The 20 startups shown off at HTC’s Vive X accelerator demo day

Today, HTC hosted a demo day event in San Francisco highlighting 20 of the startups that have made their way through the company’s Vive X virtual reality accelerator program.

Vive X is dedicated to accelerating the virtual reality industry as a whole, something that is undoubtedly useful to HTC as the company doubles down on its virtual reality bets.

A good deal of the startups focused on the task of bringing greater social interaction into virtual reality, while other focused on more of the structural needs of the industry in terms of analytics and other “backbone” technologies.

HTC has Vive X programs running in San Francisco, Beijing, Taipei and Shenzhen. The heavy impact of HTC’s efforts in China were on full display at the event Tuesday where a host of startups focused on Asian markets presented. Over 1200 startups applied to the Vive X program.