Never-Before-Seen Photos Of Steve Jobs From 1985-2000

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Never-Before-Seen Photos Of Steve Jobs From 1985-2000

It was 1985. Apple had just forced Steve Jobs out. He was starting to build the NeXT computer, the same desktop station that Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau would use to build the first web server software and later the World Wide Web. Jobs envisioned transforming education with supercomputers. Ross Perot took him to lunch and plunked $20 million into the company. Little did anyone know back then we were on the precipice of the digital revolution.

Photojournalist Doug Menuez was given unlimited access to document a young Jobs during this golden moment in time for Silicon Valley from 1985-2000. He’s since published a book about it (“Fearless Genius” out on Amazon) and is starting to release a series of stories on Storehouse about his personal experience with Jobs.


Steve Jobs Explaining Ten Year Technology Development Cycles

Sonoma, California, 1986


The Day Ross Perot Gave Steve Jobs $20 Million

Fremont, California, 1986.


Steve Jobs Returning from a Visit to the New Factory

Fremont, California, 1987.


The Painter David Hockney Rests during the First Photoshop Invitational.

Mountain View, California, 1990.


Geek Sex During An Adobe Halloween Party

Fantasy games and role playing were popular in the early 90’s. Any opportunity to dress in costumes was welcomed. Real-life boyfriend and girlfriend acted out a rudimentary electrical metaphor at an Adobe Halloween party all over the company to the delight of fellow workers.

Mountain View, California, 1991.

More of these photos and the stories behind them can be found by clicking here.