The 5 Best Mid-Range Phones Of 2015

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The 5 Best Mid-Range Phones Of 2015

When it comes to phones, the word “flagship” was tossed around a lot in 2015. We saw it get attached to devices that are priced at the midrange, as well as certain top-performing devices that were priced far lower than the usual “flagship” phones.

What’s more notable is that sales for mid-range devices have been soaring and overtaking the supposed “best phones” in the industry this year.

LG’s best phone of 2015, the G4, sold significantly less than the Oneplus Two, priced at $389 in contrast to the G4’s $499 unlocked model. This is why these mid-range offerings are worth the look.

Here’s are five of the ones that have impressed the most in 2015.


OnePlus 2

Touted as Oneplus’ “flagship killer” for 2015, we have seen the phone being released with much hype due to its invite system, wherein people can only buy the phone with an appropriate email invite. It was hot-selling too when 30,000 Oneplus 2 units sold out within 64 seconds.

But hype aside, its Snapdragon 810, Adreno 430, and 4 GB RAM memory combo actually yielded an impressive 63,700 score in the Antutu benchmark, topping scores by other Snapdragon 810 powered handsets like the HTC One M9 and the LG G Flex 2. Other reviewer-pleasing features included a beautiful display and an affordable price of $389 for the 64GB edition. Given that only true “flagship” phones carry a Snapdragon 810 processor this year, you will be hard pressed to find a cheaper phone that has been defined as such.


Nexus 5X

With the Nexus 5X, we have a cheaper phone at $329 and lower specifications than the Oneplus Two in most areas, including an older processor (Snapdragon 808), lesser RAM (2 GB) and smaller battery capacity (2700mAH). The Nexus 5X has a greater screen density as well as being a stock Android (Marshmallow) device. No software bloat and a below $400 price tag for the greatest of last year’s technology firmly puts this as the cream of this year’s mid-range category.


Motorola Moto X Play

Lower down the rung, with a cheaper and lower spec combination overall, the Moto X Play impressed with a great design, feel, a good full-HD display, and a smoother experience than most “flagship experiences.” It was never hampered by its relatively older Snapdragon 615 processor, or the absence of wireless charging and fingerprint scanning. Where it mattered, the Moto X Play delivered – a great choice for anyone who just happens to have only $300 to spend on a phone.


Nexus 6

Being no longer Google’s greatest phone never held back the fact that last year’s Nexus 6 still offers some overwhelming flagship features, a Snapdragon 805, quad-HD display and 3GB of RAM. And now you will be able to find one for as low as $349 online. You just have to overcome the initial newness of using a 6 inch phone and you got yourself one of the most affordable “flagship-caliber” phones this year.


Oneplus X

Oneplus seems to be the zeitgeist as far as mid-range phones are concerned, and the Oneplus X is actually the company’s deliberate effort to create a true mid-range phone. Battery life is almost halved from the Oneplus Two and screen size has been reduced to 5 inches, but almost everything else resembled their Oneplus One phone from last year, a respectable mid-range option in its own right. Priced at a ridiculous $295 for a Snapdragon 801 phone, the midrange envelope keeps getting pushed.