Protect Your Privacy & Security on the Internet With These Tools

All across the web companies are collecting information about you whether you like it or not. Knowing which companies are more trustworthy with your information than others and how to keep yourself as safe as possible on the internet is important. If you aren’t sure whether websites that you use are making the grade then check them out yourself!
Surprisingly to most, when you log in to most mobile or web applications, at least 15 pieces of information are sent in every which direction. Don’t let companies take advantage of your unawareness – take action! If you catch them claiming one thing, but in reality doing another, get justice by reporting the company to the Federal Trade Commission. If you are a company reading this post, and a bit scared that you’re lacking in decent privacy and security practices, check out the FTC’s best practices guide – otherwise, watch out, Batman is coming for ya.
Featured Image: Kevin Dooley | Flickr