These Are Apple’s Top 25 Favorite iOS Apps Of The Year

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These Are Apple’s Top 25 Favorite iOS Apps Of The Year

It’s December, and that means a few things:

– We’re all going to be pretty tired of Christmas music pretty soon
– We’ve yet again managed to complete a trip around the sun without crashing into it. Go team!
– It’s time for a massive rush of end-of-year favorite lists.

Speaking of which…

As they do each year, Apple has just dropped its hand picked list of its favorite iOS apps. Many of them are things you’ve probably seen before — but many of them are pretty unheard of.


1) Periscope

Apple’s favorite app of the year.

The idea of broadcasting live video from your phone isn’t a new one, but all the early entries flopped pretty hard. Twitter has seemingly figured out the formula with Periscope, though; just about any time news of a major event goes down, someone will have a Periscope stream up from the scene.
Price: Free


2) Enlight

A surprisingly advanced all-in-one photo editing tool. It’s not a Photoshop replacement, but it does a whole lot more than filters.

Price: $4


3) Robinhood

Robinhood lets people buy stock without paying anything for each trade. So how do they make money? Currently, by accruing interest on the money sitting in user’s account.

Price: Free


4) Workflow

Workflow lets you build one-tap actions for things you do often (like calling your mom, ubering to work, or uploading your last photo to Dropbox) and put them in your iPhone’s widget drawer.

Price: $3


5) Instagram

You read TechCrunch. You know what Instagram is.

Price: Free


6) HBO Now

HBO’s standalone app for streaming the stuff once reserved for your cable box, AKA known as “The reason you keep in touch with your good-friend-from-grade-school’s mom because she’s letting you log in with her account”

Price: $15 a month


7) Hopper

Heading out on a trip soon? Punch the details into Hopper, and it’ll keep an eye out for price drops and try to figure out the best time to buy.

Price: Free


8) Darkroom

Another photo editing app, but with a clever twist: you can build your own Instagram-esque filters.

Price: Free, but with lots of in app purchase options for individual features


9) Lark

An AI nutritionist. You talk to Lark like it’s a buddy, and it responds and advises you like a human trainer might. It’ll also use your phone’s sensors to scrap activity/workout data

Price: Free


10) The Everything Machine

Got a kid who likes to tinker and build?

The Everything Machine is a visual design tool that lets them build virtual gadgets with all sorts of components — light bulbs, switches, displays, and more.

Price: $3


11) Pacemaker

Surprise house party? Pacemaker lets you DJ from your iPad. Plug in your Spotify credentials, and you’ll be able to scratch, add effects, and slide between multiple tracks.

Price: Free, but with lots of in app purchases for different effects


12) Tandem

Practice languages by chatting with native speakers. You say what language you want to practice and what you’re interested in, and Tandem connects you. You can text, video chat, or do a voice call.


Price: Free


13) Jet

A shopping app with a curious twist: as you add more stuff to your cart, Jet searches across retailers to find the cheapest combination of those items and passes the savings on to you.

Price: Free, but… you know, they sell stuff.


14) Timeline

Timeline says they “put news in context”. For each story, there’s a timeline that you can scrub through to display related stories past.

Price: Free


15) Vee for Video

Think iMovie, but with more video effects and filters.

Price: $4, plus in-app purchases


16) Fit Men Cook

Simple, budget-conscious recipes that can often be made in bulk for a week’s worth of meals.

Price: $3


17) Spark

A super-slick, customizable email app. You can read our full review here. My favorite feature: intelligent searches in plain english, so you can search for things like “emails with attachments from last month”

Price: Free


18) RefMe

A college student’s best friend. When you need to cite a book for a paper, just scan the barcode. Pick your citation style, and it’ll generate your citation page for you.

Price: Free


19) Wildcard

The news from each day broken down into 2-3 sentence chunks.

Price: Free


20) Paper

A super pretty organizer for stuff you’d want handy — notes, to do lists, doodles, and photos. It’s like a gorgeous little virtual pinboard.

Price: Free


21) Giphy Cam

As the name implies: its a photo tool for quickly making GIFs. Hit record, add a filter if you want, boom: gif.


Price: Free



22) PRY

Part game, part book, part movie. An interactive story that strays from the normal way we read.

Price: Free


23) Reuters TV

Slick, personalized video news. Only got 10 minutes to catch up on what’s going on? Punch in how much time you have, then just swipe through the stories you don’t care about.

Price: Free


24) ZOVA

Short, easy-to-follow workouts designed mostly for women.

Price: Around $4 per month


25) BlueApron

One of my favorite things of the year, as well.

BlueApron takes all the fun parts of cooking and gets rid of the crappy parts. Hate shopping? BlueApron delivers pre-portioned fresh ingredients to your door. Hate digging through recipes?  BlueApron picks them for you, though they give you some options.

They break down the meals in super easy to follow ways, and the meals are pretty damned tasty. It can be hit-or-miss at sometimes, but I’ve liked more meals than I disliked. Plus, it gets me to cook/try things I’d otherwise normally not consider.

Price: $60 per week for 2-people worth of meals