Here are the best ARKit apps for iOS 11 you should try right now

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Here are the best ARKit apps for iOS 11 you should try right now

Apple just released iOS 11 to the public, and a big feature is ARKit, the company’s SDK that lets developers easily create cool augmented reality apps.

Even though Apple announced ARKit a few months ago, there aren’t a ton of good options available right now to test out AR on your phone. But we’ve found a few good ones that will at least let you see the potential of augmented reality and ARKit.

If you have an iPad Pro, Phone 6s / 6s Plus, iPhone 7 / 7 Plus, iPhone SE, or iPhone 8 / 8 Plus, you can download iOS 11 now and then check out these apps in the App Store.

Click through to see screenshots of each app using augmented reality along with a brief description. Just remember that it’s pretty hard to get a feel for it just looking at 2D images, so you should definitely download these and check them out yourself.


World Brush

World Brush lets you draw 3D shapes and designs in the real world. It feels pretty similar to Google’s Tilt Brush VR app. The coolest part is that whatever you draw stays there forever (or until you delete it) so you could draw something in a public space and others can go and see it on their phone.



Edmunds, the car research and buying app, has a feature where you can put a life-sized car in the room in front of you. Edmunds says you can use it to see if a new car you may buy would fit in your garage. You can select thousands of different cars but the only thing that changes is the body shape and size – as of now the AR cars aren’t actually painted to look like a real car.


Stack AR

Stack AR is a basic game that lets you stack blocks in front of you. It’s simple, but a quick fun game to hand to a friend if they want to see what AR is like.


Thomas and Friends

Thomas and Friends is the only AR app that Apple is featuring in the App Store today. It’s a game that lets you design tracks for Thomas the Tank Engine to run on – and if you turn on AR you can make the world appear on the floor in front of you. It’s a pretty simple game but a good way to show kids the potential of AR.



Housecraft lets you put life-sized furniture anywhere in your house. Check out this photo of a bed outside of Techcrunch Disrupt SF. The app has a catalogue of a bunch of different types of furniture, and is my new favorite way to show off ARKit to someone who hasn’t seen it yet. Expect a lot of furniture companies to function pretty closely to this one, including Wayfair’s AR app and Ikea’s upcoming app.


AR MeasureKit

AR MeasureKit is exactly what it sounds like – a multipurpose measurement tool that uses ARKit to let you measure the real world around you. This is also a great demo for friends – pull out a ruler and show them how accurate it can be.