Here’s That Insane Surprise Star Wars Trailer Scene-By-Scene As GIFs To Tear Apart

A new Star Wars trailer appeared on Disney’s Japanese YouTube channel this morning, seemingly out of nowhere.

The biggest surprise? It wasn’t just a bunch of previously seen footage rearranged. While we’d seen plenty of it before, there’s tons of new footage within.

As is tradition now, we’ve torn the new trailer apart scene-by-scene as GIFs ready to be watched over and over again until every last detail is gleaned. We’ll provide a bit of context for each scene, so you know a bit more about what’s going on.

Note: Japanese trailers tend to show more than their US counterparts. This one is no different. There are no outright spoilers here, but there’s definitely some climaxy/big-action-moment stuff revealed.

Want to see the GIFs for the previous trailer? Here you go!