Walmart vs Whole Foods: Who’s cheaper now?

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Walmart vs Whole Foods: Who’s cheaper now?

Amazon now owns Whole Foods, but what does that mean for grocery prices at Whole Foods? Let’s take a look at some key grocery items and how the new Whole Foods stacks up against the low-cost Walmart.


Creamy almond butter

Winner: Whole Foods

The two stores didn’t have the same size almond butter, but Whole Foods was just a teeny bit — really, pennies — less, in terms of cost by ounce.

Walmart: 12 oz. Sam’s Choice Creamy Almond Butter $5.98

Whole Foods: 16 oz. 365 Everyday Value Creamy Almond Butter $6.99


One dozen organic large brown eggs

Winner: Walmart

Walmart has slightly cheaper organic brown eggs, but not by much!

Walmart (Marketside brand): $3.97

Whole Foods (365 Everyday Value brand): $3.99


Boneless ribeye steak (USDA-graded choice cut)

Winner: Walmart

You can argue about which is the better-tasting beef, but Walmart beats on price by a lot.

Walmart: Choice Beef Boneless Ribeye Steak (USDA-graded choice) $8.97/lb

Whole Foods: Choice Beef Boneless Ribeye Steak (USDA-graded choice) $13.99/lb


Farm-raised Atlantic salmon fillets

Winner: Walmart

Of course, Walmart’s salmon doesn’t say “responsibly farmed,” so there’s that.

Walmart: Farm-raised Atlantic salmon $8.64/lb

Whole Foods: Farm-raised Atlantic salmon $9.99/lb


Bottled water

Winner: Walmart

Walmart and Whole Foods didn’t have the same-sized products to compare, but Walmart’s bottled water is cheaper in terms of cost per bottle.

I guess we should also point out that Whole Foods’ water is “spring water,” while Walmart’s is “purified.” (In case you’re snobby about your water from plastic bottles.)

Walmart: Great Value Purified Water – 24 ct of 16.9 fl oz bottles – $2.97

Whole Foods: 365 Everyday Value – 12 ct of 16.9 fl oz bottles – $2.49


Organic milk

Winner: Whole Foods

Here’s a surprising one: organic milk is now cheaper at Whole Foods.

Walmart: Half gallon Great Value Organic 2% Milk $3.88

Whole Foods: Half gallon 365 Everyday Value Organic 2% Milk $3.49


Organic pasta sauce

Winner: Whole Foods

Again, the two products’ sizes aren’t identical, but Whole Foods is still a LOT cheaper for organic pasta sauce.

Walmart: Great Value Organic Marinara Pasta Sauce – 24 oz. $4.48

Whole Foods: 365 Everyday Value Organic Marinara Pasta Sauce – 25 oz $2.79


Organic bananas

Winner: Whole Foods

Walmart: Organic bananas – $0.78/lb

Whole Foods: Organic bananas – $0.69/lb