Here’s everything Apple announced today

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Here’s everything Apple announced today

Didn’t catch today’s Apple keynote? Want to get a quick rundown of everything they announced? Here’s all the big stuff, in ultra-quick bite size form.

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Tim Talks Security

Tim Cook didn’t shy away from Apple’s ongoing battle with the FBI over device encryption, touching on the topic almost immediately — but mostly just reiterating their stance.

“We need to decide, as a nation, how much power the government should have over our data and our privacy,” he said. “We owe it to our customers and we owe it to our country. This is an issue that impacts all of us, and we will not shrink from this responsibility”


Liam The Recycling Robot

After a quick summary of its environmental efforts, Apple showed the first footage of “Liam” — a robot they’d built specifically for disassembling iPhones down to their smallest components for recycling and refurbishing.


AppleTV is getting a software update today

AppleTV’s tvOS will get a refresh later today, bringing support for folders, voice dictation support (including for typing usernames and passwords, generally a pain in the ass on AppleTV), and Live Photos.


Apple Watch Gets A Price Drop

The base model of Apple Watch was previously $349; it’s now $299. No word yet if the higher-up models will drop in price accordingly.


iPhone SE

As rumored for months, Apple announced the iPhone SE — an iPhone that packs the power of the iPhone 6s into a smaller form factor more like the iPhones of yesteryear.

It’s got LTE, Wi-Fi Calling, 4k and 240 fps slo-mo video recording, live photo support, Apple Pay, all running on a 64-bit A9 chip.

The 16GB model will go for $399, the cheapest price an iPhone has ever launched at. A 64GB model will run $499. It goes up for pre-order on March 24th, with the first units shipping on March 31st.


iOS 9.3

Apple’s Greg Joswiak outlined some of the features of iOS 9.3, an update that’ll ship today.

Night Shift: shifts your device’s display from blue to orange in the evening, which studies suggest can help you sleep better. It’s also the exact thing that Apple had an issue with f.lux doing just a few weeks ago.

– Notes: you can now lock down the Notes app with your password/fingerprint.

– CarPlay will get better Apple Music and Maps apps


The 9.7" iPad Pro

Dig the feature set of the iPad Pro, but don’t like that big ol’ 12.9″ screen?

The original iPad Pro now has a 9.7″ baby brother — roughly the same size as the iPad Air 2, but with support for things like Apple Pencil, Apple’s Smart Keyboard, 4K video recording, and more.

Here’s what we know:
– They’re working on screen glare; the screen on the iPad Pro is 40% less reflective than that of the iPad Air 2, but also 25% brighter.

– It has 4 ambient light sensors for a feature  called “True Tone” that’ll constantly check the lighting of your room and adjust accordingly for color accuracy. That’s particularly great for designers.

– Supports Apple Pencil

– 12 MP rear camera with 4k video recording and live photo support. 5 MP front-facing camera.

– A 32GB model will set you back $599, 128GB will go for $749, while the brand new 256GB model will go for $899. Pre-orders start on March 24th, and will ship on March 31st.


iPad Pro 12.9" Gets A 256GB Model

As with the new 9.7″ iPad Pro, the 12.9″ iPad Pro will be getting a 256GB model. It will go for $1099.

Meanwhile, Apple will continue to sell the iPad Air 2 — albeit at $100 less, now starting at $399.