The coolest new Star Wars toys from Force Friday

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The coolest new Star Wars toys from Force Friday

Today marks the second Force Friday. It’s not so much a proper holiday ( the “real” Star Wars Day was a few months ago) as it is a savvy marketing move. Disney started the tradition back in 2015 ahead of the release of The Force Awakens as an opportunity to build hype and announce a bunch of products without giving up too many secrets ahead of the film’s release.

The impending arrival of Episode VII: The Last Jedi has brought a ton of new Star Wars merch, ranging from big names like LEGO and Lenovo to startups including Sphero and littleBits. It’s also offered a little more insight into the upcoming film, including the debut of the BB-9E, a Dark Side sibling of The Force Awakens’ breakout star, BB-8.

Here are a few highlights hitting stores.


littleBits Droid Inventor Kit ($99)

New York-based education tech startup littleBits brings its tinkering expertise to a Galaxy far, far away with this droid-building kit. The set includes all the pieces needed to build a small working R2-D2 or create a brand new custom ‘bot. The kit features battery-powered motors, sensors, speakers and more that stick together magnetically.


Sphero R2-D2 and BB-9E ($149, $179)

Sphero’s BB-8 was hands-down the best toy tied to The Force Awakens, and now the company’s looking to recapture some of the magic with BB-9E. Paint job aside, the smartphone-controlled toy is pretty similar to its predecessor, with a few tweaks, including some induction-powered lights on its conical head. The company also will be adding more personalized touches, including authentic sound effects, as the film gets closer to release. Sphero also is releasing a phone-controlled version of R2-D2 that’s sure to capture the hearts of old-school fans.


Lenovo Jedi Challenges ($200)

With the possible exception of Marty McFly’s hoverboard, the lightsaber is almost certainly the most coveted movie object for kids growing up in the 80s. In the decades since, countless games have tried — and mostly failed — to recreate the movie magic firsthand. Lenovo has taken a different approach, using an augmented reality helmet and highly detailed lightsaber prop to deliver compelling first-person battles with evil Solo spawn, Kylo Ren.


LEGO Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon Kit ($800)

Not for the faint of heart, force or pocketbook, the new Millennium Falcon is both the largest and most expensive LEGO kit today. And as any whose parents ever bought them off-brand blocks can tell you, that’s saying a lot. The new set ups the ante on 2007’s deluxe version, offering 7,541 pieces for $800. It’s a ridiculously complex and faithful take on the old hunk of junk and includes 10 mini figures, including two versions of Han Solo and a pair of Porgs.


Propel Star Wars Battle Drones ($179)

Propel’s series of laser fighting drones return with a new mobile app. The software features a flight simulator designed to learn the tricks of flying the X-wing, TIE Fighter and Storm Trooper-piloted speeder bike. Because at $179 a pop, you’re going to want to avoid the ground.


Hasbro Plush Porg ($49)

It remains to be seen whether the Porgs will be the Ewoks or Jar Jars of The Last Jedi. Whatever the case, they’re going to be a marketing bonanza, so you might as well accept it. At the moment, Hasbro’s Furby-like electronic version is the closest you can get to taking one home.


Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder ($500)

Kids can replicate Luke Skywalker’s journey across the sands of Tatooine with this new, rechargeable vehicle from Radio Flyer. It seats two riders and can travel at speeds of up to 5 miles per hour. There’s also an interactive dashboard with sounds from the movie. It’s launching exclusively at Toys ‘R’ Us stores across the country.