Top six tips to help avoid ransomware

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Top six tips to help avoid ransomware

Here are some amazing tips to help you and those you love (and the National Health Service) avoid ransomware.


Backup everything

Create a sane, quiet backup system and use it daily.


Don't use Windows XP

It’s a little hard to believe but unsupported operating systems on office computers could put your data at risk. Consider splashing out for a copy of something more stable.


Buy a hard drive and back up all of your data regularly

Even if ransomware hits you overnight you’ll still have a few days of data you can grab in order to prevent the destruction of patient records and other important stuff.


Consider backing up your data

If your computer doesn’t have a backup button try Time Machine on Mac OS or Windows 10’s Backup system. “It’s always good to have a backup. Keep copies of your files on another drive in case something happens to the originals,” writes Microsoft. It’s good advice!


Are you in tech support? Try backups!

Afraid your office will get hit with malware? Worried Mom or Dad is going to download ransomware? The easiest way to prevent infections is to create a backup plan for them and show them how to use it or, barring that, prepare a plan that lets you or your employees restore their backups with little fuss.


Seriously: back up your data

I know I’m being flip here but almost all ransomware can be avoided with regular backups. I know it’s sometimes more complicated than simply attaching a drive to your computer I’m absolutely certain that you would have 100% fewer ransomware problems if you’re able to restore from backup at the first sign of trouble. Considering hard drives are now wildly inexpensive and the software is quite easy to use I encourage you to give a try.


Think of it! You’ll never have to buy and send bitcoins to a strange person again!