Here’s everything new Niantic just added to Pokémon GO

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Here’s everything new Niantic just added to Pokémon GO

Niantic is rounding out the year with one of Pokémon GO’s biggest updates to date. We knew earlier this week that the update was right around the corner, but we didn’t know exactly when. The answer: now.

From new Pokémon to crazy new weather systems and minor text fixes (heh) to battle system changes, there’s a good amount happening here. Here’s everything we’ve seen so far. Tap that right arrow to start the gallery (or if you’re on mobile, just scroll.)

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More Pokémon!

Most immediately obvious, they’ve added around 50 new Pokémon — all from the third generation of Pokémon games (Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire).

We knew these were incoming as of a few days ago, but they started appearing just before noon Pacific.

Notably, they didn’t add all of Gen III; Niantic tells me they’ll be rolling out the rest later, with plans currently set to roll them out in “themed” groups.


Real-world weather

Pokémon GO is now impacted by the weather — as in, the real-world weather around the player.

When it’s sunny around you, it’ll be sunny in-game. When it’s snowing, or raining, or cloudy, the game will reflect that accordingly.

But it’s not just for looks…


Weather spawns

The weather will influence what spawns around you. If a Pokémon spawns because of weather patterns, it’ll have a more intense ring on the map and an icon next to its name during capture (see red arrows).

– Clear and sunny: More grass, ground and fire Pokémon will spawn

Cloudy: More fairy, fighting and poison Pokémon will spawn

– Foggy: More dark and ghost Pokémon will spawn

– Rainy: More water, electric and bug Pokémon will spawn

– Snowy: More ice and steel Pokémon will spawn

– Windy: More dragon, flying and psychic Pokémon will spawn

Niantic tells me the weather influences spawns, but it’s not set in stone. You might see snow Pokémon pop up when it’s sunny… they’ll just be considerably less common. Meanwhile, weather will impact spawns of all Pokémon, not just the new Gen III stuff.


Weather bonuses!

Pokémon that spawn because of specific weather patterns will give you a small stardust bonus. Niantic says they’ll also be a bit stronger right off the bat than most spawns otherwise would (though their max CP will be the same).


Weather buff

Pokémon with moves that correlate to the weather will get a boost in gym/raid battles. When it’s sunny, for example, Fire moves are boosted.

This holds true for defending Pokémon in gyms, too — so if it’s going to rain all night, you might think about putting a strong water Pokémon in to hold down the fort.


Battle parties

You can now build multiple pre-set parties to use in raids and gym battles. Got a team you love to use against water Pokémon? Have ’em prepped and ready to go, rather than having to repick the team each time.

The game will still make recommendations at the start of a battle, but you just slide to the left to see your teams.


Charge attacks get their own button now

When battling in Pokémon GO, Pokémon build up “charge” moves. Since launch, players execute these moves by holding their finger down on the screen… which, isn’t super intuitive.

Charge attacks now have their own dedicated button at the bottom of the screen, complete with a label reminding you which move you’re charging. The charge meter has moved down there, as well.

(Holding to fire a charged attack no longer works.)


More storage!

Everyone got a free upgrade to their Pokémon storage, allowing them to store 50 more at a time. That should be enough to cover the new lot.

Meanwhile, the maximum potential storage size has been bumped to 1,500 if you’re willing to pay for bag upgrades.


That loading screen

Aaand of course, there’s that new loading screen.

Some folks on Twitter are convinced they see the as-of-yet unreleased Delibird hiding behind the bottom left side of the tree (as the source of that flying present mid-left), suggesting that Delibird might make its first appearance in this year’s Holiday event (which I’m told is currently targeted to start on December 21st). I don’t know if I actually see it or if I just really want to.


Other stuff hiding in the code…

Meanwhile, our friends at the Silph Road (a community dedicated to tearing Pokémon GO apart to figure out how and why everything works) have already found a bunch of new details hiding in the code:

– Mentions of a “Star Piece” item that appears to earn the player 50 percent more stardust for 30 minutes

– Mentions of “AR+” mode, which is presumably the more realistic AR mode based on Apple’s ARKit that Niantic first demoed a few months back

– New moves for some existing Pokémon, like Waterfall for Gyrados