Oculus shows off the 30 launch titles available for the Rift VR headset

The Oculus Rift is launching March 28 along with a ton of cool, innovative content that plays to its strengths.

There are 30 distinct titles that will be available at launch for the virtual reality headset, ranging from more experiential $5 mini games to full $60 VR epics.

All Rift orders come with a copy of Lucky’s Tale while pre-orders are also including a copy of EVE Valkyrie.

I had the chance to meet with developers and play several of the launch titles (though far from all of them unfortunately), and I’ve listed my first impressions of gameplay for some of the titles below. Many of the coolest games I tried are not available at launch but will come later when Oculus’s Touch controllers are released for the system in H2 of 2016.

I definitely had my favorites; click through to see the full list of titles with partial descriptions coming from Oculus.