Here Are The Best 6 Images From CES (According To Neon Labs)

By the time the booths, barricades, banners and CES 2015 itself come to a close,  there will have been more than 550,000 tweets with the conference hashtag #CES2015 and over 200,000 images tweeted.

Based on research conducted at Carnegie Mellon and Brown, the San Francisco-based Neon Labs has developed an algorithm predicated on neuroscience research to identify the images that the human brain (as opposed to our eventual robot overlords) will find the most interesting.

“We collect large amounts of images,” says Sophie Lebrecht, the chief executive at Neon Labs. “[Then] we run them through a computational model for how the human brain sees and responds to images and that allows us to show the types of images that are going to drive engagement.”

Using its technology, here are the best images that came out of CES this year.