Watch the Amazon HQ2 video pitches from Detroit, Boston, Pittsburgh, Philly, Las Vegas, Atlanta, and DFW

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Watch the Amazon HQ2 video pitches from Detroit, Boston, Pittsburgh, Philly, Las Vegas, Atlanta, and DFW

Cities, regions and states are throwing everything at Amazon in the hopes the giant company will pick them to house its second headquarters. Amazon says 238 cities submitted proposals and many cities included sizzle videos in their pitch.

Here are the videos from Detroit, Boston, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Atlanta, and Dallas and Fort Worth. Each are different. Some show building renders and highlight city infrastructure. Others lean on emotions to help get Amazon’s attention.

In the end these videos will not sway Amazon’s decision. Amazon will pick a second headquarters based on a stringent set of requirements rather than the emotions generated by a couple minute video but these are fun videos nonetheless.



The City of Detroit’s video features poetic narration and impactful visuals to invoke an emotional response. It’s clean, it’s fast, it’s visual and clearly designed to showcase the life that’s coming back to the region.



Boston’s video is different from most. It showcases the region’s infrastructure relevant to Amazon’s needs from the available tracts of land to its vast public transportation. This video isn’t about tugging on heartstrings. This video is about facts.



Pittsburgh is tough and this video showcases the area’s long history of building tough companies and tough workers. As video points out the city fell hard but is rebuilding itself around technology and that’s why Amazon should care.



Philly’s video showcases the area’s deep cultural chops from arts to sports to diversity. Philadelphia wants Amazon to know Philly has it all. The video features talking points from key community and business leaders, subtly showing Amazon the talent available in the area.


Dallas and Fort Worth

In DFW’s short video community members describe the area’s high points from social efforts to business opportunities. The video paints a wide swath of positivity around the Texas area.


Las Vegas

Las Vegas’s video is the longest showcased in this round up. At 5:10 the video is packed with facts and video clips showing the area’s biggest industries and most popular activities.



Atlanta’s video to Amazon tells the story of how the area’s pitch made its way to Amazon. In doing so the video showcases Atlanta’s key points to Amazon from its vast business operations to public infrastructure.