Take a tour of Slack’s new NYC office

Slack has been busy lately.

The two-year-old company has covered a lot of ground since it launched. Beyond growing to 4 million daily active users and 1.25 million paid users, the company also just announced a long-awaited feature: threaded conversations. Plus, Slack has moved into seven global offices, including San Francisco, Vancouver, Melbourne, London, Toronto, Dublin and now NYC.

The company has more than 650 employees and is looking to hire to fill the 85 desk spaces at the new NYC headquarters. Alongside enterprise sales staff, new members of the Intelligence team will join former Foursquare SVP of product management Noah Weiss, who is leading Slack’s new Search, Learning and Intelligence department.

As he said on Medium:

Slack is well on its way to building the new business operating system. Weaving in an intelligent layer is a huge opportunity to enhance the product for people who use Slack and the platform for developers who build on top of it.

Weiss says that NY is a great market to head up that effort due to a wealth of technical talent, the nascent startup ecosystem and the diversity of people and industries in the city.

Click through to take a tour of the new Slack NYC office.