button to your home’s Wi-Fi network. This step was really annoying because you had to enter this information for each button you set up – it’s not stored for you.

(And you might not remember your Wi-Fi password, and have to go look it up!)


Turn Up Your Phone's Volume

The set-up wizard may instruct you to turn up your iPhone’s volume before proceeding. That’s because the Dash Button receives ultrasonic tones from your iPhone to complete setup.

(The buttons work with iPhone or Android, but we tested with iPhone.)


Get Ready To Connect

Next, you’ll need to press and hold your Dash Button until the light flashes blue.

Amazon says this may take up to one minute, but our button set up much quicker than that.


It's Ready!

When the light is blue, you can connect your button.


A Flat Surface Works Best

This screen shows you how to orient the button next to your iPhone. Amazon suggests doing this on a flat surface.



With the button lit up, you place it facing your iPhone’s speaker.


The Button Connects

After this screen, you’ll see a brief “Success” screen to let you know the connection worked. You’re then taken to product selection.


Pick Your Product

Now it’s time to pick which SKU you want associated with your Amazon Dash button. Amazon gives you a variety of choices, depending on the item.

For example, you can order Bounty paper towels in 8-, 12- or 16-packs. Or you can order napkins.

Other popular brands include: Tide, Cottonelle, Glad, Clorox, Gatorade, Maxwell House, smartwater, Izze, Kraft Mac & Cheese, Larabar, Olay, Gillette, L’Oreal, Gerber, Huggies and Wellness.


Convenience Isn't Cheap!

Wow, look at these prices! $30 for 12 paper towel rolls?! It’s too bad Amazon doesn’t offer more affordable SKUs here.

Amazon is showing Bounty’s “Huge” towels, which are priced the same on Walmart. But not everyone wants the priciest SKU.

A search on Walmart for “bounty paper towels” shows that there are more affordable 12-roll packs available. For example, Walmart has 12 “Mega” rolls for just over half the price of the “Huge” towels.

But Amazon only lets you pick from Huge, Select-A-Size or Napkins.

It would be great to associate the button with any Bounty SKU that you wanted, not a subset of choices.
I guess convenience is expensive?



Okay, time to place an order! You just push the button – really, that’s it! The button blinks white and then turns to a solid green to let you know your order was successfully placed.

Amazon charges the card you have on file and associated with your 1-click settings, so you never have to enter your payment information.


Push Notification

You’ll also get an immediate push notification on your iPhone to let you know your order went through. (This came so quickly, I still had the Camera app open.)

You can also use the Amazon app to get other Dash Button notifications, including info about your shipments, today’s deals, when your Subscribe & Save order is shipping, Dash Button updates, and more.

By default, only your shipments and Dash Button updates are turned on.


Order Details

You can tap the push notification or go into the Amazon app directly to view your order details, just as you would any other order.

The products that are included in Prime’s selection will ship as quickly as any other Prime order.

Oh, and by default, the Dash Button will not complete a new order until your current order has arrived. (You can override this in settings if you want, but it’s probably a bad idea!)