Get Stoned Fast With These 8 On-Demand Weed Delivery Apps

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Get Stoned Fast With These 8 On-Demand Weed Delivery Apps

The fast-growing pot industry not only raked in $2.7 billion in sales this last year, it’s also produced quite a few ganja-based startups. It’s legal to light up a bowl for recreation or medical reasons in 23 of these 50 United States now and soon as there’s a growing industry, there are technological innovations to support it. We’ve counted at least 8 on-demand delivery apps out there that will bring medicinal grade weed varietals right to your door.


High Times

Here are all the weed delivery apps we know about (plus a few bonuses) so you can use technology to help get you high. Modern times!



“Reduce your risk of cannabis-related auto incidents or DUI,” says the website. The Los Angeles-based weed startup hooks potential customers up with both delivery services and doctors via a web application.



Not to be confused with the home security system, this Canary is a Seattle-based weed delivery service that lets users order from local dispensaries like they would order a burrito from Postmates.



What sets this on-demand weed delivery service apart is the promise to  to deliver the goods to your door in 10 minutes or less. We tested this one. It took longer, but it did get there in under an hour.



Another Seattle marijuana delivery app called Dave hasn’t quit launched yet. The site instructs users to fill in their cell phone number and await further instructions for downloading the app when it’s ready to roll.



What started out as alcohol delivery morphed into something that would deliver both vices in Los Angeles. The one part liquor and other part weed delivery app Nestdrop faced legal troubles with the city this last December, however. It’s barred from bringing anyone their dope for now.



It’s just a web app for now. The not yet publicly launched Nugg weed delivery service has been flying under the radar in the Los Angeles area.

Nugg already has a healthy customer base, according to founder Alex Milligan. The delivery startup is still in beta and just collecting feedback from early users for now.


Flow Kana

Think of it as the first “farm-to-bowl” concept. Flow Kana just launched an on-demand medical cannabis delivery service that skips the brick-and-mortar dispensary to bring pot from local, organic weed farmers straight to you. The farmers act as the legal dispensary and Flow Kana handles the sale.



To put it bluntly, there are a lot of “Uber for weed” apps available. Meadow is another on-demand weed delivery service in San Francisco that works with local dispensaries to deliver pot to those with a medical card, but it does something different than the rest. It will also “Uber” over a doctor to you using its sister site CannabisMD.



Uber + Weedmaps

Bonus – Colorado pot shop The Clinic partnered with Uber and Weedmaps to actually get the ride hailing service to bring pot to the ganja-seeking citizens of Denver.