Cyber Monday’s best tech bets

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Cyber Monday’s best tech bets

So you’ve had a nice, calming two-day respite from all of the bargain hunting. But don’t worry, it’s almost over. It’s Cyber Monday, a holiday made up in 2005 because Black Friday wasn’t quite doing the trick. Sure it’s a crass cash-in and yet more grist for the end of year Capitalist mill — but the deals!

Over the past few years, Cyber Monday’s become as much of an online madhouse as Black Friday. There’s a lot to crawl through, and still plenty of leftover deals from before the weekend, but now’s a great time to pick a good gadget for yourself, or as a gift, I guess.


Amazon Echo Dot ($30)

The $50 Dot has long been the cheapest and most popular way to bring Alexa into the home. With a $20 discount, Amazon’s smart assistant doesn’t get any more accessible than this. The site’s also offering deals on just about every Echo outside of the Look and the Spot, the latter of which isn’t due out until December 19.


Blue Yeti Microphone ($90)

Blue’s line of USB microphones have been game-changers for home podcasters, and the Yeti is the best of the bunch. At $150, it’s already a good deal cheaper than much of the competition, but for a limited time, you can pick it up for a cool $90.


Fitbit Charge 2 ($100)

Fitbit’s discounted a bunch of their wearables for those looking to give the gift of health for the holidays — or more likely looking to burn off a little extra holiday padding. The Charge 2 is the best bet of the bunch. It’s a simple fitness tracker with a display, discounted $50 off its regular $150 asking price.


Google Home Mini ($30)

Not to be outdone, Google’s Echo Dot competitor has dropped to the same price as Amazon’s entry-level device for a limited time. The Home Mini is the cheapest of Google’s Assistant offerings, bringing the power of the search engine into a home setting.


MicrosoftXbox One S ($189)

Sure, the One S is no longer the hot newness in the Xbox family, now that the 4K-ready One X has arrived — but that just means a better deal on the older model. Walmart’s got the 500GB model for $189.


Nest Learning Thermostat ($189)

Give the gift of…not being cold. A couple of online retailers are offering the third-generation of Nest’s flagship thermostat for $60 off its retail price. It’s a solid entry point for those looking to build up their connected home.


Nokia Steel ($78)

The Nokia Steel (formerly Withings Steel) is one of the best-looking hybrid smart watches around. This is the model without built-in heart rate monitoring, mind, but at $78, it’s still a solid deal for anyone looking for smartwatch brains in an analog body.


Samsung Gear IconX ($150)

Samsung’s got a solid answer to Apple’s AirPods, in the form of the IconX. The second generation Bluetooth earbuds address a number of shortcomings of their predecessors and serve as a great workout or everyday pair of travel headphones.


Sennheiser HD1 ($250)

A more old-school option than Samsung’s offering — both in terms of looks and that pesky cable. Sennheiser’s active noise cancelling HD1 headphones look and sound great, and are discounted a deep $150 over on Amazon today.


Vuze VR Kit ($640)

At $640, it’s way too pricey for a stocking stuffer, but the Vuze kit is currently discounted 20-percent off its usual asking price. The VR video starting kit includes the Vuze camera, a tripod, headset and a 64GB SD card.