Everything You Need To Know About Google’s Nexus And Chromecast Event

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Everything You Need To Know About Google’s Nexus And Chromecast Event

Today, Google held a massive event to announce a few new products. In particular, the company two new flagship Nexus phones — the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. But that’s not all, Google also unveiled not one but two new Chromecast devices and a mysterious Pixel C Android tablet. Here’s everything you need to know about these devices…


Sundar Pichai announces some massive Android numbers

Google CEO Sundar Pichai gave an update when it comes to Android. 1.4 billion people use Android every month, 1 billion people use Google Play every month. Every day, 30,000 new ChromeBooks get activated. Not bad, Google, not bad at all!


Meet the Nexus 6P

For the first time, Huawei has worked with Google on a Nexus device. The Nexus 6P is a powerful phablet that should feel better in hand than its predecessor. It has a smaller footprint with a slightly bigger display, meaning that it won’t feel as big.


And on the back… a new fingerprint sensor

This circle on the back of the device is a fingerprint scanner. Android Marshmallow is the first version of Android that comes with fingerprint support, so it always seemed very likely for the company to offer this feature in its new Nexus phones. So here it is!


What about colors and options?

You can pre-order a 32, 64 and 128GB Nexus 6P in Aluminum, Frostor Graphite colors in the U.S., the U.K., Ireland, Japan today with more countries coming in the next few weeks. It will cost $499, $549 and $649.

Next up, another phone…


Meet the Nexus 5X

The Nexus 5 was released two years ago. If you were waiting for an upgrade, here it is. The Nexus 5X comes with a 5.2-inch display, a 12.3-megapixel camera and a generous 2,700 mAh battery.



The 5X will cost $376 for the 16 GB version and $429 for the 32 GB version. Just like the 6P, it comes in three different colors. Pre-orders start today for the U.S., the U.K., Ireland and Japan.


One more thing…

The company also introduced an AppleCare-like protection plan. It’ll cost $59 for the 5X, $89 for the 6P, and give you two years of protection from accidental damage.

In other news, every new Nexus device comes with $50 of Google Play credits, making them virtually cheaper if you usually buy apps, watch movies or subscribe to Google Play Music.


This fingerprint sensor is smarter than you thought

Google introduced the Android Sensor Hub, a new chip to offload processing activity from the CPU to boost efficiency. It detects when you haven’t used your phone in a while and can recognize your fingerprint in 600 ms. Third-party apps like 1Password will be able to take advantage of this sensor.


Android Marhmallow sounds yummy

Android 6.0, a.k.a. Android Marshmallow, is right around the corner.

Existing devices will receive it next week. As previously announced, Marshmallow comes with a tweaked lock screen with faster voice actions, a new app drawer, simplified permissions, the ability to uninstall preloaded apps, Google Now On Tap, doze mode and more.


Talking about Google Play Music

When Apple introduced Apple Music in June, it also announced a family plan. For $14.99, six family members can take advantage of Apple Music.

Google is doing the exact same thing as you can subscribe your entire family (up to six people) to Google Play Music for $14.99 per month.


Google Photos get collaborative albums

This feature is reminiscent of Facebook Moments. You can now create shared, collaborative albums in Google Photos. Let’s say you go to a weekend trip with a few friends. You can upload your photos to a single album and get notified when new photos are added. This feature is coming later this year.


More Google Photos features!

In addition to shared albums, Google Photos is receiving two new nifty features. Later this week, you will be able to give photos a name and search for “photos of Drew and Frederic” for example. Finally, Google Photos is getting Chromecast support to stream your photos to your TV.


How successful is the Chromecast?

20 million devices sold is kind of successful. Google is working with content partners to add Showtime and Sling TV support. NBA and MLB support is also coming soon. But Google also announced the Chromecast 2, and something completely new…


Meet the Chromecast 2

This $35 round device now plugs and hangs by its cable, behind your TV. It comes with three different antennas making it much more reliable than the first one. Like the original Chromecast, your phone is your remote. You browse content on your phone and cast it to your TV.


The Chromecast app is now actually useful

Until now, the Chromecast app only let you configure your Chromecast. Now, you can see your phone apps that come with Chromecast support, and search across services.

For instance, you can search “X-Files” and get results from Netflix, Amazon and Google Play. Pretty neat!


Here's Google's answer to the Apple TV

You can cast games and play them on your TV. Your phone is the controller, so the games still take advantage of the gyro, accelerometer and touch display. And you can play multiplayer games!


Meet the Chromecast Audio

This is a surprise. Google announced a second Chromecast. Named Chromecast Audio, this tiny device turns your dumb speakers into connected speakers. You plug it in over 3.5mm or RCA. But the best part is that Spotify now supports Chromecast Audio, letting you stream songs directly from the Spotify app.


The Pixel C is real

The Pixel C is a convertible Android device that looks very polished. It comes with a magnetic keyboard and a 10.2-inch display. And it’s a powerful beast. A 2560×1800 display, an Nvidia Tegra X1 GPU, with 3GB of RAM and stereo speakers. Surprisingly, this device runs Android, not Chrome OS.


Will you ditch your iPad?

The Pixel C costs $499 for 32GB and $599 for 64GB. The keyboard is sold separately for $149. Again, this will ship later this year.


That's it for today!

Google is going all in when it comes to new hardware with Nexus phones, Chromecasts and now a new Pixel tablet. In many cases, you’ll have to wait a bit before receiving these new devices. But it’s a nice holiday lineup.

This event also showcased how strong the Android ecosystem is. Everything works together: your phone, your TV and now your speakers.