Rating The Websites Of The 2016 Democratic Political Candidates

According to a recent report, 2016 political candidates will spend a billion dollars on digital communications before November of next year.

More than likely, only a fraction of that will be spent on website design, content and optimization. Even so, candidate websites are where most voters will first connect and engage with a candidate.

I asked four web design, branding and marketing exerts to review and rate the sites of the leading Republican candidates. Now we’re taking a look at the sites of the top four Democrats in the race and putting them through the same process.

We visited these site the week of August 24 and we know sites can change overnight as news breaks or candidates want to promote different issues or events. Our thoughts and assessments measure only what we saw when we visited. We are all non-partisan and have no business interest in who wins. We’re also not political experts; we’re website, design and engagement experts.