Turing CEO Defends $750 Pill In Reddit AMA, Says Scandal Has Been “Best Possible Way To Get Girls”

Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO/ PR Disaster Martin Shkreli took to Reddit late Saturday night to tell his side of the story on the Daraprim drug scandal. His company is back in the public eye this weekend following news that a competitor has introduced a customizable $1 alternative to Turing’s $750 pill.

Shkreli is no stranger to making his opinions known on Twitter, but he outdid himself here. After providing proof via Twitter that it was indeed him answering the questions, Shkreli launched into one of the most extensive AMAs of all time, answering questions about his thoughts on the pharmaceutical industry, Theranos, the current presidential race, bitcoin, and his love life.

He certainly put the man hours into responding to user questions. He gave a response (not always an answer) to almost every question that users posed to him in the AMA, contributing over 600 comments to the thread over the course of several hours. The general spirit of his AMA is probably best summed up with this retweet of his.

I’ve pored through all of his responses, check out some of his best ones below.